Every blogger knows that there are days when your creative juices just won’t flow no matter what. Thankfully, there are ways to combat an unimaginative mind: topic generators. In this article I will present you 10 of the best title generators that will help you come up with fresh and inspired content for your blog.

I have focused on tools that are free to use, offering unlimited usage and blog ideas in seconds, without a need of signing up.

All websites have been tested by me and differ from each other quite significantly, meaning that you probably want to try them all and not just settle for the first one.

Headline Generator by Content Row

Headline Generator by Content Row

The crème de la crème of blog post ideas and cool headlines, Content Row’s Headline Generator Tool, is awesome in several ways. You can filter out certain categories of title ideas: evergreen, clickbait, seasonal and topical. So, if you don’t want to write a clickbait article with a clickable title, just filter it out from the suggestions. Out of sight, out of mind. That having been said, I would personally recommend this tool exactly for its clickbaity titles that are trendy and feel modern. The layout is also refreshingly user-friendly, while also being rather dignified — not just a never-ending list of post titles in an outdated font.

There is one downside to Content Row’s generator: it requires you to log in (for free) if you want more than 15 ideas. If you sign up, you can save your headlines for the next time you need inspiration for a new blog post or have troubles naming your awesome new article that you know will break the bank. 

Pro tip: Some of the otherwise good blog post titles sometimes lack a crucial detail: a descriptive adjective.

For instance, “11 Ways Investing in Blogging Can Make You a Millionaire” is by no means a bad title, but throw in an adjective and you could have one of these instead: “11 Incredible Ways Investing in Blogging Can Make You a Millionaire” or “11 Unbelievable Ways Investing in Blogging Can Make You a Millionaire”. Adding the adjective makes the title more powerful and emotive.

Blog Ideas Generator by Hubspot 

Blog Ideas Generator by Hubspot

This is one of Hubspot’s tools designed to help bloggers. Despite some flaws, it is still one of the best topic generator tools for bloggers.

The way it works is that you add up to 5 nouns into the generator, then click “Give Me Blog Ideas”.

In a matter of a few seconds you will get 5 free blog title ideas, in addition to 250 more blog ideas if you give Hubspot your details (in other words, expect some hard-to-say-no-to marketing e-mails). When I tested the tool, I entered only one term: smoothies. The titles generated were the following: 

  • Smoothies: Expectations vs. Reality 
  • Will Smoothies Ever Rule the World?
  • The Next Big Thing in Smoothies
  • Smoothies Explained in Fewer than 140 characters
  • This Week’s Top Stories About Smoothies 

Some of these are a bit bizarre considering my keyword, but I could imagine the template (the title with “smoothie” removed) could work for a number of topics. 

Trying the tool for a second time I realized that adding more keywords didn’t change the template, it just replaced the nouns in each. In other words, there is no point in really typing in more than one keyword when using this tool.

BLOG POST IDEA GENERATOR by makeawebsitehub.com 

BLOG POST IDEA GENERATOR by makeawebsitehub.com

One of my absolute favorite generators is the aptly named Blog Post Idea Generator by Make A Website Hub. This program lets you type in three keywords, but I found it work best with only one at a time. It also works best with nouns. When trying out the program, I typed “Sweden” in the field, hoping to get some ideas for a travel blog post. The results were a positive surprise. These were the blog post ideas I got: 

  • How To Get Started With Sweden
  • 20 Myths About Swedens
  • 8 Best Blogs To Follow About Swedens
  • What Will the Sweden Industry Be Like in 9 Years? Exciting?
  • The Ultimate Guide to Swedens 

As you may notice, the generator added an -s after Sweden for some inexplicable reason and doesn’t have good grasp on the English grammar, but if you can live with these idiosyncrasies then this generator could well be worth your time. After all, the titles are actually interesting. “20 Myths About Sweden” and “The Ultimate Guide to Sweden” are legit topics that could interest a lot of people. 

If for some reason the first batch of titles doesn’t satisfy you, just refresh the page and you’ll get five more ideas.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

If you need fresh ideas that don’t sound horribly embarrassing, Portent’s idea generator does a good job. It differs from some of the other title generators by giving you only one idea at a time. Getting more ideas is thankfully easy: simply click the refresh button next to your keyword. Here are a few examples of topics I got when fooling around with the Portent’s content tool: 

  • The 15 Best Fashion YouTube Videos (subject: fashion) 
  • Why the World Would End Without Fashion (subject: fashion)
  • 8 Movies With Unbelievable Scenes About Hair Styles (subject: hair style)
  • Why Power Tools Are Sexy (subject: power tools) 
  • The Evolution of Eyeliners (subject: eyeliner) 

As you can see, these titles sound good and should help anyone get started. Portent’s Idea Generator is perfect for entertainment blogs where clickbait titles are the norm, but I could see this tool being used for other topics as well.

Blog Title Generator by FatJoe

Blog Title Generator by FatJoe

FatJoe’s topic generator is up there with the best ones I’ve ever used and one that I find myself coming back to over and over again. The reason is simple: it generates some seriously interesting and genuine blog post titles. It also doesn’t hurt that the computer program seems to have some sort of artificial intelligence. Or what do you say about the following topics: 

  • 15 People You Oughta Know in the Fashion Industry 
  • Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Fashion 
  • The 13 Best Pinterest Boards for Learning About Fashion 
  • 12 Helpful Tips For Doing Fashion 
  • 14 Businesses Doing a Great Job at Fashion 
  • 7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Fashion 
  • 15 Hilarious Videos About Fashion 
  • Addicted to Fashion? Us Too. 6 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop 
  • What’s Holding Back the Fashion Industry?

These are some kickass titles, right? I especially like how the titles given feel personal. This is one of the absolute standout features of FatJoe’s tool and why I recommend FatJoe to everyone in desperate need of creative title ideas for their blogs.

Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor 

Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor

SEOPressor does one thing differently from most other competitors: it understands that not all nouns are alike. When you write your keyword, you are also offered an opportunity to describe your keyword. If it is a generic term, then there is no need to specify it any further. But if your noun is a brand or a product, like in my test case, then it can actually make the titles more suitable. I searched for blog titles for the keyword “Facebook”, described it as a brand/product word. Here are the results: 

  • 7 Secrets That Experts Of Facebook Don’t Want You To Know
  • Top 10 Common Prejudices About Facebook
  • Fully Utilize Facebook To Enhance Your Business
  • Ten Ways To Tell You’re Suffering From An Obsession With Facebook
  • The Trending Stuff About Facebook
  • Is Facebook Any Good? 10 Ways You Can Be Certain

Quite reasonable name ideas, don’t you think? I was positively surprised by what I saw and could imagine writing an article about most of these. At the very least, I wouldn’t suffer from writer’s block for long!

Apart from name ideas, the good people of SEOPressor also give information about how to generate winning headlines. Among their recommendations is to include a number in the title and to use trending keywords. Solid advice! 

Blog Idea Generator by FX Tools

Blog Idea Generator by FX Tools

This is another simple blog idea generator. Its distinguishing feature is its ease of use and simplicity. It has a button that allows you to search the generated blog title on Google directly, which is quite neat. Here are some of the title suggestions I got when I tried it: 

  • The Modern Rules of Digital Skills (keyword: digital skills) 
  • What Ellen DeGeneres Would Say About Movies (keyword: movies) 
  • 26 Of The Leading Juice Bloggers (keyword: juice)

The Blog Post Ideas Generator

A less serious tool, Build Your Own Blog’s idea generator can still serve a purpose. If you really don’t know what you want to write about and don’t even really care about the general topic, this tool can be vague enough for you. The tool does not require you to do anything; it’s fully automatic. It’s simply for you to click on a button that says “Generate Blog Post Idea” until you find something you like. Here are some random blog post ideas I was suggested: 

  • Little Known Ways to [insert topic of choice]… 
  • 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About… 
  • 7 Reasons your____________is____________ [fill in the blanks] 

This is not the tool I would use when I seriously want to get work done, but some of the ideas are quite fun, and to be honest I quite like pushing the button to see what appears next, so I guess this tool is addictive if nothing else 😉 

Kopywriting Kourse’s List and Generator

Kopywriting Kourse’s List and Generator

This website combines the automated generator with the more classic list of headlines where the topic in question is represented by a blank. In practice this means that you can either look at the list and simply imagine adding any keyword in the blank. Alternatively, you can type in your topic in the automatic generator which then fills in your keyword in each blank. In the end, what matters is the quality of the content and this is where Kopywriting Kourse’s list delivers; it really has some excellent post ideas.

In addition to the more serious post ideas, it also has a few more unusual ones. Or what do you think about title suggestions such as:

  • [fill in the blank] blogging is da bomb 💣
  • Here’s What No Politically Correct Guru Will Tell You About [fill in the blank]
  • [fill in the blank] For Dummies Like You?

Not perhaps SEO-friendly, but at least a bit funny and good for a laugh or two.

How to Find Your Next Blog Post Idea + Suggestions For Further Reading

  • If your creative juices aren’t flowing and you just can’t decide what to write, use any of the blog title/topic generator tools listed above. Try at least a few, or if possible, all of them. All tools are different so don’t give up after the first one.
  • If your blog title feels too “dry”, try to inject a strong adjective into it. One power word can make the title more appealing and result into more clicks to your blog. Check out Sumo’s “401+ Ridiculously Useful Power Words To Increase Conversions“. This handy list will help you take your blog to the next level.
  • Do you want even more viral headlines? Try out Jon Morrow’s 52 Headline Hacks. It’s a list of article titles like the ones you often find on Buzzfeed and other crowd-pleaser websites. If clickbait suits your blog’s strategy, this list is a real gem.

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know in the comments what title generator worked best for you.

Happy blogging! 🙋🏻