The month of September is incredibly rich with holidays and observations. In fact, there are 245 holidays, 15 national weeks, and 29 national months to be celebrated in September alone!

By the way, did you know we have this amazing National Day Calendar that features a special celebration for every single day of the year? Every day brings something new to learn about or celebrate—from Fashion Day to National Puppy Day!

Anyway, let’s buckle up and get ready to learn what the world is celebrating this September!

In this guide, you’ll discover:

The popularity of the holidays listed below is determined by how often their main hashtag was used on Instagram. Please note that this count is exclusive to Instagram and does not factor in other platforms. The information is current as of June 14th, 2024.

RankHoliday NameHashtag# Uses
1National Daughters Day#NationalDaughtersDay1,724,671
2National Sons Day#NationalSonsDay868,313
3National Coffee Day#NationalCoffeeDay766,364
4Batman Day#BatmanDay438,088
5Grandparents Day#GrandparentsDay302,909
6National Dance Day#NationalDanceDay295,916
7World Suicide Prevention Day#WorldSuicidePreventionDay250,690
8World Tourism Day#WorldTourismDay218,443
9World Heart Day#WorldHeartDay200,222
10National Pancake Day#NationalPancakeDay126,218
Top 10 National Days in August Ranked by Instagram Hashtag Popularity

National Days & Awareness Days in September 2024

September boasts more than 300 national and awareness days. Some are celebrated on fixed dates, while others recur annually, such as on the first Saturday of the month. We’ll start with a rundown of the September national days whose dates vary each year, and then provide a detailed list of those observed on specific dates.

September is filled with important national days that change dates each year, such as World Beard Day, Grandparents Day, Wife Appreciation Day, and Ask A Stupid Question Day. Check out the full list below:

  • National Chianti Day (1st Friday in September)
  • National College Colors Day (1st Friday before Labor Day)
  • National Food Bank Day (1st Friday in September)
  • National Lazy Mom’s Day (1st Friday in September)
  • International Bacon Day (1st Saturday in September)
  • International Turkey Vulture Day (1st Saturday in September)
  • National Hummingbird Day (1st Saturday in September)
  • World Beard Day (1st Saturday in September)
  • National Tailgating Day (1st Saturday in September)
  • Pet Rock Day (1st Sunday in September)
  • Telephone Tuesday (Tuesday after Labor Day)
  • Stand Up To Cancer Day (2nd Friday in September)
  • Grandparents Day (Sunday after Labor Day)
  • Hug Your Hound Day (2nd Sunday in September)
  • National Pet Memorial Day (2nd Sunday in September)
  • National Ants on a Log Day (2nd Tuesday in September)
  • Programmers Day (256th day of the year)
  • National School Picture Day (2nd Thursday in September)
  • National Tradesmen Day (3rd Friday in September)
  • Wife Appreciation Day (3rd Friday in September)
  • International Grenache Day (3rd Friday in September)
  • Batman Day (3rd Saturday in September)
  • International Eat An Apple Day (3rd Saturday in September)
  • National Cleanup Day (3rd Saturday in September)
  • National Dance Day (3rd Saturday in September)
  • Puppy Mill Awareness Day (3rd Saturday in September)
  • Responsible Dog Ownership Day (3rd Saturday in September)
  • International Red Panda Day (3rd Saturday in September)
  • Respect for the Aged Day (3rd Monday in September)
  • National IT Professionals Day (3rd Tuesday in September)
  • National Pawpaw Day (3rd Thursday in September)
  • Remember Me Thursday (4th Thursday in September)
  • Hug A Vegetarian Day or Hug a Vegan (4th Friday in September)
  • Native American Day (4th Friday in September)
  • German Butterbrot Day (Last Friday in September)
  • National Brave Day (Last Friday in September)
  • Save The Koala Day (Last Friday in September)
  • World’s Biggest Coffee Morning (UK) (Last Friday in September)
  • International Rabbit Day (4th Saturday in September)
  • National Bunny Day (4th Saturday in September)
  • National Hunting and Fishing Day (4th Saturday in September)
  • Innergize Day (Day after Autumnal Equinox)
  • World Rivers Day (4th Sunday in September)
  • National Women’s Health And Fitness Day (Last Wednesday in September)
  • Ask a Stupid Question Day (Last school day in September)
  • International Lace Day (Last Saturday in September)
  • National Ghost Hunting Day (Last Saturday in September)
  • Save Your Photos Day (Last Saturday in September)

September 1

  • American Chess Day #AmericanChessDay
  • Cherry Popover Day #Cherry Popover Day
  • Ginger Cat Appreciation Day #GingerCatAppreciationDay #GingerCatAppreciation #gingercatappreciationday🐱
  • National Acne Positivity Day #NationalAcnePositivityDay
  • National Tofu Day #NationalTofuDay
  • World Letter Writing Day #WorldLetterWritingDay

September 2

  • National Blueberry Popsicle Day #NationalBlueberryPopsicleDay
  • World Coconut Day #WorldCoconutDay

September 3

  • National Doodle Day #NationalDoodleDay
  • Skyscraper Day #SkyscraperDay

September 4

  • Eat an Extra Dessert Day #EatAnExtraDessertDay
  • National Macadamia Nut Day #NationalMacadamiaNutDay
  • National Wildlife Day (also celebrated on February 22nd) #NationalWildlifeDay
  • World Sexual Health Day #WorldSexualHealthDay

September 5

  • International Day of Charity #InternationalDayOfCharity
  • National Be Late for Something Day #NationalBeLateForSomethingDay
  • National Cellulite Day #NationalCelluliteDay
  • National Cheese Pizza Day #NationalCheesePizzaDay
  • World Samosa Day #WorldSamosaDay

September 6

  • Fight Procrastination Day #FightProcrastinationDay
  • Great Egg Toss Day #GreatEggTossDay
  • National Coffee Ice Cream Day #NationalCoffeeIceCreamDay
  • National Read a Book Day #NationalReadABookDay #nationalreadabookday📚

September 7

  • Buy a Book Day #BuyABookDay
  • International Day of Clean Air #InternationalDayOfCleanAir
  • National Acorn Squash Day #NationalAcornSquashDay
  • National Beer Lovers Day #NationalBeerLoversDay
  • National Feel the Love Day #NationalFeelTheLoveDay
  • National Grateful Patient Day #NationalGratefulPatientDay
  • National Salami Day #NationalSalamiDay
  • Superhuman Day #SuperhumanDay

September 8

  • International Literacy Day #InternationalLiteracyDay
  • National Actors’ Day #ActorsDay
  • National Ampersand Day #NationalAmpersandDay
  • National Dog Walker Appreciation Day #NationalDogWalkerAppreciationDay
  • National Iguana Awareness Day #NationalIguanaAwarenessDay
  • National Video Game Day (a similar National Video Games Day is also celebrated 12th of September) #NationalVideoGameDay
  • Pardon Day #PardonDay
  • Star Trek Day #StarTrekDay
  • World Literacy Day #WorldLiteracyDay
  • World Physical Therapy Day #WorldPhysicalTherapyDay

September 9

  • Emergency Services Day a.k.a. 999 Day #EmergencyServicesDay #999Day
  • International Box Wine Day #InternationalBoxWineDay
  • International Sudoku Day #InternationalSudokuDay
  • National Wiener Schnitzel Day #NationalWienerSchnitzelDay
  • Steak Au Poivre Day #SteakAuPoivreDay
  • National Teddy Bear Day #NationalTeddyBearDay #TeddyBearDay
  • Wonderful Weirdos Day #WonderfulWeirdosDay

September 10

  • National TV Dinner Day #NationalTVDinnerDay
  • National Swap Ideas Day #NationalSwapIdeasDay #SwapIdeasDay
  • White Balloon Day (Australia) #WhiteBalloonDay
  • World Suicide Prevention Day #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

September 11

  • Patriot Day a.k.a 9/11 Day #PatriotDay #patriotday🇺🇸
  • National Hot Cross Bun Day #NationalHotCrossBunDay
  • National Make Your Bed Day #NationalMakeYourBedDay

September 12

  • National Chocolate Milkshake Day #NationalChocolateMilkshakeDay
  • National Day of Encouragement #NationalDayOfEncouragement
  • National Police Woman Day #NationalPoliceWomanDay
  • National Report Medicare Fraud Day #NationalReportMedicareFraudDay
  • National Video Games Day #NationalVideoGamesDay

September 13

  • International Chocolate Day (World Chocolate Day, a similar celebration, is observed in June) #InternationalChocolateDay
  • National Bald is Beautiful Day #NationalBaldIsBeautifulDay
  • National Hug Your Boss Day #NationalHugYourBossDay
  • National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day #NationalKidsTakeOverTheKitchenDay
  • National Peanut Day #NationalPeanutDay
  • Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day #PetBirthDefectAwarenessDay
  • Positive Thinking Day #PositiveThinkingDay
  • Supernatural Day #SupernaturalDay

September 14

  • Are You Okay Day #AreYouOkayDay
  • Gobstopper Day #GobstopperDay
  • National Coloring Day #NationalColoringDay
  • National Cream Filled Donut Day #NationalCreamFilledDonutDay
  • National Eat A Hoagie Day #NationalEatAHoagieDay
  • National Food Is Medicine Day #NationalFoodIsMedicineDay
  • National Live Creative Day #NationalLiveCreativeDay
  • National Sober Day #NationalSoberDay

September 15

  • Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie Day #ButterscotchCinnamonPieDay
  • International Day of Democracy #InternationalDayOfDemocracy
  • International Dot Day #InternationalDotDay
  • Make a Hat Day #MakeAHatDay
  • National Cheese Toast Day #NationalCheeseToastDay
  • National Creme de Menthe Day #NationalCremeDeMentheDay
  • National Double Cheeseburger Day #NationalDoubleCheeseburgerDay
  • National Linguine Day #NationalLinguineDay
  • National Online Learning Day #NationalOnlineLearningDay
  • World Afro Day #WorldAfroDay

September 16

  • Collect Rocks Day #CollectRocksDay
  • International Coastal Cleanup Day #InternationalCoastalCleanupDay
  • National Choose Your Chocolate Day #NationalChooseYourChocolateDay
  • National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day #NationalCinnamonRaisinBreadDay
  • National Guacamole Day #NationalGuacamoleDay
  • National Gymnastics Day #NationalGymnasticsDay
  • National Play-Doh Day #NationalPlayDohDay
  • National Sew a Jelly Roll Day #NationalSewAJellyRollDay
  • National Stepfamily Day #NationalStepfamilyDay
  • National Tattoo Story Day #NationalTattooStoryDay
  • Working Parents Day #WorkingParentsDay
  • World Barber Day #WorldBarberDay
  • World Ozone Day #WorldOzoneDay

September 17

  • International Country Music Day #InternationalCountryMusicDay
  • National Apple Dumpling Day #NationalAppleDumplingDay
  • National Monte Cristo Day #NationalMonteCristoDay
  • National Pet Bird Day #NationalPetBirdDay
  • World Patient Safety Day #WorldPatientSafetyDay

September 18

  • International Equal Pay Day #InternationalEqualPayDay
  • National Cheeseburger Day #NationalCheeseburgerDay #nationalcheeseburgerday🍔
  • National First Love Day #NationalFirstLoveDay
  • National Respect Day #NationalRespectDay
  • Purple Bra Day #PurpleBraDay
  • Read An eBook Day #ReadAnEBookDay
  • Rice Krispies Treats Day #RiceKrispiesTreatsDay
  • World Water Monitoring Day #WorldWaterMonitoringDay

September 19

  • International Talk Like a Pirate Day #TalkLikeAPirateDay
  • National Butterscotch Pudding Day #NationalButterscotchPuddingDay

September 20

  • International NFT Day #InternationalNFTDay
  • National Fried Rice Day #NationalFriedRiceDay
  • National Pepperoni Pizza Day #NationalPepperoniPizzaDay
  • National Punch Day #NationalPunchDay
  • National String Cheese Day #NationalStringCheeseDay
  • National Queso Day #NationalQuesoDay

September 21

  • International Day of Peace #InternationalDayOfPeace
  • National Chai Day #NationalChaiDay
  • National Pecan Cookie Day #NationalPecanCookieDay
  • World Gratitude Day #WorldGratitudeDay
  • World Mini Golf Day a.k.a. Miniature Golf Day #WorldMiniGolfDay #MiniatureGolfDay

September 22

  • American Business Women’s Day #AmericanBusinessWomensDay
  • World Car-Free Day #WorldCarFreeDay
  • Dear Diary Day #DearDiaryDay
  • Hobbit Day #HobbitDay
  • National Centenarian’s Day #NationalCentenariansDay
  • National Elephant Appreciation Day #NationalElephantAppreciationDay
  • National Fitness Day (UK) #NationalFitnessDay
  • National Girls’ Night In Day a.k.a. National Girls’ Night #NationalGirlsNightInDay #NationalGirlsNigh
  • National Ice Cream Cone Day #NationalIceCreamConeDay
  • National Legwear Day #NationalLegwearDay
  • National Singles Day #NationalSinglesDay
  • National White Chocolate Day #NationalWhiteChocolateDay
  • World Car-Free Day #WorldCarFreeDay
  • World Rhino Day #WorldRhinoDay

September 23

  • Autumnal / Fall Equinox (Equinox calendar) #FallEquinox
  • Celebrate Bisexuality Day a.k.a. Bi Visibility Day, Bisexual Pride Day, Bi Visibility Day, CBD, Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day, and Bisexuality+ Day #CelebrateBisexualityDay #BiVisibilityDay
  • First Day of Autumn #FirstDayOfAutumn
  • International Day of Sign Languages #InternationalDayOfSignLanguages
  • National Apple Cider Vinegar Day #NationalAppleCiderVinegarDay
  • National Baker Day #NationalBakerDay
  • National Great American Pot Pie Day #NationalGreatAmericanPotPieDay
  • National Snack Stick Day #NationalSnackStickDay
  • Redhead Appreciation Day #RedheadAppreciationDay
  • Seed Gathering Season (from September 23 to October 23) #SeedGatheringSeason
  • September Equinox a.k.a. The September Equinox (Equinoxes & Solstices) #SeptemberEquinox #TheSeptemberEquinox

September 24

  • Lash Stylists’ Day #LashStylistsDay
  • National Cherries Jubilee Day #NationalCherriesJubileeDay
  • National Horchata Day #NationalHorchataDay
  • National Mofongo Day #NationalMofongoDay
  • National Punctuation Day #NationalPunctuationDay

September 25

  • Binge Day #BingeDay
  • National Comic Book Day #NationalComicBookDay
  • National Cooking Day #NationalCookingDay
  • National Daughters Day #NationalDaughtersDay #nationaldaughtersday❤️ #nationaldaughtersday💕
  • National Lobster Day #NationalLobsterDay
  • National One-Hit Wonder Day a.k.a. One-Hit Wonder Day #OneHitWonderDay #NationalOneHitWonderDay
  • National Psychotherapy Day #NationalPsychotherapyDay
  • National Quesadilla Day a.k.a. Dia de la Quesadilla #NationalQuesadillaDay
  • National Tune-Up Day #NationalTuneUpDay
  • World Dream Day #WorldDreamDay
  • World Pharmacists Day #WorldPharmacistsDay

September 26

  • Alpaca Day #AlpacaDay
  • Johnny Appleseed Day (also observed on March 11th) #JohnnyAppleseedDay
  • Love Note Day #LoveNoteDay
  • National Better Breakfast Day #BetterBreakfastDay
  • National Chimichanga Day #NationalChimichangaDay
  • National Dumpling Day #NationalDumplingDay
  • National Key Lime Pie Day #NationalKeyLimePieDay
  • National Pancake Day #NationalPancakeDay
  • World Contraception Day #WorldContraceptionDay

September 27

  • National Chocolate Milk Day #NationalChocolateMilkDay
  • National Corned Beef Hash Day #NationalCornedBeefHashDay
  • National Crush a Can Day a.k.a. National Crush Day #NationalCrushACanDay #NationalCrushDay
  • National Scarf Day #NationalScarfDay
  • World Tourism Day #WorldTourismDay

September 28

  • National Drink Beer Day #NationalDrinkBeerDay #nationaldrinkbeerday🍺🍻
  • National Good Neighbor Day a.k.a. National Neighbor Day #NationalNeighborDay #NationalGoodNeighborDay
  • National Strawberry Cream Pie Day #NationalStrawberryCreamPieDay
  • National Sons Day is officially observed on March 4th. However, it’s also widely celebrated on September 28th. #NationalSonsDay #nationalsonsday💙 nationalsonsday💙💙

September 29

  • German Sandwich Day #GermanSandwichDay #GermanButterbrotDay
  • National Biscotti Day #NationalBiscottiDay
  • National Coffee Day #NationalCoffeeDay #nationalcoffeeday☕️
  • National Mocha Day #NationalMochaDay
  • National Starbucks Day #NationalStarbucksDay
  • World Heart Day #WorldHeartDay #worldheartday❤️

September 30

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day #ExtraVirginOliveOilDay
  • International Podcast Day #InternationalPodcastDay
  • International Translation Day #InternationalTranslationDay
  • National Chewing Gum Day #NationalChewingGumDay #ChewingGumDay
  • National Hot Mulled Cider Day #NationalHotMulledCiderDay
  • National Love People Day #NationalLovePeopleDay
  • National Mud Pack Day #NationalMudPackDay
  • Pet Tricks Day #PetTricksDay
  • World’s Largest Pet Walk #WorldsLargestPetWalk

National Weeks in September 2024

  • September 1-7, 2024: National Waffle Week
  • September 8-14, 2024: Housekeepers Week
  • September 9-15, 2024: Know Your Numbers Week #KnowYourNumbersWeek
  • September 24-30, 2024: Migraine Awareness Week #MigraineAwarenessWeek
  • September 8-14, 2024: National Assisted Living Week #NationalAssistedLivingWeek
  • September 8-14, 2024: Nephrology Nurses Week #NephrologyNursesWeek
  • September 8-14, 2024: Suicide Prevention Week #SuicidePreventionWeek
  • September 9-15, 2024: Sexual Health Week #SexualHealthWeek
  • September 15-22, 2024: National Eczema Week #NationalEczemaWeek
  • September 19-25, 2024: National Coding Week #NationalCodingWeek
  • September 16-22, 2024: Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week #AdoptALessAdoptablePetWeek
  • September 23-29, 2024: National Eye Health Week #NationalEyeHealthWeek
  • September 23-29, 2024: World Reflexology Week #WorldReflexologyWeek
  • September 22 – 28, 2024: Sea Otter Awareness Week #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek
  • September 23-27, 2024: International Week of Happiness at Work #InternationalWeekOfHappinessAtWork

National Months in September 2024

For September, we’ve curated a list of 29 National Months that you don’t want to miss. Each of these observances is paired with a popular hashtag to help you make the most of your posts. From National Yoga Month (#NationalYogaMonth) to National Preparedness Month (#NationalPreparednessMonth), there’s a variety of themes to explore and share. Dive into the celebrations and join the online community by using these hashtags to connect with others who are celebrating the same causes and interests throughout the month!

September Food & Drink National Months

  • Better Breakfast Month #BetterBreakfastMonth
  • Bourbon Heritage Month #BourbonHeritageMonth
  • National Chicken Month #NationalChickenMonth
  • National Honey Month #NationalHoneyMonth
  • National Organic Month #NationalOrganicMonth
  • National Papaya Month #NationalPapayaMonth
  • Organic September #OrganicSeptember

September Fun & Lifestyle National Months

  • National Sewing Month #NationalSewingMonth #nationalsewingmonthchallenge
  • Save Your Photos Month #SaveYourPhotosMonth
  • Self Improvement Month #SelfImprovementMonth #selfimprovementmonthcontinues

September Pets & Animals National Months

  • Animal Pain Awareness Month #AnimalPainAwarenessMonth
  • Happy Cat Month #HappyCatMonth
  • National Guide Dog Month #NationalGuideDogMonth
  • National Pet Insurance Month #National Pet Insurance Month
  • National Service Dog Month #NationalServiceDogMonth
  • Pet Sitter Education Month #PetSitterEducationMonth
  • Responsible Dog Ownership Month #ResponsibleDogOwnershipMonth #ResponsibleDogOwnership
  • Save the Koala Month #SavetheKoalaMonth

September Health & Wellbeing National Months

  • Baby Safety Month #BabySafetyMonth
  • Healthy Aging Month #HealthyAgingMonth
  • Liptember #Liptember #liptembertogether #liptemberselfie #liptemberforreal
  • National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month #NationalChildhoodObesityAwarenessMonth
  • National Cholesterol Education Month #NationalCholesterolEducationMonth
  • National Food Safety Education Month #NationalFoodSafetyEducationMonth
  • National Recovery Month #NationalRecoveryMonth #nationalrecoverymonthchallenge
  • National Yoga Awareness Month #NationalYogaAwarenessMonth
  • Pain Awareness Month #PainAwarenessMonth

Other National Months in September

  • Attendance Awareness Month #AttendanceAwarenessMonth
  • Classical Music Month #ClassicalMusicMonth
  • Disaster Preparedness Month #DisasterPreparednessMonth #DisasterPreparedness

National Food & Drink Days in September 2024

There are 87 food and drink holidays in September. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

Some of the biggest food holidays in September are National Coffee Day (September 29), National Pancake Day (September 26) and National Guacamole Day (September 16). There are five chocolate-related holidays in September, too.

  • September 1: Cherry Popover Day
  • September 1: National Tofu Day
  • September 2: National Blueberry Popsicle Day
  • September 2: World Coconut Day 
  • September 3: National Welsh Rarebit Day
  • September 4: Eat An Extra Dessert Day
  • September 4: National Macadamia Nut Day
  • September 5: National Cheese Pizza Day
  • September 6: Great Egg Toss Day
  • September 6: National Coffee Ice Cream Day
  • September 7: National Acorn Squash Day
  • September 7: National Beer Lovers Day
  • September 7: National Salami Day
  • September 9: International Box Wine Day
  • September 9: National Wiener Schnitzel Day
  • September 9: Steak Au Poivre Day
  • September 10: National TV Dinner Day
  • September 11: National Hot Cross Bun Day
  • September 12: National Chocolate Milkshake Day
  • September 13: International Chocolate Day (not to confuse with Worlds Chocolate Day taking place in June)
  • September 13: National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day
  • September 13: National Peanut Day
  • September 14: Gobstopper Day
  • September 14: National Cream Filled Donut Day
  • September 14: National Eat a Hoagie Day
  • September 14: National Food Is Medicine Day
  • September 15: Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie Day
  • September 15: National Cheese Toast Day
  • September 15: National Crème de Menthe Day
  • September 15: National Double Cheeseburger Day
  • September 15: National Linguine Day
  • September 16: National Choose Your Chocolate Day
  • September 16: National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day
  • September 16: National Guacamole Day
  • September 17: National Apple Dumpling Day
  • September 17: National Monte Cristo Day
  • September 18: National Cheeseburger Day
  • September 18: Rice Krispies Treats Day
  • September 19: National Butterscotch Pudding Day
  • September 20: National Fried Rice Day
  • September 20: National Pepperoni Pizza Day
  • September 20: National Punch Day
  • September 20: National String Cheese Day
  • September 20: National Queso Day
  • September 21: National Chai Day
  • September 21: National Pecan Cookie Day
  • September 22: National Ice Cream Cone Day
  • September 22: National White Chocolate Day
  • September 23: National Apple Cider Vinegar Day
  • September 23: National Baker Day
  • September 23: National Great American Pot Pie Day
  • September 23: National Snack Stick Day
  • September 24: National Cherries Jubilee Day
  • September 24: National Horchata Day
  • September 24: National Mofongo Day
  • September 25: National Cooking Day
  • September 25: National Lobster Day
  • September 25: National Quesadilla Day (Dia de la Quesadilla)
  • September 26: National Better Breakfast Day
  • September 26: National Chimichanga Day
  • September 26: National Dumpling Day
  • September 26: National Key Lime Pie Day
  • September 26: National Pancake Day
  • September 27: National Chocolate Milk Day
  • September 27: National Corned Beef Hash Day
  • September 28: International Poke Day
  • September 28: National Drink Beer Day
  • September 28: National Strawberry Cream Pie Day
  • September 29: National Biscotti Day
  • September 29: National Coffee Day
  • September 29: National Mocha Day
  • September 29: National Starbucks Day
  • September 30: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day
  • September 30: National Chewing Gum Day
  • September 30: National Hot Mulled Cider Day

National Animal & Pet Days in September 2024

  • September 1: Ginger Cat Appreciation Day
  • September 4: National Wildlife Day
  • September 8: National Dog Walker Appreciation Day
  • September 8: National Iguana Awareness Day
  • September 13: Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day
  • September 17: National Pet Bird Day
  • September 22: National Elephant Appreciation Day
  • September 22: World Rhino Day
  • September 26: Alpaca Day
  • September 30: Pet Tricks Day
  • September 30: World’s Largest Pet Walk

These were all the National Days, National Weeks, and National Months for September. I hope you find this comprehensive list useful. If you think I might have missed an important holiday, please let me know in the comments. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Interested in exploring more fun holidays? Swing by our central social media holidays page to see other months of the year + special national day lists we have compiled for you.

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