We have compiled a comprehensive list of 211 social media holidays taking place in August.

For your convenience all holidays are marked with the following categories:

  • Art & Entertainment
  • Animals & Pets
  • Career & Work
  • Cause
  • Education & School
  • Nature & Environment
  • Family & Relationship
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food & Drinks
  • Health
  • History

Social Media Holidays in August

1World Lung Cancer DayHealthWorld
1World Wide Web DayHistoryWorld
1International Albariño DayFood & DrinksWorld
1International Childfree DayCauseWorld
1International Mahjong DayFunWorld
1World Scout Scarf DayCareer & WorkWorld
1DOGust 1st a.k.a. Universal Birthday for Shelter DogsPetsWorld
1Psychic DayCareer & WorkWorld
1Spider-Man DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
1Respect for Parents DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
1National Doll DayFunUSA
1National Girlfriend DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
1National Sisters DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
1National Minority Donor Awareness DayHealthUSA
1National Raspberry Cream Pie DayFood & DrinksUSA
1 American Family DayFamily & RelationshipArizona, USA
1Yorkshire DayHistoryUK
2Assistance Dog DayAnimals, Health
2National Coloring Book DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
2National Ice Cream Sandwich DayFood & DrinksUSA
3National Grab Some Nuts DayFood & DrinksUSA
3National Night OutCauseUSA
3National Watermelon DayFood & DrinksUSA
3National White Wine DayFood & DrinksUSA
4Barack Obama’s BirthdayBirthdays
4International Clouded Leopard DayAnimalsWorld
4National Chocolate Chip Cookie DayFood & DrinksUSA
4U.S. Coast Guard BirthdayHistoryUSA
4Single Working Women’s DayCauseUSA
5International Traffic Light DayCauseWorld
5Cycle To Work DayNature & EnvironmentUK
5National IPA (India Pale Ale) DayFood & DrinksUSA
5National Oyster DayFood & DrinksUSA
5National Work Like A Dog DayPetsUSA
5National Underwear DayFashion & BeautyUSA
6Hiroshima DayHistoryJapan, World
6International Beer DayFood & DrinksWorld
6Braham Pie DayFood & DrinksUSA
6National Fresh Breath DayHealthUSA
6National Root Beer Float DayFood & DrinksUSA
6National Water Balloon DayFunUSA
6National Wiggle Your Toes DayFunUSA
7National Disc Golf DayFunUSA
7National Jamaican Patty DayFood & DrinksUSA
7National Lighthouse DayHistoryUSA
7National Mead DayFood & DrinksUSA
7National Mustard DayFood & DrinksUSA
7National Play Outside DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
7National Raspberries N’ Cream DayFood & DrinksUSA
7Purple Heart DayHistoryUSA
7Professional Speakers DayCareer & Work
8World Cat Day or International Cat DayPetsWorld
8International Infinity DayEducation & SchoolWorld
8Global Sleep Under The Stars Night Nature & EnvironmentWorld
8National Dollar DayHistoryUSA
8National CBD Day HealthUSA
8National Frozen Custard DayFood & DrinksUSA
8National Happiness Happens DayMotivationalUSA
8National Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch DayNature & Environment, Family & RelationshipUSA
9Islamic New YearHistoryWorld
9International Day of the World’s Indigenous PeoplesCauseWorld
9National Book Lovers DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
9National Rice Pudding DayFood & DrinksUSA
9National Women’s DayCauseSouth Africa
9National Victory Day a.k.a. V-J DayHistoryRhode Island, USA
10World Lion DayAnimalsWorld
10International Biodiesel DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
10International Update Your Bio DayFunUSA
10National Duran Duran Appreciation DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
10National Lazy DayFunUSA
10National Shapewear DayFashion & BeautyUSA
10National S’mores DayFood & DrinksUSA
10National Spoil Your Dog DayPetsUSA
11World Calligraphy DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
11Global Kinetic Sand DayFunWorld
11National Son and Daughter DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
11National Presidential Joke DayFunUSA
11National Raspberry Bombe DayFood & DrinksUSA
11National Bakewell Tart DayFood & DrinksUK
11Mountain DayNature & EnvironmentJapan
12International Youth DayCauseUN, World
12World Elephant DayAnimalsWorld
12National Julienne Fries DayFood & DrinksUSA
12National Middle Child DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
12National Vinyl Record DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
12The Glorious TwelfthNature & EnvironmentUK
13International Lefthanders DayCauseWorld
13National Blame Someone Else DayFunUSA
13National Filet Mignon DayFood & DrinksUSA
13National Prosecco DayFood & DrinksUSA
14World Lizard DayAnimalsUSA
14National Bowling DayFunUSA
14National Creamsicle DayFood & DrinksUSA
14National Financial Awareness DayCauseUSA
14National Garage Sale DayCauseUSA
14National Navajo Code Talkers DayCareer & WorkUSA
14Falklands DayHistoryUK
14The Double Seventh Festival (Qixi Festival)HistoryChina
15Chant at the Moon DayFun
15Feast of the Assumption a.k.a. Assumption of MaryHistoryWorld
15National Back To School Prep DayEducation & SchoolUSA
15National Leathercraft DayCareer & Work, Fashion & BeautyUSA
15National Lemon Meringue Pie DayFood & DrinksUSA
15National Relaxation DayHealthUSA
15National Spirit of ’45 DayHistoryUSA
15National Acadian DayHistoryCanada
15Independence DayHistoryIndia
16National Airborne DayHistoryUSA
16National Roller Coaster DayFunUSA
16National Tell a Joke DayFunUSA
16National Rum DayFood & DrinksUSA
17Baby Boomers Recognition DayCauseUSA
17Black Cat Appreciation DayPetsWorld
17National I LOVE My Feet Day!HealthUSA
17National Nonprofit DayCauseUSA
17National Thrift Shop DayFashion & BeautyUSA
18Serendipity DayMotivational
18Bad Poetry DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
18National Fajita DayFood & DrinksUSA
18National Ice Cream Pie DayFood & DrinksUSA
18National Mail Order Catalog DayHistoryUSA
18National Pinot Noir DayFood & DrinksUSA
19World Humanitarian DayCauseWorld
19World Photography DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
19International Bow DayFashion & BeautyWorld
19International Orangutan DayAnimalsWorld
19Sandcastle and Sculture DayArt & Entertainment
19National Aviation DayHistoryUSA
19National Potato DayFood & DrinksUSA
19National Soft Ice Cream DayFood & DrinksUSA
20World Mosquito DayNature & EnvironmentWorld
20National Bacon Lovers DayFood & DrinksUSA
20National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day Food & DrinksUSA
20National Lemonade DayFood & DrinksUSA
20National Men’s Grooming DayFashion & BeautyUSA
20National Radio DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
21International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of TerrorismHistoryUN, World
21World Entrepreneurs’ DayCareer & WorkWorld
21International Homeless Animals’ DayPetsWorld
21International Geocaching DayFunWorld
21World Honey Bee Day Nature & EnvironmentWorld
21National Brazilian Blowout DayFashion & BeautyUSA
21National Honey Bee DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
21National Senior Citizens DayCauseUSA
21National Spumoni DayFood & DrinksUSA
22International Day Commemorating the Victims Acts of Violence Based on Religious BeliefHistoryUSA
22World Plant Milk DayFood & DrinksWorld
22Never Bean Better DayPets
22Take Your Cat to the Vet DayPets
22National Bao DayFood & DrinksUSA
22National Be An Angel DayCauseUSA
22National Pecan Torte DayFood & DrinksUSA
22National Surgical Oncologist DayHealthUSA
22National Tooth Fairy DayHealthUSA
23International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its AbolitionHistoryWorld
23Black Ribbon Day (BRD) a.k.a. European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and NazismHistoryEurope
23National Cuban Sandwich DayFood & DrinksUSA
23Health Unit Coordinators DayCareer & Work
23National Ride The Wind DayHistoryUSA
23National Sponge Cake DayFood & DrinksUSA
23Meatball DayFood & DrinksSweden
24International Strange Music DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
24Pluto Demoted DayHistory
24Vesuvius DayHistory
24National Knife DayFunUSA
24National Peach Pie DayFood & DrinksUSA
24National Waffle DayFood & DrinksUSA
25National Banana Split DayFood & DrinksUSA
25National Kiss and Make Up DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
25National Park Service Founders DayCareer & WorkUSA
25National Secondhand Wardrobe DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
25National Whiskey Sour DayFood & DrinksUSA
26National Dog DayPetsUSA
26National Cherry Popsicle DayFood & DrinksUSA
26National Toilet Paper DayFunUSA
26National Women’s Equality DayCauseUSA
26National WebMistress DayCareer & WorkUSA
27International Lottery DayFunWorld
27National Just Because DayFunUSA
27National Pots De Crème DayFood & DrinksUSA
28Daffodil DayHealthAustralia
28-29International Bat NightsAnimalsWorld
28National Bow Tie DayFashion & BeautyUSA
28National Cherry Turnovers DayFood & DrinksUSA
28Crackers Over The Keyboard DayFun
28National Power Rangers Day Art & EntertainmentUSA
28Rainbow Bridge Remembrance DayAnimals
28National Red Wine DayFood & DrinksUSA
28-29Notting Hill CarnivalFunUK
28National Thoughtful DayMotivationalUSA
29International Day against Nuclear TestsCauseUN, World
29National Chop Suey DayFood & DrinksUSA
29National Lemon Juice DayFood & DrinksUSA
29More Herbs, Less Salt DayFood & Drinks, HealthUSA
30International Whale Shark DayAnimalsWorld
30International Day of the Victims of Enforced DisappearanceCauseUN, World
30International Cabernet Sauvignon DayFood & DrinksWorld
30Frankenstein Day (Mary Shelley’s birthday)Art & Entertainment
30Slinky DayFun
30National Beach DayEnvironment & NatureUSA
30National Grief Awareness DayCauseUSA
30National Holistic Pet DayPetsUSA
30National Toasted Marshmallow DayFood & DrinksUSA
31World Distance Learning DayEducation & SchoolWorld
31International Overdose Awareness DayHealthWorld
31Eat Outside dayFood & Drinks
31Love Litigating Lawyers DayCareer & Work
31National Diatomaceous Earth DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
31National Matchmaker DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
31National Trail Mix DayFood & DrinksUSA