The moon greatly impacts our lives, influencing everything from the ocean’s tides to our sleep patterns, and even our energy levels and mood. Its subtle yet powerful presence is a constant reminder of the natural rhythms that orchestrate our world.

Throughout my design career, I’ve always been fascinated by the moon, channeling this fascination into creating printable moon calendars. These calendars, once a staple in my Etsy shop, have been a labor of love and an expression of my design skills. For the year 2024, I’ve decided to take a different approach. Instead of selling them, I’m excited to share some of my favorite lunar calendars with you. You will find the first two designs I want to share but more are coming soon.

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Printable Moon Calendars

Currently, I’m excited to offer two printable lunar calendars 2024. Keep an eye out for additional designs – I’m working on bringing more variety to this collection soon. Be sure to revisit in a few weeks to discover new options and updates!

The printables on this page are copyright protected Β© and Β©Β For personal use and classroom use only, not to be hosted on any other website, sold, used for commercial purposes, or stored in an electronic retrieval system. If you are looking for a commercial license or a custom design, get in touch with me in either of my Etsy shops: DigitalHygge or AstroMango.

2024 Lunar Phases Calendar: Free Printable

Since 2021, this classic lunar calendar design has been a big hit in my Etsy shop, particularly beloved by my repeat customers. This year, I’m thrilled to offer it to you for free.

A4 Lunar Phases 2024-Modern Free
Printable Moon Phases Calendar 2024. Northern Hemisphere. UTC Time Zone.

The calendar presents a year-at-a-glance view, showcasing detailed moon phases for the entire year. It’s designed to make tracking new and full moons, first and last quarters, and both lunar and solar eclipses a breeze. Embodying a clean, minimalist, and modern aesthetic, it’s available in A4, full Letter, and A5 sizes – perfect for planners, bullet journals, or notebooks. You’ll receive a high-resolution PDF file for easy and crisp printing.

As a bonus, the version sold in my Etsy shop includes an additional page with detailed times and dates for the Moon’s transitions through the zodiac signs.


2024 Year-at-a-Glance Moon Calendar

Introducing my latest design from my other website Astromango: a year-at-a-glance moon calendar that elegantly integrates major lunar phases. This calendar includes first and third quarters, new and full moons, and both lunar and solar eclipses, seamlessly blending traditional calendar style with lunar moon phases information.

A4 Lunar Calendar 2024 Monday Start
Printable Year-at-a-Glance Calendar with Moon Phases 2024. Northern Hemisphere. UTC Time Zone. Monday & Sunday Start.

Available in two convenient file sizes, A4 and Letter, it caters to various needs. For those using A5 planners and notebooks, simply scale the A4 size down to 50% for a perfect fit.


More designs are coming soon!

New & Full Moon Dates 2024

Below you will find the list of each month’s new and full moons (including eclipses and super moons) in a clear, easy-to-read manner, with zodiac sign and degrees, as well as times provided for multiple time zones (UTC, EST, PST and AET).

*S denotes a Super Moon, which is when the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit.

The detailed lunar phases and eclipses information for 2024 is included in my Printable Lunar Calendar 2024, available for purchase on Etsy. So if you are looking for this information in a printable format, get my calendar.


πŸŒ‘ January New Moon

Date: January 11th (♑️ Capricorn, 20Β°44β€²)
Time: UTC: 11:57 AM | EST: 6:57 AM | PST: 3:57 AM | AET: 10:57 PM

πŸŒ• January Full Moon

Date: January 25th (β™ŒοΈ Leo, 5Β°14β€²)
Time: UTC: 5:53 PM | EST: 12:53 PM | PST: 9:53 AM | AET: 4:53 AM (Jan 26)


πŸŒ‘ February New Moon (S)

Date: February 9th (♒️ Aquarius, 20Β°40β€²)
Time: UTC: 10:58 PM | EST: 5:58 PM | PST: 2:58 PM | AET: 9:58 AM (Feb 10)

πŸŒ• February Full Moon

Date: February 24th (♍️ Virgo, 5Β°22β€²)
Time: UTC: 12:30 PM | EST: 7:30 AM | PST: 4:30 AM | AET: 11:30 PM


πŸŒ‘ March New Moon (S)

Date: March 10th (♓️ Pisces, 20Β°16β€²)
Time: UTC: 9:00 AM | EST: 5:00 AM | PST: 1:00 AM | AET: 8:00 PM

πŸŒ• March Full Moon

Date: March 25th (β™ŽοΈ Libra, 5Β°07β€²)
Time: UTC: 7:00 AM | EST: 3:00 AM | PST: 12:00 AM | AET: 6:00 PM

🌝 March Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Date: March 25th (β™ŽοΈ Libra, 5Β°13β€²)
Time: UTC: 7:13 AM | EST: 3:13 AM | PST: 12:13 AM | AET: 6:13 PM


🌞 April Total Solar Eclipse (S)

Date: April 8th (β™ˆοΈ Aries, 19Β°22β€²)
Time: UTC: 6:18 PM | EST: 2:18 PM | PST: 11:18 AM | AET: 4:18 AM (Apr 9)

πŸŒ‘ April New Moon (S)

Date: April 8th (β™ˆοΈ Aries, 19Β°23β€²)
Time: UTC: 6:20 PM | EST: 2:20 PM | PST: 11:20 AM | AET: 4:20 AM (Apr 9)

πŸŒ• April Full Moon

Date: April 23rd (♏️ Scorpio, 4Β°17β€²)
Time: UTC: 11:48 PM | EST: 7:48 PM | PST: 4:48 PM | AET: 9:48 AM (Apr 24)


πŸŒ‘ May New Moon

Date: May 8th (♉️ Taurus, 18Β°01β€²)
Time: UTC: 3:21 AM | EST: 11:21 PM (May 7) | PST: 8:21 PM (May 7) | AET: 1:21 PM

πŸŒ• May Full Moon

Date: May 23rd (♐️ Sagittarius, 2Β°54β€²)
Time: UTC: 1:52 PM | EST: 9:52 AM | PST: 6:52 AM | AET: 11:52 PM


πŸŒ‘ June New Moon

Date: June 6th (β™ŠοΈ Gemini, 16Β°17β€²)
Time: UTC: 12:37 PM | EST: 8:37 AM | PST: 5:37 AM | AET: 10:37 PM

πŸŒ• June Full Moon

Date: June 22nd (♑️ Capricorn, 1Β°06β€²)
Time: UTC: 1:07 AM | EST: 9:07 PM (June 21) | PST: 6:07 PM (June 21) | AET: 11:07 AM


πŸŒ‘ July New Moon

Date: July 5th (♋️ Cancer, 14Β°23β€²)
Time: UTC: 10:57 PM | EST: 6:57 PM | PST: 3:57 PM | AET: 8:57 AM (Jul 6)

πŸŒ• July Full Moon

Date: July 21st (♑️ Capricorn, 29Β°08β€²)
Time: UTC: 10:16 AM | EST: 6:16 AM | PST: 3:16 AM | AET: 8:16 PM


πŸŒ‘ August New Moon

Date: August 4th (β™ŒοΈ Leo, 12Β°33β€²)
Time: UTC: 11:12 AM | EST: 7:12 AM | PST: 4:12 AM | AET: 9:12 PM

πŸŒ• August Full Moon

Date: August 19th (♒️ Aquarius, 27Β°14β€²)
Time: UTC: 6:25 PM | EST: 2:25 PM | PST: 11:25 AM | AET: 4:25 AM (Aug 20)


πŸŒ‘ September New Moon

Date: September 3rd (♍️ Virgo, 11Β°03β€²)
Time: UTC: 1:55 AM | EST: 9:55 PM (Sep 2) | PST: 6:55 PM (Sep 2) | AET: 11:55 AM

πŸŒ• September Full Moon (S)

Date: September 18th (♓️ Pisces, 25Β°40β€²)
Time: UTC: 2:34 AM | EST: 10:34 PM (Sep 17) | PST: 7:34 PM (Sep 17) | AET: 12:34 PM

🌝 September Partial Lunar Eclipse (S)

Date: September 18th (♓️ Pisces, 25Β°47β€²)
Time: UTC: 2:45 AM | EST: 10:45 PM (Sep 17) | PST: 7:45 PM (Sep 17) | AET: 12:45 PM


🌞 October Annular Solar Eclipse

Date: October 2nd (β™ŽοΈ Libra, 10Β°02β€²)
Time: UTC: 6:46 PM | EST: 2:46 PM | PST: 11:46 AM | AET: 4:46 AM (Oct 3)

πŸŒ‘ October New Moon

Date: October 2nd (β™ŽοΈ Libra, 10Β°03β€²)
Time: UTC: 6:49 PM | EST: 2:49 PM | PST: 11:49 AM | AET: 4:49 AM (Oct 3)

πŸŒ• October Full Moon (S)

Date: October 17th (β™ˆοΈ Aries, 24Β°34β€²)
Time: UTC: 11:26 AM | EST: 7:26 AM | PST: 4:26 AM | AET: 10:26 PM


πŸŒ‘ November New Moon

Date: November 1st (♏️ Scorpio, 9Β°34β€²)
Time: UTC: 12:46 PM | EST: 8:46 AM | PST: 5:46 AM | AET: 11:46 PM

πŸŒ• November Full Moon

Date: November 15th (♉️ Taurus, 24Β°00β€²)
Time: UTC: 9:28 PM | EST: 4:28 PM | PST: 1:28 PM | AET: 8:28 AM (Nov 16)


πŸŒ‘ December New Moon

Date: December 1st (♐️ Sagittarius, 9Β°32β€²)
Time: UTC: 6:21 AM | EST: 1:21 AM | PST: 10:21 PM (Nov 30) | AET: 5:21 PM

πŸŒ• December Full Moon

Date: December 15th (β™ŠοΈ Gemini, 23Β°52β€²)
Time: UTC: 9:01 AM | EST: 4:01 AM | PST: 1:01 AM | AET: 8:01 PM

πŸŒ‘ December New Moon

Date: December 30th (♑️ Capricorn, 9Β°43β€²)
Time: UTC: 10:26 PM | EST: 5:26 PM | PST: 2:26 PM | AET: 9:26 AM

Solar & Lunar Eclipses Dates 2024

Lunar and solar eclipses are significant astrological events often associated with unexpected changes and pivotal moments in our lives. Typically occurring 4 to 6 times annually, these celestial phenomena capture our attention and imagination.

Learn more about eclipses in astrology on my new website, AstroMango.

2024 Eclipses: Dates and Exact Times (UTC, EST, PST, AET)

In the year 2024, there will be four such eclipses:

  • two lunar eclipses in the signs of Libra and Pisces
  • two solar eclipses in Aries and Libra.

March 25: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra (β™ŽοΈ, 5Β°13β€²)

  • UTC/GMT: 7:13 AM | EST: 3:13 AM | PST: 12:13 AM | AET: 6:13 PM

April 8: Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (β™ˆοΈ, 19Β°22β€²)

  • UTC/GMT: 6:18 PM | EST: 2:18 PM | PST: 11:18 AM | AET: 4:18 AM (Apr 9)

September 18: Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (♓️, 25Β°47β€²)

  • UTC/GMT: 2:45 AM | EST: 10:45 PM (Sep 17) | PST: 7:45 PM (Sep 17) | AET: 12:45 PM

October 2: Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra (β™ŽοΈ, 10Β°02β€²)

  • UTC/GMT: 6:46 PM | EST: 2:46 PM | PST: 11:46 AM | AET: 4:46 AM (Oct 3)

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