National Waffle Day is a day for celebrating one of the tastiest treats of all time: the waffle. A dessert with medieval origins, the word waffle made its debut in the English language in 1725 when it was mentioned in a cookbook by Robert Smith. Today, there are numerous varieties of the waffle, including the Brussels waffle, Belgian waffle and waffle cookies.

National Waffle Day is not the only food holiday in August. You can find our full list of August holidays here and if you are looking for all yearly holidays, here’s where you can find our complete social media holiday calendar.

When did National Waffle Day start?

The exact start date of National Waffle Day is unknown. From analyzing Instagram hashtag trends we can see that in 2015, National Waffle Day started taking off when the hashtag #nationalwaffleday2015 was used (less than 100 times). In 2020, the hashtag #nationalwaffleday2020 was used between 100-499 times, showing signs of a steady increase in popularity.

Who created National Waffle Day?

The creator of National Waffle Day is unknown.

Waffle Day has been celebrated in Scandinavian countries at least since the late 19th century. Originally, Waffle Day was a Christian holiday with a very different name: Vårfrudagen (“Spring Lady Day”). Noticing a similarity in pronunciation, people started calling the day “Våffeldagen” and celebrating it by eating waffles — a tradition that continues to this day.

Despite sharing a similar name, National Waffle Day, has nothing to do with its Scandinavian namesake and the two holidays are celebrated on different dates.

When is National Waffle Day?

National Waffle Day is celebrated every year on August 24. This is the same date that New Yorker Cornelius Swarthout got the patent for his waffle iron in 1869 — a product that played a big role in the growing success of the waffle in America.

National Waffle Day 2023Thursday, August 24
National Waffle Day 2024Saturday, August 24
National Waffle Day 2025Sunday, August 24
National Waffle Day 2026Monday, August 24
National Waffle Day 2027Tuesday, August 24
National Waffle Day 2028Wednesday, August 24
National Waffle Day, August 24

National Waffle Day Post Ideas

Many people observe National Waffle Day on social media. On Instagram alone, the hashtag #nationalwaffleday has been so far been used 44,000 times – and the number keeps growing every year.

If you are looking for post ideas, here are a few popular post types on National Waffle Day.

  • For restaurants, cafes and bakeries: how about arranging a waffle giveaway? Alternatively, you can offer a discount on National Waffle Day – or a special waffle that is created for National Waffle Day alone.
  • For personal brands and influencers: share a photo of you eating a waffle. Maybe add a funny quote and a funny waffle-related story, or simply your thoughts on waffles and what makes them so great!

National Waffle Day Hashtags

On National Waffle Day, the following hashtags are commonly used on social media:

  • #nationalwaffleday
  • #nationalwaffleday2023 (#nationalwaffleday + current year)

National Waffle Day 2023 Quotes

Thinking of something to post for National Waffle Day and need a nice quote for social media? Here is a selection of excellent quotes for National Waffle Day:

  • “Waffles are pancakes with abs.” -unknown
  • “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” – Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation)
  • “Waffles are just awesome bread” – John Green
  • “You should eat a waffle! You can’t be sad if you eat a waffle! – Lauren Miracle
  • “There’s something about waffle geometry and the transformative power of the waffle iron that turns a recipe into an adventure.” – Daniel Shumski
  • “My thoughts are like waffles — the first few don’t look so good.” – Marilyn vos Savant

National Waffle Day Facts & Trivia

  • The word ‘waffle’ comes from the Frankish word wafla, which meant ‘honeycomb’ or ‘cake’.
  • The so-called Belgian waffle is actually a simplified North American variation on the Brussels waffle.
  • Frozen waffles have been sold in the US since 1953.
  • Waffles were a popular street food in France already in the 12th century.
  • In North America, waffles are typically eaten for breakfast. In Europe, waffles are considered a dessert.
Everything About The National Waffle Day

National Waffle Day Deals

We currently know of no waffle deals for National Waffle Day.

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