Looking for some inspirational content to post about in December? You are in the right place. Observing trending social media holidays is extremely popular and the trend is growing. Knowing what to celebrate much in advance gives you the upper hand, since you have time to plan your content and perfect it. When the social media holiday is trending on Twitter or Instagram it is already too late to jump on the bandwagon. In other words, make sure you always keep track of what’s going on. This list of ours contains all major social media holidays and normal holidays celebrated in December 2021. Minor ones have been left off the list, so you can be sure that you won’t end up observing a holiday that no one has even heard of.

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Social Media Holidays: December 2021

Our list of social media holidays in December 2021 contains the major ones, ie. holidays that have gotten at least some traction online in previous years. Apart from giving you just the names of these holidays, we have also done our homework and studied which hashtags have been used in previous years. Some of these hashtags are the official ones, while some have simply been commonly used. We recommend you to use all of these hashtags for maximum exposure.

December 1

  • World AIDS Day #WorldAIDSDay
  • Rosa Parks Day (US)
  • National Eat A Red Apple Day (US) #EatARedAppleDay
  • National Day With(out) Art (US) #DayWithoutArt

December 2

  • National Fritters Day (US)
  • Special Education Day (US)

December 3

  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities #IDPWD #DisabilityDay
  • National Roof Over Your Head Day (US)
  • National Make a Gift Day #MakeaGiftDay

December 4

  • International Cheetah Day #InternationalCheetahDay #Cheetah Day
  • National Cookie Day (US) #NationalCookieDay #CookieDay
  • National Dice Day (US) #NationalDiceDay #DiceDay
  • World Wildlife Conservation Day #WorldWildlifeConservationDay #WildlifeConservationDay

December 5

  • Bathtub Party Day #BathtubPartyDay
  • International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development #InternationalVolunteersDay
  • National Repeal Day (US) #RepealDay #RepealDayParty
  • World Soil Day #WorldSoilDay

December 6

  • National Miners’ Day #MinersDay #NationalMinersDay
  • National Microwave Oven Day (US)
  • St. Nicholas Day a.k.a. Feast of Saint Nicholas #StNicholasDay
  • Walt Disney Day #WaltDisneyDay – celebrated on the first Monday of December

December 7

  • International Civil Aviation Day #InternationalCivilAviationDay #InternationalCivilAviationDay2020 #CivilAviationDay
  • National Cotton Candy Day (US) #NationalCottonCandyDay #CottonCandyDay
  • Pearl Harbor Day (US) #pearlharborday

December 8

  • National Brownie Day #NationalBrownieDay #BrownieDay
  • Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day #PretendToBeATimeTravelerDay

December 9

  • Christmas Card Day #ChristmasCardDay
  • International Anti-Corruption Day#AntiCorruptionDay
  • National Pastry Day (US) #NationalPastryDay #PastryDay
  • World Techno Day

December 10

  • Dewey Decimal Day (US)
  • Human Rights Day #HumanRightsDay
  • International Animal Rights Day #InternationalAnimalRightsDay #AnimalRightsDay
  • National Lager Day #LagerDay
  • Nobel Prize Day (US)

December 11

  • Christmas Jumper Day
  • International Mountain Day #InternationalMountainDay #InternationalMountainsDay
  • International Shareware Daysecond Saturday in December
  • UNICEF Birthday

December 12

  • Gingerbread House Day (US) #GingerbreadHouseDay
  • International Universal Health Coverage Day
  • National Poinsettia Day (US) #PoinsettiaDay
  • Worldwide Candle Lighting Day (US)second Sunday in December

December 13

  • National Violin Day (US) #ViolinDay #NationalViolinDay

December 14

  • Monkey Day #WorldMonkeyDay #MonkeyDay
  • National Bouillabaisse Day (US)

December 15

  • Bill of Rights Day (US) #BillOfRights #BillOfRightsDay
  • Cat Herders Day (US) #CatHerdersDay
  • National Cupcake Day (US)

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December 16

  • Day Of Reconciliation (South Africa) #DayOfReconciliation
  • National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (US) #NationalChocolateCoveredAnythingDay

December 17

  • National Maple Syrup Day (US) #MapleSyrupDay
  • Ugly Sweater Day #UglyChristmasSweaterDay #UglySweaterDay  – celebrated on the third Friday of December
  • Underdog Day (US)third Friday in December
  • Wright Brothers Day (US) #WrightBrothersDay

December 18

  • Arabic Language Day #ArabicLanguageDay
  • Free Shipping Day (US)
  • International Migrants Day #InternationalMigrantsDay #Migrants Day

December 19

  • National Hard Candy Day (US) #NationalHardCandyDay
  • National Oatmeal Muffin Day (US)

December 20

  • International Human Solidarity Day
  • National Mudd Day (US)
  • National Sangria Day (US) #SangriaDay

December 21

  • International Dalek Remembrance Day #DalekDay
  • National Crossword Puzzle Day (US) #CrosswordPuzzleDay
  • National Flashlight Day (US)
  • National Humbug Day (US)
  • Short Girl Appreciation Day #ShortGirlAppreciationDay
  • Winter Solstice / First Day of Winter (Winter Shortest Day) #WinterSolstice #FirstDayofWinter

December 22

  • Forefathers Day (US)

December 23

  • Festivus Day #Festivus #FestivusMiracle
  • National Pfeffernusse Day (US)
  • National Roots Day (US)

December 24

  • Christmas Eve #ChristmasEve
  • National Egg Nog Day #NationalEggNogDay

December 25

  • Christmas Day #Christmas2020 #Christmas #Christmastime
  • National Pumpkin Pie Day #Pumpkin PieDay

December 26

  • Boxing Day (UK, Canada, Australia) #boxingday #boxingday2021
  • Day After Christmas Day (US)
  • National Thank You Note Day (US) #ThankYouNoteDay
  • National Candy Cane Day (US) #CandyCaneDay

December 27

  • National Fruitcake Day #NationalFruitcakeDay

December 28

  • Holy Innocents’ Day (US)
  • National Chocolate Candy Day (US)
  • Pledge of Allegiance Day (US)

December 29

  • Tick Tock Day #TickTockDay

December 30

  • National Bacon Day (US) #BaconDay

December 31

  • New Year’s Eve #NYE #NewYearsEve #NewYears2021 #NewYearsEve2021
  • National Champagne Day (US) #NationalChampagneDay
  • Hogmanay (UK/Scotland)
  • No Interruptions Day (US)

This was the list of social media holidays in December. We hope the list helps you come up with interesting social media content. If you feel like you want even more ideas, have a look at these 100 social media post ideas by Angie Gensler 🙂

Which social media holidays will you observe? Are we missing an important one? Let us know in the comments.