One of the most popular food holidays, National Sandwich Day is celebrated every year on November 3. There’s beauty in simplicity, which is probably the reason why sandwiches are the go-to packed lunch for so many Americans. Some people even like sandwiches so much that they get famous for painting pictures of celebrities on top of sandwiches.

No one knows who actually created the first sandwich, but we know who claims to have been the inventor: John Montagu, the 4th Earl of, you guessed it, Sandwich. If you are wondering where on earth this place called Sandwich is, we can help you: Sandwich is a historic town in Kent, south-east England.

When is National Sandwich Day?

National Sandwich Day is always celebrated on November 3.

National Sandwich Day 2022Thursday, November 3
National Sandwich Day 2023Friday, November 3
National Sandwich Day 2024Sunday, November 3
National Sandwich Day 2025Monday, November 3
National Sandwich Day 2026Tuesday, November 3
National Sandwich Day 2027Wednesday, November 3
National Sandwich Day, November 3.
National Sandwich Day
National Sandwich Day is celebrated on November 3 annually.

When Did National Sandwich Day Start?

Our research suggests that National Sandwich Day has been around at least since 2001. We don’t know who first came up with the idea of celebrating National Sandwich Day.

A quite astounding number of websites claim that National Sandwich Day is celebrated on November 3 because the Earl of Sandwich was born on that day. The fact, however, is that John Montagu—the Earl of Sandwich who gave the sandwich its name—was born ten days later on November 13, 1718. In other words, either someone made a mistake and got his birthday wrong, leading us to celebrate the wrong day, or we just don’t know why exactly November 3 has been chosen as the date for National Sandwich Day.

10 Sandwiches To Eat on National Sandwich Day

The obvious thing to do on National Sandwich Day is to have a sandwich. To make things a bit special, why not try a sandwich you’ve never had before? Perhaps order a tasty sandwich at a deli? To inspire you, here’s a list of ten sandwiches that are perfect for National Sandwich Day.

Club Sandwich

The name of this American classic comes from the Saratoga Club-House, New York, where it is said to have been invented over a hundred years ago, in 1894. The club sandwich, a.k.a. clubhouse sandwich, has had many famous fans including King Edward VIII. The club sandwich is easy to recognize thanks to its triangular shape. Ingredients include bacon, chicken breast (or turkey), tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise, squeezed between two slices of toast.

Roast Beef Sandwich

There are many types of roast beef sandwiches: some are hot, others cold; some topped with cheese, some with mayonnaise and some with barbecue sauce. What they all have in common, however, is that they’re all simply irresistible.


The BLT, standing for Bacon Lettuce Tomato, is the Big Mac of sandwiches. It’s been around for longer, though. The BLT sandwich first appeared in British cookbooks in the 1920s. It even has its own month: April is National BLT Month!


The Reuben sandwich is, unlike the BLT, one of those sandwiches you want someone else to make. Why? Because this New York specialty is quite complicated to make on your own. Reuben is a mind-blowing combination of corned beef, rye bread, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

Cuban Sandwich

If you go to Florida, you have to try their local delicacy: the Cuban sandwich. It’s grilled, it’s pressed and it’s oh so delicious! Ingredients include ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. It is a match made in heaven.

Lobster Roll

The lobster roll is a mouthwatering Maine specialty that puts most other sandwiches to shame. The cooked, buttery lobster–placed in a hot dog roll–together with lettuce, lemon juice and a little seasoning makes for an unforgettable sandwich.

Tuna Sandwich

One of the most popular homemade sandwiches–especially among children–the tuna sandwich rarely disappoints.The typical ingredients are canned tuna and mayonnaise, but if you want to make it special you can also add olives, cucumber, onions and/or eggs.


Like many sandwiches in America, the muffuletta was also invented by Italian immigrants–this time in New Orleans. The muffuletta is a large sandwich that will keep you satisfied for a long time. It consists of a split loaf that’s filled with olives salami, ham, mortadella and cheese (typically mozzarella and provolone).

Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe is an American classic, almost as American as apple pie. For those not familiar with this delicacy, it is made with a hamburger bun and contains ground beef, onions, seasonings (incl. Worcestershire sauce), and ketchup or tomato sauce.

Meatball Sandwich

An Italian-American invention from some 130 years ago, the meatball sandwich comes in many shapes these days. What most meatball sandwiches have in common, apart from the meatballs, is the red sauce and mild cheese that accompany them in a long roll.


National Sandwich Day 2022 Social Media Post Ideas

If you are planning to post about National Sandwich Day on social media, here are a few ideas to consider.

Post idea 1: If you or your company sells sandwiches, a picture of either a selection of fantastic-looking sandwiches–or a special one created for National Sandwich Day–should do the trick.

Post idea 2: Stats, stats, stats! People love stats, so if you have some interesting sandwich stats to share, do it! Delis, cafes and sandwich bars probably have stats over how many sandwiches have been sold, which one is the best-seller etc. Any of these stats would be interesting for your followers–especially on National Sandwich Day!

Post idea 3: Offer a discount, an exclusive product–or both! A good discount combined with a unique product always does the trick.

National Sandwich Day 2022 Hashtags

To make sure your post reaches your target audience, it is always smart to do some hashtag research. On National Sandwich Day, the following hashtags are especially popular:

  • #nationalsandwichday
  • #nationalsandwichday2022
  • #sandwichday

The following hashtags are popular sandwich-related hashtags that are popular throughout the year:

  • #sandwichporn
  • #sandwichesofinstagram
  • #sandwichlover
  • #sandwichshop
  • #sandwichoftheday
  • #sandwichtime
  • #sandwichlovers

Instagram allows 30 hashtags in regular posts and 10 in stories, so you can fit these in any Instagram post. Obviously, you probably want to include local hashtags as well, to make sure people close to you can find the post. Especially if you are a local sandwich deli offering a discount or exclusive National Sandwich Day specials.

National Sandwich Day Quotes

These funny sandwich quotes are perfect for National Sandwich Day.

  • “Life is like a sandwich–the more you add to it, the better it becomes.”
  • “You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a meal.” – Jeff Mauro
  • “The only clubs I’m into are sandwiches.”
  • “A sandwich is like duct tape: it fixes everything.”
  • “If by ‘clubbing’ you mean eating club sandwiches then yes, I enjoy clubbing.”
  • “Hell hath no fury like a toddler whose sandwich has been cut into squares when they wanted triangles.”

National Sandwich Day 2022 Facts & Trivia

We have compiled the most interesting National Sandwich Day facts for you. These facts can be used in trivia quizzes–in particular in pub quizzes.

  • Believe it or not, but the most common sandwich filling is lettuce.
  • The most popular sandwich sauce in the USA is mayonnaise, beating both mustard and ketchup.
  • The most common breakfast sandwich in the USA is an egg sandwich: 44% of sandwiches eaten for breakfast were classified as egg sandwiches in this study.
  • According to this YouGov survey from 2019, the favorite sandwich in America is the grilled cheese sandwich: 79% of the respondents either really liked or somewhat liked it. The second-most liked sandwich in the same survey was the grilled chicken sandwich (75%). In third place, we have the roast beef sandwich (71%), before BLT sandwich (69%) and peanut butter and jelly sandwich (66%).
  • In the same YouGov survey, 60% of the respondents thought a hamburger should be considered a sandwich. On the other hand, only 15% thought that a taco should be considered a sandwich, with 75% thinking the opposite.
  • What’s Britain’s favorite sandwich? In this survey, the winner was the cheese and onion sandwich with 12% of the votes. The tuna mayo sandwich (10%) came second, before the cheese and ham sandwich (4%).
  • One any given day, 49% of Americans eat at least one sandwich.
  • As of August 2021, the hashtag #nationalsandwichday has been used in over 52,000 Instagram posts.

We hope you enjoyed our article about National Sandwich Day! If you are looking for other November holidays, here’s our complete list of November holidays. And if you are looking for a complete list of holidays taking place this year, here’s our social media holiday calendar.

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