This annual calendar is generously sprinkled with a resplendent 70 days dedicated exclusively to wine (plus four full weeks) – a testament to our global love affair with the vine. These wine celebrations, featuring a myriad of grape types and styles across the whole year, guide us through a fascinating journey of wine flavors and aromas.

We kick off this article with National Wine Day, the biggest global wine celebration. From there, we explore the top 10 wine-related national days, ranked by their popularity on Instagram. We then uncork each month, revealing the multitude of wine celebrations it holds.

So fill your glass and join us as we navigate through the year in wine, a journey destined to delight and inspire.

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National Wine Day: The Crown Jewel of Wine Celebrations

National Wine Day, celebrated annually on May 25, is the king of all wine-related unofficial holidays. Its origins remain shrouded in mystery, with the earliest mentions traced back to 2009. This special day is all about cherishing wine in its full spectrum, making it the ultimate celebration for wine enthusiasts everywhere.

Don’t forget to join the fun on social media using the hashtags #NationalWineDay and #NationalWineDay🍷.

Here are ten ways to celebrate:

  1. Host a virtual wine tasting with friends.
  2. Visit a local winery or vineyard.
  3. Try a new wine variety you’ve never had before.
  4. Pair your dinner with a wine you love.
  5. Watch a wine-themed movie or documentary.
  6. Read a book about wine or a famous winemaker.
  7. Bake a wine-infused dessert.
  8. Take a wine appreciation class online.
  9. Start a wine journal to note your tastings.
  10. Share your favorite wine on social media with the appropriate hashtag.

➤➤➤ Want to celebrate something special every day in 2024? Check out our Printable National Day Calendar 2024 and find a reason to celebrate daily!

Top 10 Wine Holidays: Unveiling the Most Celebrated Vino Festivities

The table below showcases the top 10 wine-related holidays ranked by the popularity of their corresponding hashtags on Instagram. This ranking reflects the number of times each specific hashtag was used on the platform, demonstrating the cultural resonance of these celebrations within the global Instagram community.

RankHoliday NameHashtag# Uses
1National Wine Day#NationalWineDay215,785
2Champagne Day#ChampagneDay63,467
3National Rosé Day#NationalRoséDay60,205
4Chardonnay Day#ChardonnayDay31,766
5National Red Wine Day#NationalRedWineDay24,309
6National Prosecco Day#NationalProseccoDay21,522
7World Malbec Day#MalbecDay19,400
8Pinot Noir Day#PinotNoirDay14,574
9National Wine & Cheese Day#NationalWineAndCheeseDay13,940
10International Cabernet Sauvignon Day#CabernetDay12,032
Top 10 Wine-Related Holidays Ranked by Instagram Hashtag Popularity

Savoring the Year: 70 Wine Holidays to Toast to in 2024


As we uncork the New Year, January ushers in a duo of delightful, yet laid-back celebrations. It’s a month that opens with the exquisite pairing of Champagne and French Fries on the 10th – a sublime mix of crisp and bubbly. Following close on its heels, we have Port Wine Day on the 27th, an occasion to savor the rich, sweet, and complex flavors of this fortifying winter wine. A calm commencement to our wine-focused festivities.

  • January 10: Champagne and French Fries Day #ChampagneandFrenchFries #ChampagneAndFrenchFriesDay
  • January 27: International Port Wine Day #PortWineDay #InternationalPortWineDay


We begin the month of February with International Furmint Day on the 1st, dedicating the day to this versatile Hungarian grape varietal, from crisp and mineral whites to luscious, sweet Tokaji. February 14th is not just for lovers, but Wine Lover’s Day as well, a perfect time to share a bottle with someone special. The celebrations continue with International Syrah Day on the 16th, honouring this robust and spicy varietal, and Global Drink Wine Day on the 18th is a nudge to appreciate wine’s contribution to culture and camaraderie. The month rounds off with “Open That Bottle Night” on the 24th, an invitation to uncork that special bottle you’ve been saving for the right moment. Wine lovers, February is your month to truly indulge!

  • February 1: International Furmint Day #InternationalFurmintDay
  • February 14: Wine Lover’s Day #WineLoversDay
  • February 16: International Syrah Day a.k.a. Shiraz Day #InternationalSyrahDay #SyrahDay #InternationalShirazDay #ShirazDay
  • February 18: Global Drink Wine Day #GlobalDrinkWineDay #GlobalDrinkWineDay2024
  • February 24, 2024 (last Saturday of February): Open That Bottle Night #OpenThatBottleNight #OpenThatBottleNight2024


As winter’s chill begins to fade, March welcomes us with two distinct wine holidays. On the 3rd, we pay homage to National Mulled Wine Day, a perfect occasion to appreciate this warming, spice-infused wine that has been a cold-weather companion to many.

March 13th brings International Riesling Day, a day devoted to celebrating this remarkably adaptable white grape varietal. Riesling’s diverse expressions, from bone-dry to lusciously sweet, encapsulate its unique terroir like no other, offering a true exploration of place in every glass. March, with its transitional climate, offers the perfect setting to appreciate these contrasting, yet equally delightful wine experiences.

  • March 3: National Mulled Wine Day #NationalMulledWineDay #MulledWineDay 1228
  • March 13: International Riesling Day #RieslingDay #InternationalRieslingDay


Tannat Day kicks off April 14th, highlighting this tannin-rich grape native to Southwest France and Uruguay. However, this month the spotlight belongs to World Malbec Day on the 17th, our 7th top wine holiday, honoring Argentina’s iconic grape. Later in the month, we celebrate the robust Marselan on the 27th and cap off with International Viognier Day on the 28th, indulging in its exotic aromatics.


National Wine Day, landing on the 25th, reigns supreme as the crowning jewel of all vinous commemorations in May. This illustrious day invites oenophiles to uncork their favored bottles, indulging in the wine’s captivating bouquet and multifaceted flavors – a true testament to the artistry that is winemaking.

Hot on its heels are the World Chardonnay Day on the 21st, and the International Chardonnay Day on the 23rd. These days extol the virtues of Chardonnay, the quintessential noble white grape.

  • May 3, 2024 (first Friday of May): International Sauvignon Blanc Day #SauvignonBlancDay #SauvBlancDay #InternationalSauvignonBlancDay
  • May 9: National Moscato Day (some people mistakenly call it World Moscato Day) #NationalMoscatoDay #MoscatoDay #WorldMoscatoDay
  • May 11: World Buckfast Day #WorldBuckfastDay
  • May 16: International Ezerjó Day a.k.a. Ezerjó Day #InternationalEzerjoDay #EzerjoDay
  • May 17: Pinot Grigio Day (also called Pinot Gris) #PinotGrigioDay
  • May 21: World Chardonnay Day #WorldChardonnayDay #ChardonnayDay #Chardday
  • May 23, 2024: International Chardonnay Day a.k.a. Chardonnay Day (Thursday Before Memorial Day in May) #InternationalChardonnayDay #ChardonnayDay #Chardday
  • May 25: National Wine Day #NationalWineDay #NationalWineDay2024 #nationalwineday🍷


June unfurls a colorful tableau of wine holidays, underscoring the delightful diversity that the world of wine offers. This month, we toast to bubbly, rosé, and various intriguing grape varietals, each showcasing unique nuances and tastes.

We also honor the discerning sommeliers who, with their in-depth knowledge, guide our exploration of this diverse vinous landscape. Whether you’re sipping a refreshingly crisp Chenin Blanc on the 21st or uncorking a captivating Croatian wine on the 25th, June affirms that wine is a world without end – a realm of unceasing discovery and pleasure.

  • June 3: International Sommelier Day #InternationalSommelierDay #SommelierDay
  • June 4: National Bubbly Day #NationalBubblyDay #BubblyDay
  • June 8 (second Saturday of June): National Rosé Day #NationalRoséDay #NationalRoseDay
  • June 10: Durif Day #DurifDay
  • June 14, 2024 (second Friday of June): World Verdejo Day #WorldVerdejoDay #VerdejoDay
  • June 21 (third Friday of June): International Drink Chenin Blanc Day #DrinkChenin #DrinkCheninBlancDay #InternationalDrinkCheninBlancDay
  • June 21: World Lambrusco Day #LambruscoDay #WorldLambruscoDay
  • June 28 (fourth Friday of June): International Rosé Day #InternationalRoséDay #InternationalRoseDay
  • June 25: National Croatian Wine Day #NationalCroatianWineDay #CroatianWineDay


In July, wine lovers revel in the warmth of summer and the festivities of the wine calendar. Among the multitude of holidays, National Wine & Cheese Day on the 25th truly stands out, having secured a number 9 spot in our top 10 wine celebrations. This day pays tribute to one of the most iconic culinary pairings, promising delightful discoveries for both the novice and connoisseur. From the effervescent Cava marking its day on the 12th to the bold Shiraz on the 27th, July is a time to explore wine in all its forms, culminating in the perfect fusion of wine and cheese.

  • July 12: International Cava Day #InternationalCavaDay #CavaDay
  • July 15: National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day #NationalStrawberryRhubarbWineDay
  • July 25: National Wine & Cheese Day #NationalWineAndCheeseDay #WineAndCheeseDay #NationalWineAndCheeseDay2024 #nationalwineandcheeseday🍷🧀
  • July 25, 2024 (fourth Thursday in July): Shiraz Wine Day. It’s noteworthy that a similar observance, International Syrah Day or Shiraz Day, is also celebrated on February 16th. #ShirazWineDay #ShirazDay


August is a wine lover’s delight, boasting not one but four holidays that have secured positions in our top 10 wine-related festivities. The effervescent joy of National Prosecco Day on the 13th marks the beginning of the illustrious quartet, followed by the subtle elegance of Pinot Noir on the 18th. As we approach month’s end, National Red Wine Day on the 28th celebrates the depth and variety of reds, culminating with International Cabernet Day on the 31st, honoring one of the most esteemed grape varieties globally.

  • August 1: International Albariño Day a.k.a. Albariño Day #AlbarinoDay AlbariñoDay #InternationalAlbariñoDay #InternationalAlbarinoDay #WorldAlbariñoDay #WorldAlbarinoDay
  • August 4: National White Wine Day #NationalWhiteWineDay #WhiteWineDay #nationalwhitewineday🥂
  • August 13: National Prosecco Day #NationalProseccoDay #ProseccoDay
  • August 18: National Pinot Noir Day a.k.a. Pinot Noir Day, International Pinot Noir Day #PinotNoirDay #PinotNoirDay2024 #NationalPinotNoirDay #InternationalPinotNoirDay
  • August 28: National Red Wine Day #NationalRedWineDay #RedWineDay #nationalredwineday🍷
  • August 31 (Thursday before Labor Day): International Cabernet Sauvignon Day a.k.a. International Cabernet Day #CabernetDay #CabernetSauvignonDay #InternationalCabernetSauvignonDay #InternationalCabernetDay #InternationalCabernetDay


September sips its way in with the sparkle of Cap Classique Day and the robust charm of National Chianti Day on the 1st. As the month unfolds, we uncork the simplicity of International Box Wine Day on the 9th, followed by the diverse delight of International Grenache Day on the 17th. Wrapping up the month’s vinous voyage, we toast to the indigenous Croatian gem on International Plavac Mali Day on the 21st. From bubbly beginnings to intriguing ends, September promises a wine journey of discovery.

  • September 1: Cap Classique Day #CapClassiqueDay
  • September 1 (first Friday in September): National Chianti Day #NationalChiantiDay
  • September 9: International Box Wine Day #InternationalBoxWineDay #BoxWineDay
  • September 17 (third Friday in September): International Grenache Day #GrenacheDay #GrenacheDay2024 #InternationalGrenacheDay #InternationalGrenacheDay2024
  • September 21: International Plavac Mali Day #InternationalPlavacMaliDay


As leaves turn golden in October, the month begins with a world focus on Vranec, followed by the unique charms of National Orange Wine Day, the particularities of International Pinotage Day, and the native character of Prokupac Day. But the real star of October, securing the second place in our top 10 wine holidays, is the Global Champagne Day on the 27th, an effervescent celebration of the world’s most iconic sparkling wine. As the month draws to a close, we celebrate the vibrant profile of the Carignan grape, wrapping up October with a flourish.

  • October 5: Vranec World Day #WorldVranecDay
  • October 6: National Orange Wine Day #NationalOrangeWineDay #OrangeWineDay
  • October 14 (second Saturday of October): International Pinotage Day #PinotageDay #InternationalPinotageDay
  • October 14: Prokupac Day #ProkupacDay
  • October 22: Austrian Sekt Day #AustrianSektDay
  • October 26: International Mavrud Day #InternationalMavrudDay
  • October 27 (fourth Friday in October): Global Champagne Day a.k.a. World Champagne Day, Champagne Day #ChampagneDay #ChampagneDay2024 #GlobalChampagneDay #GlobalChampagneDay2024 #WorldChampagneDay #WorldChampagneDay2024
  • October 26 (Last Thursday in October): International Carignan Day #CarignanDay #InternationalCarignanDay


November is a month full of vibrant wine celebrations. From the bold Xinomavro to the silky Merlot, the enchanting Tempranillo to the robust Zinfandel, each day gives us a new grape varietal to savor. As autumn colors peak, we celebrate the Wine Tourism Day, and the release of the youthful Beaujolais Nouveau. We round off the month with the distinctive charm of the Carménère, adding a unique touch to this spirited November wine calendar.

  • November 1: International Xinomavro Day #XinomavroDay #InternationalXinomavroDay
  • November 7: International Merlot Day #MerlotDay #InternationalMerlotDay
  • November 9 (second Thursday in November): International Tempranillo Day #TempranilloDay #InternationalTempranilloDay
  • November 11 (second Saturday in November): Wine Tourism Day #WineTourismDay
  • November 15 (third Wednesday of November): National Zinfandel Day #NationalZinfandelDay #ZinfandelDay
  • November 16 (third Thursday in November): Beaujolais Nouveau Day #BeaujolaisNouveauDay
  • November 24: International Carménère Day #CarmenereDay


In December, the wintry ambiance is perfectly paired with a series of enticing wine celebrations. We kick off with the rare Maratheftiko, followed by the sophisticated Cabernet Franc and the opulent Aszú. Mid-month, the charming Pinot Meunier and vibrant Sangria take the spotlight. Finally, as the year winds down, we can’t forget the unofficial National Champagne Day, which brings a sparkling close to the year, ringing in the New Year with an effervescent pop.

  • December 1: International Maratheftiko Day #MaratheftikoDay
  • December 4: Cabernet Franc Day #CabernetFrancDay
  • December 10: International Aszú Day #AszuDay
  • December 16: Pinot Meunier Day #PinotMeunierDay
  • December 20: National Sangria Day #NationalSangriaDay #SangriaDay
  • December 31: National Champagne Day. This unofficial day celebrates the wine that brings a pop to every New Year’s Eve festivity. Please note, the official Champagne Day is observed in October. #NationalChampagneDay #nationalchampagneday🍾


  • June 15-23, 2024: English Wine Week
  • July 2 – 8, 2024 (first week of July): Sparkling Wine Week
  • July 17 – 23, 2024: National Prosecco Week
  • August 1 – 5, 2024 (first week of August): Albariño Week

As we wrap up our cork-popping guide to the year’s wine-related holidays, keep in mind that this resource is updated annually to ensure accuracy in dates and to add any newly discovered wine holidays. We would love to hear from you in the comments – do share your favorite wine days with us!

If you’ve found this guide enjoyable, don’t hesitate to explore one of our other handpicked lists of holidays. Cheers to a year filled with delightful sips and celebrations!

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