Music has a unique way of bringing people together, inspiring creativity, and enriching our lives. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or simply a music enthusiast, there are special days throughout the year dedicated to celebrating various aspects of music, musicians, and instruments. These national and international days provide the perfect opportunities to appreciate the art of music, explore new sounds, and connect with fellow music lovers.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the most significant music-related holidays that are perfect for marking on your calendar whether you are a musician or a music enthusiast. From National Guitar Day to World Music Day, we’ve got it all covered. Participating in these days can be a fun and meaningful way to deepen your appreciation for music, whether through playing, listening, or simply learning more about different musical traditions.

Before presenting you the full list of national days for musicians and music lovers, here are the biggest music-related national days: National Piano Day (March 29th, the 88th day of the year), World Music Day (June 21), International Karaoke Day (July 19), National Vinyl Record Day (August 12) and International Music Day (October 1).

Now, here is our complete list of national and international days for musicians and music lovers:

  • January 3 – Women Rock! Day
  • January 4 – Pop Music Chart Day
  • January 28 – National Kazoo Day
  • February 2 – World Play Your Ukulele Day (not to be confused with National Play Your Ukulele Day on May 2)
  • February 11 – National Guitar Day / National Get Out Your Guitar Day
  • February 14 – World Sound Healing Day
  • March (3rd Saturday) – Play the Recorder Day
  • March 4 – Marching Band Day
  • March 10 – International Bagpipe Day
  • March 21 – World Poetry Day (song lyrics)
  • March 27 – Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
  • March 28 – International Women in Music Day
  • March 29 (88th day of the year, March 28 every leap year) – National Piano Day
  • March 30 – World TB-303 Appreciation Day
  • April – Record Store Day (date varies; celebrated on a Saturday in April and on Black Friday in November)
  • April 3 – National Film Score Day
  • April 4 (4/4, get it?) – World Drummer’s Day
  • April 11 – National Barbershop Quartet Day
  • April 30 – International Jazz Day
  • May (1st Sunday) – National Pipe Organ Day
  • May (Saturday closest to May 19th) – World Fiddle Day
  • May (1st Friday) – International Tuba Day
  • May 2 – National Play Your Ukulele Day (not to be confused with World Play Your Ukulele Day on February 2)
  • May 4 – 45 Day
  • May 5 – National Concert Day
  • May 20 – National Band Director’s Day
  • May 22 – National Buy a Musical Instrument Day
  • May 25 – National Sing Out Day
  • June 6 – Old-Time Player Piano Day
  • June 21 – World Music Day (also known as Fête de la Musique)
  • June 21 – Make Music Day
  • June 25 – Global Beatles Day
  • July 4 – National Country Music Day
  • July 7 – National Day of Rock ‘n Roll
  • July 19 – International Karaoke Day
  • July 31 – Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day
  • August (1st Saturday) – International Blues Music Day
  • August 12 – National Vinyl Record Day
  • August 24 – International Strange Music Day
  • September 17 – International Country Music Day
  • September 25 – National One-Hit Wonder Day
  • October (2nd Saturday) – Universal Music Day
  • October 1 – International Music Day
  • October 2 -Audiophile Day
  • October 10 – National Hug a Drummer Day
  • October 23 – National iPod Day
  • November – Record Store Day (coincides with Black Friday in November; also in April)
  • November (Day before Thanksgiving) – National Jukebox Day
  • November 6 – National Saxophone Day
  • November 8 – World Pianist Day
  • November 13 – National Hug a Musician Day
  • November 13 – Symphonic Metal Day
  • November 15 – National Drummer Day
  • November 16 – Clarinet Day
  • December (2nd Sunday) – World Choral Day
  • December 13 – National Violin Day
  • December 19 – National Emo Day
  • December 29 – International Cello Day

To summarize, there are numerous national days dedicated to instruments: kazoo day, piano day, guitar day, drummer’s day, violin day etc. Music lovers have 45 Day, Audiophile Day and Record Store Day to look forward to. Finally, there are a few random ones like National Hug a Musician Day, National One-Hit Wonder Day and Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day.

Which ones will you be celebrating this year? Leave us a comment 🙂

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