In December, the nights get colder but the drinks get warmer. In this article, we have compiled a list of fun drink holidays that take place in December – and there’s lots of them! National Cocoa Day, National Peppermint Latte Day and National Egg Nog Day make for perfect cozy December evenings. But December is also a time for celebration and fun. So, get ready to also celebrate National Lager Day, National Champagne Day and even National Sangria Day with a group of friends during the darkest days of the year!

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Drink Holidays in December 2022

December 2

  • National Bartender Day #NationalBartenderDay

December 3

  • National Peppermint Latte Day #NationalPeppermintLatteDay
  • National Rhubarb Vodka Day
  • Crate Day (New Zealand) #CrateDay #CrateDay2022

December 4

  • Cabernet Franc Day #CabernetFrancDay #CabFrancDay #CabFrancDayDec4

December 5

  • National Repeal Day #NationalRepealDay #RepealDayParty

December 10

  • National Lager Day #LagerDay #NationalLagerDay

December 13

  • National Cocoa Day #NationalCocoaDay #CocoaDay

December 20

  • National Sangria Day #NationalSangriaDay #SangriaDay

December 21

  • National Armagnac Day #NationalArmagnacDay
  • National Coquito Day #NationalCoquitoDay #CoquitoDay

December 24

  • National Egg Nog Day #NationalEggNogDay EggNogDay

December 31

  • National Champagne Day #NationalChampagneDay

We hope these fun holidays make you happy and cheerful this holiday season!

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Last Update: October 6, 2022