A sugar candy unlike any other, fudge has been the favorite of many a candy connoisseur for over 100 years and for good reason. This creamy and grainy treat can come in many shapes and flavors, including Salted Dark Chocolate, Gingerbread Cookie and Butter Rum. Actually, there are recipes to hundreds of fudge variations to be found on Pinterest and other websites.

Each year this ginger brown goodness is celebrated on National Fudge Day in mid-June.

National Fudge Day is one of numerous holidays in June. If you are looking for a complete list of social media holidays, check out our social media holiday calendar.

When is National Fudge Day?

National Fudge Day is celebrated on June 16 each year.

National Fudge Day 2025Monday, June 16
National Fudge Day 2026Tuesday, June 16
National Fudge Day 2027Wednesday, June 16
National Fudge Day 2028Thursday, June 16
National Fudge Day, June 16.

When did National Fudge Day start?

National Fudge Day has been around for over 10 years, appearing in The 2009 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide in 2009 and mentioned on some websites already in 2007. When National Fudge Day first appeared is, however, unknown.

National Fudge Day Pin
National Fudge Day is celebrated annually on June 16.

Who created National Fudge Day?

Our team has not been able to find a person, organization or company responsible for the creation of National Fudge Day.

National Fudge Day Post Ideas

If you are on social media and you love fudge, why not celebrate with other likeminded people? Here are a few ideas how.

Idea 1: Share a photo of yourself smiling with a piece of fudge.

Idea 2: Share a story about a memorable fudge-related moment. This could be perhaps your first time tasting a piece of fudge, or some interesting fudge flavour you tried somewhere. You can also connect with your followers by asking them whether they like fudge or to share their fudge stories with you!

National Fudge Day Hashtags

There are a few hashtags used on Instagram that have been used in recent years. These are the most popular National Fudge Day hashtags:

  • #nationalfudgeday
  • #nationalfudgeday🍫

In addition to these two hashtags, make sure you also use #nationalfudgeday with the current year attached to the end, for instance #nationalfudgeday2025.

National Fudge Day is a very recent holiday that will likely grow much in the coming years. So far the #nationalfudgeday has been used a bit over 3,000 times on Instagram, but we expect this number to increase significantly in the future.

National Fudge Day Quotes

Are you planning to post something on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or maybe even TikTok about National Fudge Day? Here are a few carefully selected quotes about fudge to get you started!

“Happiness is a piece of fudge caught on the first bounce.” -Charles M. Schulz

“Family is like fudge. Mostly sweet with a few nuts” -Unknown

National Fudge Day Facts & Trivia

Here are a few facts about fudge that you might want to mention when writing a post or creating a video about National Fudge Day.

  • For best shelf life, keep the fudge in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  • To make fudge you need the following three main ingredients: butter, sugar and milk. Chocolate is usually the fourth main ingredient.
  • Texture-wise, fudge lies somewhere between fondants and hard caramels.

National Fudge Day Deals

We currently do not know of any deals for National Fudge Day but will update this page if this changes.

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