Looking for good ideas for social media posts for May 2023?

Using social media holidays for building your brand and strengthening the bond between your audience and your business is something that numerous social media influencers do on a regular basis. Social media holidays let us celebrate together and embrace our quirks. I mean, if you love gardening naked, why not connect with others like you on World Naked Gardening Day (May 1)? Or perhaps just let people know how much you love orange juice on National Orange Juice Day?

Social media holidays, a.k.a. hashtag holidays, are fun but can also be used for more serious purposes. You can for instance raise awareness about asthma on World Asthma Day. Using these social media holidays smartly will help you build your brand and show people what you care about and who exactly you are.

May 1

  • Beltane a.k.a. Gaelic May Day festival
  • Free Comic Book Day
  • Global Love Day
  • Join Hands Day
  • Law Day
  • May Day
  • National Bombshells’ Day
  • National Chocolate Parfait Day
  • National Loyalty Day
  • National Mother Goose Day
  • National Play Outside Day
  • National Scrapbook Day 
  • School Principals’ Day
  • World Naked Gardening Day
2International Harry Potter DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
2World Laughter DayFunWorld
2World Tuna Day Nature & EnvironmentUN, World
2Bloomsday RunFunUSA
2National Brothers and Sisters DayFamily & Relationship
2National Infertility Survival DayHealth, CauseUSA
2National Lemonade Day (note: not the drink!)MotivationalUSA
2National Life Insurance DayHealthUSA
2National Truffle DayFood & DrinksUSA
3World Press Freedom DayCauseUN, World
3May Day a.k.a. Labour DayCareer & Work, HistoryWorld, Europe
3Melanoma MondayHealthWorld
3Early May Bank HolidayHistoryUK
3National Chocolate Custard DayFood & DrinksUSA
3National Garden Meditation DayFunUSA
3National Lumpy Rug DayFunUSA
3National Paranormal DayFunUSA
3National Raspberry Pop Over Day a.k.a. National Raspberry Tart DayFood & DrinksUSA
3National Specially-Able Pets Day a.k.a. Disabled Pets DayPetsUSA
3National Textiles DayHistory, Fashion & BeautyUSA
3National Two Different Colored Shoes DayFunUSA
4Bird DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
4Greenery Day a.k.a. みどりの日, Midori no HiNature & EnvironmentJapan
4International Firefighters’ DayCareer & WorkWorld
4World Asthma DayHealthWorld
4National Candied Orange Peel DayFood & DrinksUSA
4National Foster Care DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
4National Orange Juice DayFood & DrinksUSA
4National Renewal DayMotivationalUSA
4National Star Wars DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
4National Teacher Appreciation DayCareer & Work, Education & SchoolUSA
4National Weather Observers DayFun, Career & WorkUSA
5African World Heritage DayHistoryUN, World
5Cinco de MayoHistoryUSA, Mexico
5International Day of the MidwifeCareer & WorkWorld
5World Portuguese Language DayHistoryUN, World
5National Astronaut DayCareer & WorkUSA
5National Bike To School DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
5National Cartoonists DayCareer & Work, Art & EntertainmentUSA
5National Hoagie DayFood & DrinksUSA
5National Interpreter Appreciation DayCareer & WorkUSA
5National Silence the Shame DayHealthUSA
5National Skilled Trades DayCareer & WorkUSA
5National Totally Chipotle DayFood & DrinksUSA
6International No Diet DayCause, HealthWorld
6World Password DayCauseWorld
6National Beverage DayFood & DrinksUSA
6National Crêpe Suzette DayFood & DrinksUSA
6National Day of PrayerMotivationalUSA
6National Day of ReasonMotivationalUSA
6National Homebrew DayFood & DrinksUSA
6National Lemonade DayFood & DrinksUSA
6National Nurses DayCareer & WorkUSA
6National School Nurse DayCareer & WorkUSA
7International Sauvignon Blanc DayFood & DrinksWorld
7National Barrier Awareness DayCauseUSA
7National Military Spouse Appreciation DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
7National Packaging Design DayCareer & Work, Art & EntertainmentUSA
7National Provider Appreciation DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
7National Roast Leg of Lamb DayFood & DrinksUSA
7National Space DayCareer & Work, Education & SchoolUSA
7School Lunch Hero DayCareer & WorkUSA
8Cornelia De Lange Syndrome Awareness DayHealthWorld
8International Thalassaemia DayHealthWorld
8-9Time of Remembrance and ReconciliationHistoryUN, World
8Victory In Europe Day a.k.a. V-E Day or VE DayHistoryEurope
8World Fair Trade DayHistoryWorld
8World Migratory Bird DayNature & EnvironmentWorld
8World Red Cross and Red Crescent DayCauseWorld
8National Archery Day History, FunUSA
8National Babysitter’s DayUSA
8National Birth Mother’s DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
8National Dog Mom’s DayPetsUSA
8National Have A Coke DayFood & DrinksUSA
8National Student Nurse DayCareer & WorkUSA
8National Train DayHistory, Career & WorkUS
8National Tree Planting Day Nature & EnvironmentMongolia
9Europe DayHistoryEurope
9Mother’s DayFamily & RelationshipUSA, AUS, Canada, some European countries
8-9Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation HistoryWorld
9National Lost Sock Memorial DayFunUSA
9National Moscato DayFood & DrinksUSA
9National Sleepover DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
10World Lupus DayHealthWorld
10National Clean Up Your Room DayFun, MotivationalUSA
10National Shrimp DayFood & DrinksUSA
11Eat What You Want DayFood & DrinksUSA
11National Foam Rolling DayHealthUSA
11National Twilight Zone DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
12International Nurses DayCareer & WorkWorld
12National Fibromyalgia Awareness DayHealthUSA
12National Numeracy DayEducation & SchoolUK
12National Receptionists’ DayCareer & WorkUSA
12National School Nurse DayCareer & WorkUSA
12National Third Shift Workers DayCareer & WorkUSA
13Ascension DayHistoryChristian
13International Hummus DayFood & DrinksWorld
13World Cocktail DayFood & DrinksWorld
13National Apple Pie DayFood & DrinksUSA
14National Buttermilk Biscuit DayFood & DrinksUSA
14National Dance Like a Chicken DayFunUSA
15Astronomy DayCareer & Work, Education & SchoolWorld
15International Day of FamiliesFamily & RelationshipUN, World
15World Whisky DayFood & DrinksWorld
15National Chocolate Chip DayFood & DrinksUSA
15National Learn to Swim Day Fun, HealthUSA
15Peace Officers Memorial DayCauseUSA
16International Day of LightHistoryUN, World
16International Day of Living Together in PeaceCauseUN, World
16World Baking DayFood & DrinksWorld
16National Barbecue DayFood & DrinksUSA
16National Children’s DayFamily & RelationshipUK
16National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor DayFun, Family & RelationshipUSA
16National Love a Tree DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
16National Piercing DayFashion & BeautyUSA
16National Sea Monkey DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
16Take Your Parents To The Playground DayFun, Family & RelationshipUSA
17World Hypertension DayHealthWTO, World
17World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Career & WorkUN, World
17National Walnut DayFood & DrinksUSA
18International Museum Day (IMD)Fun, Art & EntertainmentWorld
18National Cheese Soufflé DayFood & DrinksUSA
18National HIV Vaccine Awareness DayHealthUSA
18National No Dirty Dishes DayFood & DrinksUSA
18National Visit Your Relatives DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
19Emergency Medical Services for Children Day a.k.a. EMSC DayCareer & WorkUSA
19World IBD DayHealthWorld
19National Devil’s Food Cake DayFood & DrinksUSA
19National Juice Slush DayFood & DrinksUSA
19National Pizza Party DayFood & DrinksUSA
19National May Ray DayFunUSA
20World Bee DayNature & EnvironmentWorld
20World Metrology DayCareer & WorkWorld
20National Be a Millionaire DayCareer & Work, MotivationalUSA
20National Caesar Day Food & DrinksCanada
20National Hummus DayFood & DrinksUSA
20National Pick Strawberries DayFood & DrinksUSA
20National Rescue Dog DayPetsUSA
21International Tea Day Food & DrinksUN, World
21World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and DevelopmentCauseUN, World
21Bike To Work DayNature & Environment, Career & WorkUSA
21National American Red Cross Founder’s DayHistoryUSA
21National Defense Transportation DayCareer & WorkUSA
21National Endangered Species DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
21National Memo DayFun, Career & WorkUSA
21National Strawberries and Cream DayFood & DrinksUSA
21National Waitstaff DayCareer & WorkUSA
22International Biodiversity DayNature & EnvironmentUN, World
22Sherlock Holmes DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
22World Goth DayFashion & BeautyWorld
22World Paloma DayFood & DrinksWorld
22Harvey Milk DayHistory, LGBTQUSA
22National Buy a Musical Instrument DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
22National Craft Distillery DayFood & DrinksUSA
22National Maritime DayHistoryUSA
22National Solitaire DayFunUSA
22National Vanilla Pudding DayFood & DrinksUSA
23International Day to End Obstetric FistulaCauseUN, World
23World Turtle DayAnimalsWorld
23National Lucky Penny DayFunUSA
23National Taffy DayFood & DrinksUSA
24European Day of Parks
Nature & EnvironmentEurope
24Victoria DayHistoryCanada
24World Schizophrenia DayHealthWorld
24National Brother’s DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
24National Escargot DayFood & DrinksUSA
24National Scavenger Hunt DayFunUSA
25Africa DayCauseWorld
25Geek Pride DayFunWorld
25International Missing Children’s DayCauseWorld
25Towel DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
25National Missing Children’s DayCauseUSA
25National Tap Dance DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
25National Wine DayFood & DrinksUSA
26Buddha’s Birthday a.k.a. Wesak DayHistoryWorld
26National Blueberry Cheesecake DayFood & DrinksUSA
26National Paper Airplane DayFunUSA
26National Senior Health & Fitness DayHealthUSA
27Sunscreen Protection DayHealth, Fashion & BeautyWorld
27National Grape Popsicle DayFood & DrinksUSA
28Don’t Fry DayHealth, Fashion & BeautyUSA
28National Brisket DayFood & DrinksUSA
28National Cooler DayFunUSA
28National Hamburger DayFood & DrinksUSA
28National Road Trip DayFunUSA
29International Day of UN Peacekeepers Career & WorkUN, World
29National Paperclip DayFunUSA
30Día del Arbol (Day of the Tree)Nature & EnvironmentVenezuela
30World Multiple Sclerosis DayHealthWorld
30National Creativity DayFunUSA
30National Mint Julep DayFood & DrinksUSA
30National Water a Flower DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
31Brothers and Sisters DayFamily & RelationshipEurope
31International Flight Attendant DayCareer & WorkWorld
31Memorial DayHistory USA
31World No Tobacco DayHealthWHO, World
31National Macaron DayFood & DrinksUSA
31Spring Bank HolidayHistoryUK
Social Media Holidays in May 2023

National Weeks in May 2023

  • May 1-7 National Pet Week
  • May 1-7 Teacher Appreciation Week

National Months in May 2023

  • National Egg Month
  • National Foster Care Month
  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Mediterranean Diet Month
  • National Pet Month (USA)
  • National Physiotherapy Month
  • National Salad Month
  • National Salsa Month
  • National Strawberry Month
  • National Teen Self-Esteem Month

I hope you found what you were looking for! Let us know if you think we have missed an important holiday. If you are looking for social media holidays in the upcoming months, have a look at these articles:

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