Welcome to November, a month filled with opportunities to celebrate and connect! As the year winds down, why not spice up your days with some fun national celebrations?

In this article, we’ve curated over 100 national days for November 2024. Each day offers a chance to learn something new, spark a conversation, or simply have a good time. From quirky food celebrations to days that promote important causes, there’s something for everyone.

In our list, you’ll find a mix of well-known holidays and hidden gems. And remember, you don’t need to celebrate every single day. Even highlighting one to three days per week can make a big impact.

So, grab your calendar and let’s dive into November’s national days!

National Days & Awareness Days in November 2024

November has more than 100 national and awareness days. Some are celebrated on fixed dates, while others follow a certain rule, such as taking place on the first Wednesday of the month. We’ll start with a rundown of the November national days and awareness days whose dates change every year, after which we’ll give you a detailed list of those national days that are always observed on specific dates.

The list of national days in November with annually changing dates is long and contains a lot of important days, for example Black Friday, Cyber Monday, National Adoption Day and Small Business Saturday. See the full list below:

  • International Stout Day (1st Thursday in November)
  • Fountain Pen Day (1st Friday in November – also, check out our curated list of stationery-related national days)
  • Love Your Lawyer Day (1st Friday in November)
  • National Bison Day (1st Saturday in November)
  • International Tempranillo Day (2nd Thursday in November)
  • International Tongue Twister Day (2nd Sunday in November)
  • National Zinfandel Day (3rd Wednesday in November)
  • Beaujolais Nouveau Day (3rd Thursday in November)
  • Great American Smokeout (3rd Thursday in November)
  • World Philosophy Day (3rd Thursday in November)
  • Stir-Up Sunday (last Sunday before first Advent Sunday)
  • National Adoption Day (Saturday before Thanksgiving)
  • National Tie One On Day (Wednesday before Thanksgiving)
  • DrinksGiving (Night before Thanksgiving)
  • Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November)
  • Black Friday (Day after Thanksgiving)
  • Buy Nothing Day (on the same day as Black Friday)
  • Maize Day (Day after Thanksgiving)
  • National Day of Listening (Day after Thanksgiving)
  • Flossing Day (Day after Thanksgiving)
  • Small Business Saturday (4th Saturday in November)
  • International Aura Awareness Day a.k.a. Aura Day (4th Saturday in November)
  • Advent  (4th Sunday before Christmas)
  • Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving)
  • Giving Tuesday (Tuesday after Thanksgiving)

Next follows a short summary of the most notable national days, sometimes called fun holidays or even social media holidays, taking place in early November (November 1 – November 8). Coming one day after Halloween, November starts out with All Saints’ Day on November 1. On the same day, World Vegan Day is observed. On November 4 you have the best excuse ever for enjoying your favorite candies: that’s right, it’s National Candy Day! If you are in the UK you shouldn’t forget about Guy Fawkes Night, a.k.a. Bonfire Night on November 5. Also worth observing on November 5 is National Redhead Day. Finally, on November 8 it’s National Cappuccino Day, meaning that you can share your love for Italian coffee with the world 🙂

November 1

  • All Saints’ Day #AllSaintsDay
  • National Authors’ Day #NationalAuthorsDay
  • National Calzone Day #NationalCalzoneDay
  • National Cinnamon Day #NationalCinnamonDay #CinnamonDay
  • National Deep Fried Clams Day
  • National Pâté Day
  • National Family Literacy Day
  • National Vinegar Day #nationalvinegarday
  • World Vegan Day #WorldVeganDay

November 2

  • Day of the Dead a.k.a. Dia de los Muertos #DayoftheDead #diadelosmuertos
  • National Deviled Egg Day

November 3

  • National Sandwich Day #NationalSandwichDay
  • World Jellyfish Day #worldjellyfishday

November 4

  • National Candy Day #NationalCandyDay
  • National Chicken Lady Day

November 5

  • Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night (UK) #BonfireNight #guyfawkesnight
  • National Donut Day a.k.a. National Doughnut Day (there is another Donut Day celebrated in June) #NationalDoughnutDay #NationalDoughnutDay🍩 #NationalDonutDay #NationalDonutDay🍩
  • National Redhead Day

November 6

  • National Nachos Day #NationalNachosDay #NachosDay
  • Saxophone Day #SaxophoneDay

November 7

  • Daylight Saving Time Ends #DaylightSavings
  • International Hug A Bear Day #HugABearDay
  • National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

November 8

  • Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day
  • National Cappuccino Day #CappuccinoDay #NationalCappucinoDay (the full list of coffee holidays here)
  • National Harvey Wallbanger Day #HarveyWallbangerDay · #NationalHarveyWallbangerDay
  • National Parents as Teachers Day
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine (STEM) Day #STEMDay #STEMSTEAMDay
  • National Tongue Twister Day #TongueTwisterDay

Between November 9 and November 15 there are a number of holidays to observe – some simply fun (National Vanilla Cupcake Day) and others more serious (World Diabetes Day). Finally, on Singles’ Day, the biggest shopping day worldwide, you can make some great bargains – or maybe announce a Singles’ Day sale if you have an online business.

My advice to businesses: don’t forget about World Kindness Day on November 13. Share a story of kindess and/or let your audience share their stories.

November 9

  • British Pudding Day
  • National Chicken Sandwich Day
  • National Scrapple Day
  • World Freedom Day #FreedomDay

November 10

  • National Forget-Me-Not Day
  • National Vanilla Cupcake Day #NationalVanillaCupcakeDay

November 11

  • National Sundae Day #NationalSundaeDay
  • Origami Day #OrigamiDay
  • Pocky Day a.k.a. Pocky & Pretz Day and Pretz  #PockyDay #PockyDay11Nov
  • Singles’ Day #SinglesDay

November 12

  • Happy Hour Day #HappyHourDay
  • National French Dip Day #NationalFrenchDipDay
  • National Pizza With The Works (Except Anchovies) #nationalpizzawiththeworksexceptanchoviesday
  • National Pupusa Day #NationalPupusaDay

November 13

  • National Indian Pudding Day #NationalIndianPuddingDay
  • World Kindness Day #WKD #WorldKindnessDay

November 14

  • National Pickle Day #PickleDay #NationalPickleDay
  • National Spicy Guacamole Day
  • World Diabetes Day  #WDD #WorldDiabetesDay

November 15

  • America Recycles Day a.k.a. National Recycling Day #BeRecycled #AmericaRecyclesDay
  • National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day #NationalCleanoutYourRefrigeratorDay #NationalCleanoutYourfrigeDay
  • National Philanthropy Day #Philanthropy Day
  • National Raisin Bran Cereal Day #NationalRaisinBranCerealDay

The end of November is a busy time when it comes to fun holidays, national days and awareness days. For businesses, it’s a prime time with major shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday around Thanksgiving, as well as Small Business Saturday. National food days in late November include such classics as National Cake Day, National Fast Food Day and National Mousse Day. Then there are also the important awareness days International Day for Tolerance and Computer Security Day. And if you just want a fun holiday to celebrate, how about observing National Absurdity Day or National Take a Hike Day?

November 16

  • National Button Day #NationalButtonDay
  • National Fast Food Day #NationalFastFoodDay #FastFoodDay
  • International Day for Tolerance #ToleranceDay #InternationalDayForTolerance

November 17

  • International Students’ Day #InternationalStudentsDay
  • National Baklava Day #NationalBaklavaDay
  • National Homemade Bread Day #HomemadeBreadDay
  • National Take a Hike Day
  • World Prematurity Day #WorldPrematurityDay
  • National Black Cat Day

November 18

  • Apple Cider Day #AppleCiderDay
  • GIS Day (geographic information system) #GISDay
  • Mickey Mouse Day #MickeyMouseDay
  • National Vichyssoise Day #NationalVichyssoiseDay

November 19

  • International Men’s Day #InternationalMensDay #MensDay
  • National Camp Day #NationalCampDay
  • National Carbonated Beverage With Caffeine Day 
  • World Toilet Day #WorldToiletDay

November 20

  • National Absurdity Day
  • National Peanut Butter Fudge Day #NationalPeanutButterFudgeDay
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) #TransgenderDayofRemembrance #TransgenderDayofRememberance
  • Universal Children’s Day #UNChildrensDay

November 21

  • National Gingerbread Cookie Day #NationalGingerbreadCookieDay #GingerbreadCookieDay
  • National Stuffing Day #NationalStuffingDay #StuffingDay
  • World Hello Day #WorldHelloDay
  • World Television Day #WorldTVDay

November 22

  • National Cranberry Relish Day #NationalCranberryRelishDay #CranberryRelishDay

November 23

  • National Eat A Cranberry Day #NationalEataCranberryDay #EataCranberryDay
  • National Cashew Day #NationalCashewDay
  • National Espresso Day #EspressoDay #NationalEspressoDay

November 24

  • Evolution Day #EvolutionDay
  • National Sardines Day #NationalSardinesDay #SardinesDay

November 25

  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • National Parfait Day #NationalParfaitDay #ParfaitDay
  • Shopping Reminder Day

November 26

  • National Cake Day #NationalCakeDay

November 27

  • National Bavarian Cream Pie Day #NationalBavarianCreamPieDay #BavarianCreamPieDay

November 28

  • National French Toast Day #FrenchToastDay #NationalFrenchToastDay

November 29

  • Electronic Greetings Day
  • National Lemon Cream Pie Day #NationalLemonCreamPieDay #LemonCreamPieDay

November 30

  • Computer Security Day #ComputerSecurityDay
  • National Mason Jar Day #MasonJarDay
  • National Meth Awareness Day
  • National Mousse Day #MousseDay #NationalMousseDay
  • St Andrew’s Day

National Months in November

Finally, November is a month during which a number of causes are being championed. The ones in the list below are the ones you should know about. At the very least, don’t miss #Movember!

Fun and General Observances

  • No Shave November #Noshavenovember
  • Movember #Movember
  • Peanut Butter Month #PeanutButterLoversMonth
  • Manatee Awareness Month #ManateeAwarenessMonth
  • Native American Heritage Month #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth
  • World Vegan Month #VeganMonth
  • Adoption Month #AdoptionMonth
  • National Novel Writing Month #NovelWritingMonth #NationalNovelWritingMonth

Health-Related Observances

  • National Diabetes Month #NationalDiabetesMonth
  • Epilepsy Awareness Month #EpilepsyAwarenessMonth
  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month #LungCancerAwareness
  • Pancreatic Cancer Awareness #PancreaticCancerAwareness
  • Prematurity Awareness Month #PrematurityAwarenessMonth #PrematurityAwareness
  • National Healthy Skin Month #NationalHealthySkinMonth

I hope you liked our complete list of social media holidays to observe in November. Which holidays will you observe? Leave us a comment 🙂

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