On National Bikini Day (July 5) we celebrate the two-piece bathing suit that was considered so hot that it was named after a nuclear test site. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Apparently, this French invention was such a shock at the time that the designer couldn’t get models to wear it and finally had to ask a stripper to do the job. Crazy, right? Luckily, things have changed since then and women all over the world, though not everywhere, can wear their bikinis guilt-free.

In addition to National Bikini Day, there are over two-hundred holidays in July alone. Need more? You can find our full social media holiday calendar here.

When is National Bikini Day?

National Bikini Day is celebrated annually on July 5.

National Bikini Day 2023Wednesday, July 5
National Bikini Day 2024Friday, July 5
National Bikini Day 2025Saturday, July 5
National Bikini Day 2026Sunday, July 5
National Bikini Day, July 5.

When did National Bikini Day start?

National Bikini Day has been celebrated at least since 2011 when this article by Business Insider was published. Since then, the day has been growing every year on social media, in addition to having been observed by The Sun and Teen Vogue.

A hashtag search on Instagram reveals that whereas the #nationalbikiniday2014 only appears in one post, the hashtag #nationalbikiniday2020 is found in 71 posts. These two are not the most popular hashtags used (that would be #nationalbikiniday with over 50,000 posts) but the rise in posts with the year-specific hashtag suggests an increase in interest in this holiday over the past years.

National Bikini Day Post Ideas

Every year, thousands observe National Bikini Day on social media. National Bikini Day is at its core a fun day for celebrating fashion, but could also be used to promote body positivity.

Post idea 1: Post a picture of yourself in a bikini. This idea might be obvious, but there’s nothing wrong with that. If you love bikinis, why not show it?

Post idea 2: Tell a personal story. If you are an influencer or want to be one, why not tell your followers what you think about bikinis? Whether you feel positive or negative about them doesn’t matter as long as you speak from your heart.

Post idea 3: Offer a National Bikini Day discount. For companies, social media holidays are perfect marketing opportunities. Remember, you don’t have to sell bikinis to offer a discount on this day: beachside restaurants and bars could, and probably should, use this golden opportunity to increase their sales and make customers happy.

National Bikini Day Hashtags

When posting on social media you should always remember to include hashtags so that people looking for the topic can find you.

These are the hashtags used specifically on National Bikini Day:

  • #nationalbikiniday
  • #nationalbikiniday2021 (just change the year when necessary)

Other popular bikini-related hashtags:

  • #bikiniday
  • #bikinigirl
  • #bikinilife
  • #bikiniready
  • #bikinitime
  • #bikinilover
  • #bikinilove
  • #bikiniseason

Whereas it probably makes sense to include the specific “national” hashtag in your post, the general ones are more important if you want to be discovered on, say, Instagram or TikTok.

National Bikini Day Quotes

If you want to create a post about National Bikini Day, here are a few popular quotes.

  • “I’m such a bikini girl. Generally, I like to be as half-naked as I possibly can” -Poppy Delevingne
  • “All I want to do is day drink in a bikini”
  • “A bikini is like a barbed wire fence: it protects the property without obstructing the view” -Joey Adams
  • “Life is better in a bikini”
  • “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bikini and that’s pretty close.
  • “My body wasn’t made to look good in a string bikini. It was made to feed and nurture a child” -Alyssa Milano

National Bikini Day Facts & Trivia

Interested in learning something new about the bikini? Here are a few interesting tidbits of knowledge that we hope will fascinate you!

  • The bikini wasn’t actually the first two-piece swimsuit. The two-piece Atome was designed by Jacques Heim only a few months before Louis Réard’s bikini, but it didn’t make much of an impact. Why? Probably because it covered the navel, which made it less risqué and, thus, not as controversial.
  • The earliest bikini images are from 5600BC and bikini-like outfits have been worn in, for instance, Ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire at least 1400BC.
  • Two-piece women’s bathing suits did exist before the bikini. The bikini, however, was smaller: it revealed the navel fully and exposed more of the buttocks.
  • Bikinis are used in the following sports: beach volleyball, bodybuilding and athletics (e.g. long jump, triple jump, sprint events and high jump)
National Bikini Day pin july 5
National Bikini Day, July 5

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Last Update: July 5, 2023