Social media buzzes with a myriad of holidays, national days, awareness days, and even some amusingly weird days (Take your Pants for a Walk Day, anyone?) observed daily. With a whirlwind of celebrations ranging from 3-5 national days on quieter days, to a whopping 19 holidays observed on September 16th, 2024. Some days are like a joyous frenzy out there!

How Do We Select National Days on Digital Hygge?

Many of these observances are unofficial (sadly, you don’t get a day off), some tickle the funny bone, while others are plain odd. With many of them changing dates year after year, tracking this jubilant jumble may feel daunting. That’s where we step in. As seasoned navigators of these wacky holidays for over three years, we bring you verified, ready-to-celebrate dates, saving you the detective work.

Sp, here’s a sneak peek into our holiday bonanza.

  1. Monthly Lists: Navigate through our 12 articles each dedicated to national days, weeks, and months of the year, from January to December. These comprehensive lists let you plan for every celebration each month has to offer.
  2. Themed Compilations: For those looking for thematic lists, we have curated compilations like National Days for Cat Lovers, Book Lovers, and more.
  3. National Days Calendar 2024: Get a snapshot of our special National Days Calendar 2024. Hand-picked for every day of the year, you can bookmark this calendar or grab a printable one-page PDF for your desk or fridge. And at less than 2 dollars, it’s a steal!
  4. National Food Days Calendar 2024: This is a complete list of food-related holidays for 2024, perfect for food enthusiasts and culinary content creators.
  5. National Days School Year 2024-2025: This calendar runs from August to July , highlighting one national day for each day of the school year. This is a curated list of national days that are kid-friendly. Perfect for teachers, homeschooling parents, and families.

In our commitment to keep you in the loop, we’ve assembled one of the most comprehensive lists of national and awareness days, omitting only the most obscure to help you focus on the ones that truly resonate.

Stay in sync with our regularly updated lists and detailed breakdowns of significant days. Remember to swing by now and then.

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Social Media Holidays 2024

There are over a thousand holidays to celebrate in 2024. Each month has over 100 holidays to observe, so to make it easier for you we have separate articles for each month. You can find our comprehensive lists for each month of 2024 below:


January is packed with interesting and fun holidays. Favorites include International Lego Day, National Compliment Day and National Spouses Day. Other notable days to observe in January are Australia Day (in Australia) and World Religion Day. In January, cafés, restaurants, hotels and bakeries might want to pay special attention to National Corn Chip Day, National Hot Chocolate Day, National Chocolate Cake Day and National Irish Coffee Day. And if you love beer, make sure you don’t miss Beer Can Appreciation Day!


Complete list of February National Days

Despite being the shortest month, there are a surprising number of important observances and holidays. St. Valentines Day, Pancake Day and Super Bowl take place in February,

It is also when we observe the following food holidays: World Nutella Day, National Pizza Day, National Kahlua Day and National Drink Wine Day. On a more somber note, February is also when World Cancer Day, Rare Disease Day and International Epilepsy Day is observed.


Complete list of March National Days

Spring is in the air in March, so it is probably no coincidence that it’s the month for National Plant a Flower Day and International Day of Happiness! Food and drink holidays in March include National Ravioli Day, National Potato Chip Day and National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, to name a few. If you sell perfume, you need to make sure you don’t forget about National Fragrance Day! And if you are getting a puppy this spring, why not do it on National Puppy Day? There are also several important awareness days in March, including Self-injury Awareness Day.


Complete list of April National Days

Many special days take place in April. Apart from Easter, there is World Health Day, National Siblings Day, National Tax Day and National Banana Day…and a lot more! April is also a month for innovation (World Creativity and Innovation Day), pets (National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day & National Lost Dogs Awareness Day) and animals (World Penguin Day & National Dolphin Day). Even husbands get some love, since April is when Husband Appreciation Day is observed.


Complete list of May National Days

May is full-packed of interesting holidays and awareness days. In terms of awareness days we have, for instance, National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and Cornelia De Lange Syndrome Awareness Day. Then we have holidays that are more general, like World Laughter Day and World Password Day. Teachers are also remembered in May when National Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Appreciation Day is observed. On May 4th (read: “may the force”) sci-fi fans around the world gather to celebrate National Star Wars Day. Food holidays in May include National Orange Juice Day, International No Diet Day and National Shrimp Day.


Complete list of June National Days

There is much to celebrate in June. June starts off with National Say Something Nice Day and finishes with Social Media Day. Altogether there are a whooping 232 holidays in June alone! Quite many of these are awareness days: World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day, National PTSD Awareness Day and National Insurance Awareness Day are only a few of the days observed in June. Since it’s summer, it is only natural that June also hosts National Sunglasses Day, National Gardening Exercise Day and National Go Barefoot Day.


Complete list of July National Days

When it comes to special days, July is an embarrassment of riches. Averaging at six holidays a day, you can be sure there is something for everyone to celebrate. There are particularly many international days, such as International Plastic Bag Free Day, International Cherry Pit Spitting Day and International Kissing Day. Food holidays in July include National Fried Chicken Day, National Junk Food Day and National Mac & Cheese Day July is also the month in which we celebrate the invention of the bikini, on National Bikini Day. For reptile-lovers there’s World Snake Day and friends of tattoos can share pictures of their favorite tattoos on National Tattoo Day. More obscure holidays include World Emoji Day and National Father-in-Law Day.


Compete list of August National Days

A wide variety of holidays and awareness days are observed in August. August starts off with a couple of health holidays: World Lung Cancer Day and National Minority Donor Awareness Day. Later, on August 31st we observe International Overdose Awareness Day. In terms of drink holidays, August delivers: National Red Wine Day, National Whiskey Sour Day and International Beer Day are only some of the many drink-related holidays this month. Other holiday highlights include National Girlfriend Day, World Cat Day and World Photography Day.


Complete list of September National Days

September has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for history holidays (e.g. National Grandma Moses Day), education holidays (e.g. International Literacy Day), LGBTQ holidays (Bi Visibility Day) or fashion holidays (World Beard Day), September has it all. As always, September is also a popular month for food and drink holidays. If you love coffee ice cream, you are in luck: National Coffee Ice Cream Day is one of the tens of food holidays this month! More serious holidays taking place in September are, for instance, World Suicide Prevention Day and World Lymphoma Awareness Day. Motivational holidays include Positive Thinking Day and World Gratitude Day.


Complete list of October National Days

There is more to October than Halloween: over 200 fun and interesting holidays take place in October. For coffee lovers there’s International Coffee Day in October, whereas teetotalers can observe World No Alcohol Day. Fans of Lindsay Lohan and Means Girls again should not miss Mean Girls Day October 3. Other fun days not to miss are World Animal Day, Do Something Nice Day and National Color Day. Awareness days in October include National LGBT Center Awareness Day and Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day. Food businesses and restaurants might be interested in National Liqueur Day, National Chocolate Cupcake Day and National Pasta Day, to name a few.

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Complete list of November National Days

November might be the month mostly associated with Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but there’s a lot more to November than that. Did you know that as an alternative to Black Friday you can observe Buy Nothing Day? Small businesse should not miss out on Small Business Saturday, celebrated on the fourth Saturday in November. In terms of health holidays, November is the month when National Meth Awareness Day and Children’s Grief Awareness Day take place. November is also the month of Movember. November is also when the awareness months National Diabetes Month and Prematurity Awareness Month take place.

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Complete list of December National Days

In December, quite many holidays revolve around Christmas. There is Christmas Card Day, National Make a Gift Day, Ugly Sweater Day, Gingerbread House Day…the list goes on. However, there are also lots of holidays unrelated to Christmas taking place in December, such as National Bacon Day, International Universal Health Coverage Day and International Animal Rights Day. Animals are actually well-represented, because in December there is also International Cheetah Day and World Wildlife Conservation Day. Despite being a bit quieter than most months when it comes to holidays, December has a lot to offer.

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