Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of 188 social media holidays and observances celebrated in the month of July.

Note: All the dates are double-checked and updated for 2021 so you don’t need to do it yourself.

Social Media Days And Observances in July

Jun 30 – Jul 1International Reggae DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
1International Joke DayFunWorld
1National Postal Worker DayCareer & WorkUSA
1National U.S. Postage Stamp DayHistoryUSA
1National Creative Ice Cream Flavors DayFood & DrinksUSA
1National Gingersnap DayFood & DrinksUSA
1Canada DayHistoryCanada
1Ketikoti FestivalHistoryNetherlands
2World UFO DayFunWorld
2National Anisette DayFood & DrinksUSA
2National Eat Your Beans DayFood & DrinksUSA
2I Forgot DayFun
3International Day of Cooperatives CauseWorld
3International Drop a Rock DayArt & Entertainment, MotivationalWorld
3International Plastic Bag Free DayNature & EnvironmentWorld
3International Cherry Pit Spitting DayFunWorld
3Compliment Your Mirror DayMotivational
3National Chocolate Wafer DayFood & DrinksUSA
3National Fried Clam DayFood & DrinksUSA
3National Hop-a-Park DayNature & EnvironmentUSA
3National Stay Out of the Sun DayHealthUSA
4Independence DayHistoryUSA
4Sidewalk Egg Frying DayFunWorld
4National Barbecued Spareribs DayFood & DrinksUSA
4National Caesar Salad DayFood & DrinksUSA
4National Country Music DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
4Independence From Meat DayFood & Drinks, CauseUSA
4First Day of NAIDOC Week a.k.a. National Aboriginal DayHistoryAustralia
5National Workaholics DayCareer & Work
5National Apple Turnover DayFood & DrinksUSA
5National Bikini DayFashion & BeautyUSA
5National Graham Cracker DayFood & DrinksUSA
6International Kissing DayFamily & RelationshipWorld
6Take Your Webmaster to Lunch DayCareer & WorkWorld
6National Fried Chicken DayFood & DrinksUSA
6National Hand Roll DayFood & DrinksUSA
7World Chocolate DayFood & DrinksWorld
7Global Forgiveness DayMotivationalWorld
7Tell The Truth DayFamily & Relationship, Motivational
7National Father Daughter Take a Walk DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
7National Dive Bar DayFun, Food & DrinksUSA
7National Macaroni DayFood & DrinksUSA
7National Strawberry Sundae DayFood & DrinksUSA
8National Freezer Pop DayFood & DrinksUSA
8National Chocolate with Almonds DayFood & DrinksUSA
9Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD)FunUSA
9National Sugar Cookie DayFood & DrinksUSA
9Nunavut DayHistoryCanada
10International Skinny Dip DayFunWorld
10Teddy Bear Picnic DayFun
10National Clerihew DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
10National Kitten DayPetsWorld
10National Piña Colada DayFood & DrinksUSA
11World Population DayCauseUN
11International Essential Oils DayHealth, Fashion & BeautyWorld
11All American Pet Photo DayPetsUSA
11National Blueberry Muffin DayFood & DrinksUSA
11National Cheer Up The Lonely DayMotivationalUSA
11National Mojito DayFood & DrinksUSA
11National 7-Eleven Day a.k.a. National Free Slurpee DayFood & DrinksUSA
11National Rainier Cherry DayFood & DrinksUSA
12International Town Criers DayHistoryWorld
12Malala DayCauseUN
12Eat Your Jello DayFood & Drinks
12Paper Bag DayNature & Environment
12National Different Colored Eyes DayCauseUSA
12National Pecan Pie DayFood & DrinksUSA
12National Simplicity DayMotivationalUSA
12Orangemen’s Day a.k.a. Orange Day, The Glorious TwelfthHistoryNorthern Ireland, UK, Canada
13Embrace Your Geekness DayFunWorld
13Gruntled Workers DayCareer & Work
13Cow Appreciation DayAnimalsUSA
13National Beans ‘N’ Franks DayFood & DrinksUSA
13National Beef Tallow DayFood & DrinksUSA
13National Delaware DayHistoryUSA
13National French Fry DayFood & DrinksUSA
14Pandemonium DayMotivational
14Shark Awareness DayAnimalsWorld
14National Grand Marnier DayFood & DrinksUSA
14National Mac & Cheese DayFood & DrinksUSA
14National Tape Measure DayHistoryUSA
14National Nude DayCauseUSA
14Bastille DayHistoryFrance
15Get to Know Your Customers DayCareer & WorkWorld
15World Youth Skills Day Education & SchoolUN
15National Be A Dork DayFunUSA
15National Clean Beauty DayFashion & BeautyUSA
15National Give Something Away DayCauseUSA
15National Gummi Worm DayFood & DrinksUSA
15National I Love Horses DayAnimalsUSA
15National Pet Fire Safety DayPetsUSA
15National Tapioca Pudding DayFood & DrinksUSA
15St. Swithins DayHistoryUK
16World Snake DayAnimalsWorld
16National Corn Fritters DayFood & DrinksUSA
17World Emoji DayFunWorld
17World Day for International JusticeCauseWorld
17Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” DayMotivational
17National Lottery DayFunUSA
17National Peach Ice Cream DayFood & DrinksUSA
17National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine DayFood & DrinksUSA
17National Tattoo DayFashion & BeautyUSA
17National Wrong Way Corrigan DayHistoryUSA
17National Woodie Wagon DayHistoryUSA
17National Yellow Pig DayEducation & SchoolUSA
18World Listening DayEducation & SchoolWorld
18Nelson Mandela DayHistoryUN, World
18National Caviar DayFood & DrinksUSA
18National Sour Candy DayFood & DrinksUSA
19Stick Out Your Tongue DayFun
19National Daiquiri DayFood & DrinksUSA
19National Flitch DayFood & DrinksUSA
19National Get Out of the Dog House DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
19National Ice Cream DayFood & DrinksUSA
20Global Hug Your Kids DayFamily & RelationshipWorld
20World Jump DayFunWorld
20International Chess DayFunWorld
20National Moon DayHistoryUSA
20National Lollipop DayFood & DrinksUSA
20National Pennsylvania DayHistoryUSA
21Legal Drinking Age DayCauseUSA
21National Junk Food DayFood & DrinksUSA
21National Be Someone DayFamily & Relationship, CauseUSA
21National Lamington DayHistoryAustralia
22Pi Approximation DayEducation & School
22National Hammock DayFunUSA
22National Hot Dog DayFood & DrinksUSA
22National Mango DayFood & DrinksUSA
22National Penuche Fudge DayFood & DrinksUSA
22National Rat Catcher’s DayArt & EntertainmentUSA
22National Refreshment DayFood & DrinksUSA
22Selena Gomez’s BirthdayBirthdays
23Hot Enough For Ya DayFun
23National Gorgeous Grandma DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
23National Vanilla Ice Cream DayFood & DrinksUSA
24National Amelia Earhart DayHistoryUSA
24National Cousins DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
24National Drive-Thru DayFood & DrinksUSA
24National Day of the American CowboyHistoryUSA
24National Tell An Old Joke DayFunUSA
24National Tequila DayFood & DrinksUSA
24National Thermal Engineer DayCareer & WorkUSA
25International Red Shoe DayHealthWorld
25National Culinarians DayCareer & WorkUSA
25National Hire a Veteran DayCareer & WorkUSA
25National Hot Fudge Sundae DayFood & DrinksUSA
25National Merry-Go-Round Day a.k.a. National Carousel DayFunUSA
25National Parent’s DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
25National Threading the Needle DayCareer & WorkUSA
25National Wine and Cheese Day Food & DrinksUSA
26International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove EcosystemNature & EnvironmentUNESCO, World
26National All or Nothing DayMotivationalUSA
26National Aunt and Uncle’s DayFamily & RelationshipyUSA
26National Coffee Milkshake DayFood & DrinksUSA
26National Bagelfest DayFood & DrinksUSA
26National Disability Independence DayHealthUSA
27National Crème Brûlée DayFood & DrinksUSA
27National Korean War Veterans Armistice DayHistoryUSA
27National Love is Kind DayCauseUSA
27National Scotch DayFood & DrinksUSA
27Take your Pants for a Walk DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
27National Sleepy Head Day a.k.a. UnikeonpäiväFunFinland
28World Hepatitis DayHealthWorld
28Buffalo Soldiers DayHistoryUSA
28National Milk Chocolate DayFood & DrinksUSA
28National Waterpark DayFunUSA
29International Tiger DayAnimalsWorld
29National Chili Dog DayFood & DrinksUSA
29National Chicken Wing DayFood & DrinksUSA
29National Intern DayCareer & WorkUSA
29National Lasagna DayFood & DrinksUSA
29National Lipstick DayFashion & BeautyUSA
30World Day against Trafficking in Persons CauseUN, World
30International Day of FriendshipFamily & RelationshipUN, World
30Paperback Book DayArt & Entertainment
30National Cheesecake DayFood & DrinksUSA
30National Get Gnarly Day MotivationalUSA
30National Father-in-Law DayFamily & RelationshipUSA
30National Support Public Education DayEducation & SchoolUSA
30National System Administrators Appreciation DayCareer & WorkUSA
30National Talk in an Elevator DayFunUSA
30National Whistleblower Appreciation DayHistoryUSA
31Harry Potter’s BirthdayArt & EntertainmentWorld
31Uncommon Instrument Awareness DayArt & EntertainmentWorld
31World Ranger DayCareer & WorkWorld
31National Avocado DayFood & DrinksUSA
31National Mutt DayPetsUSA
31National Raspberry Cake Day Food & DrinksUSA
31Paddle for Perthes Disease Awareness DayHealth