The month of September is very rich on holidays and observations. In fact, there are 293 holidays in one single month 🙂

Below you will find a comprehensive list of social media holidays and observances celebrated in September. The holidays fall in the following categories:

  • Art & Entertainment
  • Animals & Pets
  • Career & Work
  • Cause
  • Education & School
  • Nature & Environment
  • Family & Relationship
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food & Drinks
  • Health
  • History

Social Media Holidays In September

1Global Talent Acquisition DayCareer & WorkWorld
1World Letter Writing DayFunWorld
1Ginger Cat Appreciation DayPetsWorld
1National Acne Positivity Day HealthUSA
1National Chicken Boy’s DayArt & EntertainmentCalifornia, USA
1National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) DayFunUSA
1Knowledge Day (Den’ Znanij)Education & SchoolRussia
1National Wattle DayNature & EnvironmentAustralia
1Building and Code Staff Appreciation DayCareer & Work
1Emma M. Nutt DayHistory
2World Coconut Day Food & DrinksWorld
2National Blueberry Popsicle DayFood & DrinksUSA
2National V-J DayHistoryUSA
3International Bacon DayFood & DrinksWorld
3National Chianti Day Food & DrinksUSA
3National Food Bank DayCauseUSA
3National Lazy Mom’s DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
3National Welsh Rarebit DayFood & DrinksUSA
3U.S. Bowling League DayFunUSA
3Australian National Flag DayHistoryAustralia
3Merchant Navy Day HistoryUK
3Bring Your Manners To Work DayCareer & Work
3Skyscraper DayArt & Entertainment
4World Beard Day Fashion & BeautyWorld
4World Sexual Health DayHealthUN, World
4International Turkey Vulture DayFood & DrinksUSA
4Beyoncé’s BirthdayBirthdays
4National College Colors DayEducation & SchoolUSA
4National Macadamia Nut DayFood & DrinksUSA
4National Newspaper Carrier DayCareer & WorkUSA
4National Tailgating Day Food & Drinks, FunUSA
4National Wildlife DayAnimalsUSA
4Eat An Extra Dessert DayFood & Drinks
5International Day of CharityCauseUN, World
5National Cheese Pizza DayFood & DrinksUSA
5National Be Late For Something DayFun
5Pet Rock DayArt & Entertainment
5Father’s DayFamily & RelationshipAustralia & New Zealand
6Labor DayHistoryUSA
6National Coffee Ice Cream DayFood & DrinksUSA
6National Read A Book DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
7International Day of Clean Air for blue skiesNature & EnvironmentUN, World
7World Duchenne Awareness DayHealthWorld
7National Acorn Squash DayFood & DrinksUSA
7National Another Look Unlimited DayEnvironment & NatureUSA
7National Beer Lovers DayFood & DrinksUSA
7National Grandma Moses DayHistoryUSA
7National Grateful Patient DayCareer & Work, HealthUSA
7National Neither Snow Nor Rain DayCareer & WorkUSA
7National Salami DayFood & DrinksUSA
7Google Commemoration DayHistory
7Brazil Independence DayHistoryBrazil
8International Literacy DayEducation & SchoolWorld
8World Physical Therapy DayHealthWorld
8National Ampersand DayFunUSA
8National Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses DayCareer & WorkUSA
8Telephone TuesdayCareer & WorkUSA
8Pardon DayFamily & Relationship
9International Sudoku DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
9National Wiener Schnitzel DayFood & DrinksUSA
9Care Bears Share Your Care DayCauseUSA
9National Teddy Bear DayFunUSA
9Emergency Services Day a.k.a. 999 DayCareer & WorkUK
10World Suicide Prevention DayHealthWHO, World
10National 401(k) DayCareer & WorkUSA
10National Swap Ideas DayFun, MotivationalUSA
10National TV Dinner DayFood & DrinksUSA
11National Iguana Awareness DayAnimalsUSA
11Patriot Day a.k.a 9/11 DayHistoryUSA
11National Hot Cross Bun DayFood & DrinksUSA
11National Make Your Bed DayFunUSA
11German Language Day (Tag der deutschen Sprache)Education & SchoolGermany
12International Day for South-South CooperationCauseUN, World
12National Chocolate Milkshake DayFood & DrinksUSA
12National Grandparents DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
12National Hug Your Hound DayPetsUSA
12National Day of Civic HackingCauseUSA
12National Day of EncouragementCauseUSA
12National Pet Memorial DayPetsUSA
12National Police Woman DayCareer & WorkUSA
12National Report Medicare Fraud DayCause, HealthUSA
12National Video Games DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
13Day of the ProgrammerCareer & WorkWorld
13Roald Dahl Story DayArt & Entertainment
13Positive Thinking DayMotivational
13National Bald is Beautiful DayMotivational
13National Boss/Employee Exchange DayCareer & WorkUSA
13National Celiac Disease Awareness DayHealthUSA
13National Kids Take Over The Kitchen DayFamily, Food & DrinksUSA
13National Peanut DayFood & DrinksUSA
13Uncle Sam DayHistoryUSA
14National Ants on a Log DayFood & DrinksUSA
14National Coloring DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
14National Cream Filled Donut DayFood & DrinksUSA
14National Eat a Hoagie DayFood & DrinksUSA
14National Live Creative DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
14National School Picture DayFunUSA
14National Sober Day HealthUSA
14Hindi DayHistoryIndia
15Greenpeace DayNature & EnvironmentWorld
15International Day of DemocracyCauseWorld
15International Dot DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
15World Afro DayCause, Fashion & BeautyWorld
15World Lymphoma Awareness DayHealthWorld
15National Cheese Toast DayFood & DrinksUSA
15National Crème de Menthe DayFood & DrinksUSA
15National Double Cheeseburger DayFood & DrinksUSA
15National Felt Hat DayFashion & BeautyUSA
15National Linguine DayFood & DrinksUSA
15National Online Learning DayEducation & SchoolUSA
15National Neonatal Nurses DayCareer & WorkUSA
15National Tackle Kids Cancer DayHealthUSA
15Make a Hat DayFashion & Beauty
16International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone LayerNature & EnvironmentUSA
16Anne Bradstreet DayArt & Entertainment
16Grito de Dolores (Mexico’s Independence Day)HistoryMexico
16National Guacamole DayFood & DrinksUSA
16National Pawpaw DayFood & DrinksUSA
16National Play-Doh DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
16National Cinnamon Raisin Bread DayFood & DrinksUSA
16National School Backpack Awareness DayHealth, Education & SchoolUSA
16National Stepfamily DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
16National Tattoo Story DayFashion & BeautyUSA
16National Working Parents DayCareer & WorkUSA
16Mayflower DayHistory
16Trail of Tears Commemoration DayHistoryUSA
17International Country Music DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
17International Grenache DayFood & DrinksWorld
17International Patient Safety DayHealthWorld
17Constitution Day and Citizenship DayHistoryUSA
17National Apple Dumpling DayFood & DrinksUSA
17National Concussion Awareness DayHealthUSA
17National Monte Cristo DayFood & DrinksUSA
17National Pet Bird DayPetsUSA
17National POW/MIA Recognition DayCauseUSA
17National Professional House Cleaners Day Career & WorkUSA
17National Table Shuffleboard DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
17National Tradesmen DayCareer & WorkUSA
17Time’s Up DayMotivational
18International Eat An Apple DayFood & Drinks, HealthWorld
18International Red Panda DayAnimalsWorld
18World CleanUp DayNature & EnvironmentWorld
18World Water Monitoring DayNature & EnvironmentWorld
18Air Force DayHistoryUSA
18Batman DayArt & Entertainment
18Boys’ and Girls’ Club Day for KidsFamily & Relationship
18Chiropractic Founders DayCareer & Work
18Hug A Greeting Card Writer DayFun
18Hug Your Boss DayCareer & Work
18Locate An Old Friend DayFamily & Relationship
18National Cheeseburger DayFood & DrinksUSA
18National CleanUp DayEnvironment & NatureUSA
18National Dance DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
18National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness DayHealthUSA
18National First Love DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
18National Respect DayCauseUSA
18Oktoberfest BeginsFood & Drinks, FunGermany
18Puppy Mill Awareness DayPetsUSA
18Responsible Dog Ownership DayPetsUSA
18Rice Krispies Treats DayFood & Drinks
19International Talk Like a Pirate DayFunWorld
19National Butterscotch Pudding DayFood & DrinksUSA
19National Gymnastics DayCareer & WorkUSA
19National Meow Like a Pirate DayPetsUSA
19National Woman Road Warrior DayCareer & WorkUSA
19Wife Appreciation DayFamily & Relationship
20National Fried Rice DayFood & DrinksUSA
20National Pepperoni Pizza DayFood & DrinksUSA
20National Punch DayFood & DrinksUSA
20National String Cheese DayFood & DrinksUSA
20National Queso DayFood & DrinksUSA
21International Day of PeaceCauseUN, World
21World Alzheimer’s DayHealthWorld
21World Gratitude DayMotivationalWorld
21National Chai DayFood & DrinksUSA
21National IT Professionals DayCareer & WorkUSA
21National Pecan Cookie DayFood & DrinksUSA
21Miniature Golf DayFun
22Fall Equinox in Northern HemisphereNature & Environment
22Mabon a.k.a. Pagan Autumnal EquinoxNature & Environment
22International Day of Radiant PeaceCauseWorld
22Chainmail DayHistory
22Hobbit DayArt & Entertainment
22World Car-Free DayEnvironment & NatureWorld
22World Rhino DayAnimalsWorld
22American Business Women’s DayCareer & WorkUSA
22Dear Diary DayMotivational
22National Centenarian’s DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
22National Elephant Appreciation DayAnimalsUSA
22National Girls’ NightFamily & RelationshipUSA
22National Falls Prevention Awareness DayHealthUSA
22National Fitness DayHealthUK
22National Ice Cream Cone DayFood & DrinksUSA
22National Legwear DayFashion & BeautyUSA
22National Online Recovery DayHealthUSA
22National White Chocolate DayFood & DrinksUSA
23International Celebrate Bisexuality Day a.k.a. Bi Visibility DayLGBTQWorld
23International Day of Sign LanguagesEducation & SchoolUN, World
23National Dogs in Politics Day a.k.a. National Checkers DayPetsUSA
23National Great American Pot Pie DayFood & DrinksUSA
23National Snack Stick DayFood & DrinksUSA
23National Teal Talk DayHealthUSA
23Remember Me ThursdayPets
23Restless Legs Awareness DayHealthUSA
24World Bollywood DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
24Bluebird of Happiness DayAnimals, Cause
24German Butterbrot DayFood & DrinksGermany
24Heritage DayHistorySouth Africa
24Hug A Vegetarian Day or Hug a VeganNature & Environment
24Love Note DayFamily & Relationship
24National Brave DayCauseUSA
24National Cherries Jubilee DayFood & DrinksUSA
24National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness DayHealth, LGBTQUSA
24National Punctuation DayEducation & SchoolUSA
24Native American DayHistoryCalifornia, USA
24Save The Koala DayAnimals
24Sport Purple for Platelets DayHealth
24Schwenkfelder ThanksgivingHistoryUSA
24World’s Biggest Coffee MorningCause, HealthUK
25Fish Amnesty DayNature & EnvironmentPETA, World
25International Ataxia Awareness DayHealthWorld
25International Lace DayFashion & BeautyWorld
25International Rabbit DayAnimalsWorld
25World Dream DayCause, Nature & EnvironmentWorld
25World Pharmacist DayCareer & WorkWorld
25National Bunny DayAnimals, PetsUSA
25National Comic Book DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
25National Cooking DayFood & DrinksUSA
25National Daughter’s DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
25National Ghost Hunting DayFunUSA
25National Family Health and Fitness Day USAHealthUSA
25National Hunting and Fishing DayEnvironment & NatureUSA
25National One-Hit Wonder DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
25National Lobster DayFood & DrinksUSA
25National Math Storytelling DayEducation & SchoolUSA
25 National Public Lands DayEnvironment & NatureUSA
25National Psychotherapy DayHealthUSA
25National Research Administrator DayCareer & WorkUSA
25National Seat Check Saturday HealthUSA
25National Singles DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
25National Tune-Up DayCauseUSA
25National Quesadilla Day (Dia de la Quesadilla)Food & DrinksUSA
25Save Your Photos DayFun
26European Day of LanguagesEducation & SchoolEurope
26International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear WeaponsCauseUN, World
26International Daughters DayFamily & RelationshipWorld
26World Contraception DayHealthWorld
26World Rivers DayNature & EnvironmentWorld
26Johnny Appleseed DayFood & Drinks, HistoryUSA
26National Better Breakfast DayFood & DrinksUSA
26National Compliance Officer DayCareer & WorkUSA
26National Dumpling DayFood & DrinksUSA
26National Gold Star Mother’s DayCauseUSA
26National Family DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
26National Mesothelioma Awareness DayHealthUSA
26National Pancake DayFood & DrinksUSA
26National Police Memorial DayCauseUK
26National Situational Awareness DayHealthUSA
26National Shamu the Whale DayAnimalsUSA
27World Tourism DayCareer & WorkWorld
27Ancestor Appreciation DayHistory
27National Chocolate Milk DayFood & DrinksUSA
27National Crush Day / National Crush a Can DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
27National Corned Beef Hash DayFood & DrinksUSA
27National No Excuses DayMotivationalUSA
27National Scarf DayFashion & BeautyUSA
28International Day for Universal Access to Information a.k.a. International Right To Know DayCauseUN, World
28International Poke DayFood & DrinksWorld
28World Rabies DayHealthWorld
28Ask a Stupid Question DayFun, Education & SchoolUSA
28Fish Tank Floorshow NightPets
28National Drink Beer DayFood & DrinksUSA
28National Good Neighbor DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
28National Family DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
28National Sons DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
28National Strawberry Cream Pie DayFood & DrinksUSA
28National Voter Registration DayCauseUSA
29International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste ReductionCause, Food & DrinksUN, World
29World Heart DayHealthWorld
29Confucius DayHistory
29National Biscotti DayFood & DrinksUSA
29National Coffee DayFood & DrinksUSA
29VFW DayCauseUSA
30International Blasphemy Rights DayCauseWorld
30International Podcast DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
30International Translation DayCareer & WorkUN, World
30World Maritime Day Career & WorkWorld
30National Chewing Gum DayFood & DrinksUSA
30National Hot Mulled Cider DayFood & DrinksUSA
30National Love People DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
30National Mud Pack DayFashion & BeautyUSA
30National Women’s Health & Fitness DayHealthUSA
30Orange Shirt DayHistoryCanada