Lots of people love handwriting fonts. And what’s not to love about them: they’re more personal, vivid, and stylish. When designing social media posts or other marketing materials with Canva, I often use handwriting fonts. Looking for a suitable handwriting font is, however, quite hard work in the beginning. Using Canva, the most common problem is choosing just one – there are so many to choose from! In this article you will be presented with the absolute best handwriting fonts available in Canva, hand-picked by yours truly.

Since Canva has both free and paid fonts, I have selected the best of both. Personally, I decided long ago to become a Canva Pro user and I have not regretted that. Actually, I think it’s the best investment I’ve ever made!

But first, let’s see how to define a handwriting font.

Handwriting Fonts 101

Handwriting fonts are typefaces that mimic the handwritten style of a person’s writing. They are often used to add a personal touch to a design and can be used in a variety of projects, such as invitations, greeting cards, posters, and more. Handwriting fonts come in a range of styles, from formal and elegant to casual and fun. Some handwriting fonts are designed to look like the handwriting of a particular person, while others are more generic and can be used to create a variety of handwritten looks. Handwriting fonts can be a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your designs and can help to create a more friendly and approachable look and feel.

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Why Your Business Should Use Handwriting Fonts

If you use Canva for your own (small) business like I do, you perhaps spend time thinking about what kind of fonts to use. I’ve listed here a few good reasons why you might consider using handwriting fonts for your business:

  1. Personalization: Handwriting fonts can help to add a personal touch to your business and make it feel more approachable and friendly.
  2. Uniqueness: Handwriting fonts can help your business stand out and give it a unique look and feel.
  3. Branding: If your business has a personal or handmade element, using handwriting fonts can help to reinforce your brand.
  4. Versatility: Handwriting fonts can be used in a variety of contexts and can work well for both digital and print materials.

Overall, using handwriting fonts is simply a great way to add a personal touch to your business and make it stand out from the competition. So why not give it a try?

85 Handwriting Fonts in Canva

To make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, I have put the handwritten fonts into two categories: free fonts and Canva Pro fonts.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Canva Pro-only fonts. Having said that, the free fonts are generally speaking good enough and will look good on social media. But limiting yourself to the free version of Canva is something that can feel quite restrictive, so I recommend giving Canva Pro a chance.

About the List of Best Handwriting Fonts in Canva

In this list of handwriting fonts in Canva, I have only included the best ones. There are many types of handwritten fonts: brush fonts, formal and casual scripts, ALL CAPS fonts, vintage & retro fonts – all of which are represented here.

Apart from being different in terms of looks, the fonts are also different in terms of how they can be applied. In my list you will find fonts for different purposes, including:

  • logos
  • posters
  • invitations
  • social media posts (including quotes, lyrics, poetry)
  • comics
  • flyers
  • thumbnails (Youtube, Fortnite, gaming)
  • wedding signs
  • signatures
  • resumes
  • tattoos
  • book titles

One more thing: I am here focusing on handwriting fonts that are quite easy to read. Handwriting fonts that look like they were written by a retired doctor will not be found on this list. I mean, does anyone really want to use a font that a normal person can’t read? I assume that most people, especially small businesses, prefer legible fonts.

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Free Handwriting Fonts in Canva

Free fonts that are actually good can be hard to find. There is a reason why Creative Market is so popular. The best fonts are ones you have to pay for. Having said that, many of the free fonts in Canva are really good and definitely good enough for most small businesses with a limited budget.

The great thing about Canva is that the selection of free font is wide and even when it comes to a niche like handwriting fonts, there is something for everyone – even for free.

Updated in 2024, here’s my complete list of best free handwritten fonts available in Canva.

Canva Student Font

Canva’s own font, Canva Student Font, is ideal for educational materials, presentations, and student projects due to its readability and approachable style.

Alex Brush

Alex Brush is an elegant font with flowing brush strokes, with a slight informal touch. Perfect for invitations, greeting cards, and any design work where a touch of elegance and personalization is desired.


As the name suggests, this font is designed to resemble a person’s signature. Ideal for personal branding, autographs in digital format, and anywhere a personal, handwritten touch is needed.


Mistrully features a playful, quirky brush script style with varied stroke widths and an informal vibe. Its casual appearance makes it great for informal invitations, graphic t-shirts, and creative projects that benefit from a unique, handcrafted look.

Beautifully Delicious Script

This descriptively named font boasts elegant, flowing lines making it visually appealing and “delicious” to the eye. It’s well-suited for culinary branding, food-related advertising, and any design work that requires an attractive, sophisticated touch.


Gistesy presents a modern, clean design with a friendly appeal. It is perfect for social media graphics, casual branding, and designs aiming for a fresh, contemporary look.

Amsterdam One

Amsterdam One is part of a family of fonts (you will also find Amsterdam Two and Amsterdam Three in Canva for free) that features elegant, flowing script styles reminiscent of handwritten calligraphy.

Amsterdam One is ideal for applications that require a touch of elegance and personalization, for example wedding invitations, branding for luxury products, upscale restaurant menus, and any design project where a sophisticated handwritten look is desired.

Pinyon Script

Pinyon Script is an elegant, highly stylized script font with fine lines and classic proportions. Pinyon Script is excellent for formal invitations, certificates, and anywhere a touch of classic elegance is required.


Themysion is a beautiful, elegant and flowing handwriting font that can be used in formal invitation, greeting cards and wherever a touch of elegance is needed.

Meow Script

A slightly playful script font with cat-themed curls reminiscent of a cat’s tail, making it perfect for pet-related branding, children’s books, or any creative project that benefits from a dose of fun and whimsy.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Hibernate

Hibernate is a gorgeous handwritten typeface that is playful and youthful. It is designed to have a personal and handwritten look. It has a casual, laid-back feel. The letters have an uneven, organic quality to them, with varied line widths and a slight slant. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and punctuation marks.

Hibernate Two

Free Handwriting Fonts - Hibernate two

Hibernate Two is a variation of the Hibernate font with more stylized Serif uppercase letters. Just like Hibernate, it, too, is well-suited for use in invitations, greeting cards, and other projects that require a handwritten look.

TC Chaddlewood

Free Handwriting Fonts - TC Chaddlewood

A casual-looking font in an uppercase style with two variations.

TC Milo

Free Handwriting Fonts - TC Milo

Like TC Chaddlewood, this font is also only in uppercase, but it has two variations that are slightly different from one another. This font is unpretentious and informal.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Apricots

A modern handwritten script font that works well in food-related projects (recipes, cookbooks). Fun, but stylish.


Free Handwriting Fonts - BDScript

A light, thin font that I believe is exclusive to Canva (to at the very least difficult to find anywhere else). A very natural handwritten font with a timeless look. This font is the perfect choice for lifestyle, fashion and personal blogs.

Bright Sunshine

Free Handwriting Fonts - Bright Sunshine

This font, like BDScript, looks like it’s made for lifestyle and fashion bloggers and personal brands (fitness, coaching, social media marketing). A stylish handwritten font that looks fashionable.

Bright Sunshine CAPS

Free Handwriting Fonts - Bright Sunshine CAPS

This font is a variation of the Bright Sunshine font, but all in uppercase and a bit rounder. Good for titles.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Brittany

Another thin and sophisticated font that I would recommend to be used for lifestyle, fashion or fitness projects.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Daydream

Very beautiful and modern, this font is perfect for food-related topics (food bloggers, cookbooks etc.), but could also work for lifestyle and fashion. Like the name implies, this font has a very dreamy feel to it. If I had a home decor project, Daydream would be one of my go-to fonts!


Free Handwriting Fonts - Holiday

A beautiful, bold signature brush font that feels modern and stylish. A versatile font that could be used in a range of marketing materials. Considering its name, it is perhaps unsurprising that the font tends to work excellently for travel projects of any kind. If you are a travel or lifestyle blogger, you probably need this font in your life.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Porcelain

Porcelain has thin, delicate strokes and a stylish, modern look. The letters are connected, giving the font a flowing, cohesive appearance.

This font is also included in my new top wedding fonts list.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Sunday

Sunday is an uppercase-only Serif font that would work well in comics. A timeless look that will never totally go out of fashion.

Beth Ellen

Free Handwriting Fonts - Beth Ellen

Beth Ellen is a quite old-fashioned font that is perfect for retro/vintage products. The letters are connected, giving the font a fluid look.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Moontime

Similar to Brittany and BDScript, this font is made for any beauty-related project that needs a classic handwritten font.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Schoolbell

Schoolbell is a print handwriting font with a playful, childlike quality. It has thin, elongated letters with exaggerated curved strokes. The letters have a slightly irregular baseline, giving the font a handwritten feel. It is well-suited for projects that are intended for a younger audience, such as children’s books, educational materials, or playful designs.

This font is part of the fonts that look like chalk list. Check out the full list to discover more cool fonts available in Canva.

Coming Soon

Free Handwriting Fonts - Coming Soon

Coming Soon has a clean, modern look and is well-suited for use in a variety of design projects. It is a versatile font that can be used in a variety of settings, including websites, posters, and other marketing materials.

Londrina Sketch

Free Handwriting Fonts - Londrina Sketch

Londrina Sketch is a hollow font with rough edges that would look excellent in comic-style graphics.

Give You Glory

Free Handwriting Fonts - Give You Glory

A cute and versatile handwritten font with a brush stroke style. It has a slightly rough and irregular look, with slanted and curved strokes. The font has a casual and expressive feel, and it could be used in a variety of design projects, such as invitations, greeting cards, posters, and social media graphics.

Architects Daughter

Free Handwriting Fonts - Architects Daughter

Inspired by the daughter of an architect, this font has a natural-looking handwriting vibe to it. Easy to read and neat, this font can be used in numerous projects. It has thin, delicate strokes and a smooth, fluid feel. The letters have a slight slope, which gives the font a playful, informal look. It is a versatile font that can be used to add a personal touch to your designs.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Oregano

Designed by Hubert Jocham, Oregano is a casual font with a retro/vintage vibe. Oregano has a clean, modern look and is easy to read, making it a versatile font for use in a variety of design projects. Also found in Google’s programs, such as Google Slides.

Over the Rainbow

Free Handwriting Fonts - Over the Rainbow

Another “Google font” that is also available in Canva, Over the Rainbow has a appealing handwriting look that many find attractive, including yours truly. It is characterized by its playful and childlike appearance and has a casual and relaxed feel to it. This font would be well-suited for use in children’s books, greeting cards, invitations, and other projects that require a playful and lighthearted touch.

Pony Club

Free Handwriting Fonts - Pony Club

Pony Club is a fun, playful font with a hand-drawn look. It has a unique style that combines elements of western and circus-themed design, with tall, narrow letters and exaggerated serifs. The font includes upper and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and punctuation marks.

Shadows Into Light Two

Free Handwriting Fonts - Shadows Into Light Two

A casual, rounded handwriting font that is easy to read.

Gochi Hand

Free Handwriting Fonts - Gochi Hand

A soft, rounded thick font with a playful feel. A casual-looking font for personal projects and graphics aimed towards a younger audience.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Knewave

A bold font with a “painted” look, designed to give a futuristic and futuristic feel. The font is characterized by its rough brush strokes and exaggerated curves, which give it a dynamic and energetic appearance. The font is well-suited for use in headlines and titles, as it is designed to grab attention and make an impact. The memorable visual style also makes it suitable for use in logo design and branding.

Amatic SC

Free Handwriting Fonts - Amatic SC

Designed by Vernon Adams, Amatic SC is a very thin font with uppercase-style letters. Good for titles and product descriptions. The letters have a rough, hand-drawn appearance and the font has a friendly, casual feel.

I personally love this font so much that I included it in two separate lists for the best wedding fonts and the best chalkboard fonts.

Finger Paint

Free Handwriting Fonts - Finger Paint

A playful font that looks a bit amateurish, as if someone had drawn letters with…surprise, surprise…finger paint. A suitable font for artistic graphics.

Mr Dafoe

Free Handwriting Fonts - Mr Dafoe

A very stylish handwritten font with a premium feel to it. A bit similar to the font that is used for the iconic Coca-Cola logo, so if you want to go for that look, Mr Dafoe might just be the right font for you.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Waterlily

A painted, thick font with a lot of character. The dense letters are beautifully painted with a brush. For artists and various creative projects.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Sensei

A thick brush font that is easy to read, while having that artistic look so typical of brush fonts.

Permanent Marker

Free Handwriting Fonts - Permanent Marker

The Permanent Marker font looks as if it was written with – you guessed it – a permanent marker. This font is perfect for bold statements.

AC Real Adult

Free Handwriting Fonts - AC Real Adult

This thin font has a very natural feel to it, making it perfect for social media graphics (especially Instagram and Pinterest). Personally, I find the handwriting very pleasant.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Abys

This thick handwritten brush font is great for social media quote posts. Very legible and powerful.

Liu Jian Mao Cao

Free Handwriting Fonts - Liu Jian Mao Cao

An elegant and neat handwriting font. One of the best fonts for quotes and social media posts.

Sue Ellen Francisco

Free Handwriting Fonts - Sue Ellen Francisco

A tall and girly font that looks as if it was lifted from teenage girl’s diary. A very pretty font, perhaps even the prettiest handwritten font there is.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Purisa

Like Sue Ellen Francisco, Purisa is also a feminine font that could be perfect for dialogue or diary entries.

Just Another Hand

Free Handwriting Fonts - Just Another Hand

A neat and tidy handwritten font that could be used in logos, marketing materials and social media posts.

Gloria Hallelujah

Free Handwriting Fonts - Gloria Hallelujah

Another nice handwriting font for quotes, logos etc.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Kavivanar

A neat, slightly slanted font that is very easy to read.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Caveat

A popular font that looks natural and attractive.

Caveat Brush

Free Handwriting Fonts - Caveat Brush

This brush font is one of my favorites. Caveat Brush looks great in social media posts. It has this natural handwritten feel that is pleasant to read.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Dekko

A very beautiful, rounded font that is very legible.

Homemade Apple

Free Handwriting Fonts - Homemade Apple

Like the name implies, this font has a natural, casual look. If you sell homemade foods or handmade products, consider using this font for your products.

Sedgwick Ave

Free Handwriting Fonts - Sedgwick Ave

A handwritten in a graffiti-like style with an old-school hip-hop feel.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Lifelogo

A thick, carefree font with a modern look. Great for quotes and social media.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Xarrovv

A neat, rounded font for graphics that want to do the opposite of a bold statement. The font “feels” shy, humble and a bit introverted.

Lemon Tuesday

Free Handwriting Fonts - Lemon Tuesday

A painted font that works excellently for quotes.

Made Barista

Free Handwriting Fonts - Made Barista

The Made Barista font is the go-to font for many restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. A very tall and elegant font with a European feel. Great for brochures, marketing materials, drink menus etc.

Kalam Light

Free Handwriting Fonts - Kalam Light

A very natural handwriting font that is an excellent choice for Instagram quotes. Kalam Light looks like it’s been written with a ball-point or a felt-tip pen.

Kalam Bold

Free Handwriting Fonts - Kalam Bold

Like Kalam Light, Kalam Bold also feels personal and is quite slanted. Combines well with Kalam Light.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Bristol

I find the Bristol font fascinating. At first sight, it looks barely legible but is actually easy to read when you get a hang of it. A very casual-looking font that feels personal.

Drukaatie Burti

Free Handwriting Fonts - Drukaatie Burti

This old-school font is great for poetry and literature. Absolutely fantastic for quotes. If you are responsible for your library’s social media, chances are that this will become your favorite go-to font!

East Sea Dokdo Cyrillic

East Sea Dokdo Cyrillic

East Sea Dokdo Cyrillic is a great font for quotes. What’s not to like about this thick brush font with rather sharp lines?


Free Handwriting Fonts - Pecita

Pecita is an artistic and ornate handwritten font. Despite being a bit difficult to read, I can imagine many people loving the fancy look of Pecita.

Kirang Haerang

Free Handwriting Fonts - Kirang Haerang

This lesser-known font might be a bit obscure, but it is excellent for kids’ products, children’s books and quotes for kids. A warm and friendly font.


Free Handwriting Fonts - Romochka

Romochka, like Kirang Haerang, is perfect for any graphics created for children or teenagers. This font is thin and tall and would be perfect for a children’s book.

Canva Pro Handwriting Fonts in Canva

There are A LOT of free handwriting fonts in Canva. But with Canva Pro, you get EVEN MORE. And we all want more, don’t we? I love the freedom of using any font and any function of Canva. If it’s there, I can use it. Simple, easy and so gratifying!

Not only do the Canva Pro-exclusive fonts give you more options to choose from, they are also actually worth more. If you were to download all of the Canva Pro fonts separately, not only would it take you ages, it would also cost you more than you are paying for a month of Canva Pro! That’s what I love about Canva Pro – it makes my life easier and saves me time and money.

Most importantly, the Canva Pro fonts really do look better. Sweet & Salty, Grimpt Brush and Holiday Romance are all wonderful fonts that just have that premium look to them that isn’t the case with many of the free fonts, even if they also often look good.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Here are the 18 best handwriting fonts in Canva Pro.

Bloom Skirt

Best Handwriting Fonts - Bloom Skirt

This handwritten script font can be used for numerous purposes. It is elegant and can be used for marketing materials, logos, social media posts or even magazines.

Sensa Serif

Best Handwriting Fonts - Sensa Serif

Part of the Sensa font family that is selling on Creative Market for $199, Sensa Serif is a Serif font that oozes quality. An elegant uppercase-only font that looks spectacular. Can easily be combined with Sensa Brush and Sensa Wild from the Sensa font family, which is available for Canva Pro users.

Cup Cakes

Best Handwriting Fonts - Cup Cakes

A cute sans serif font that is popular among food bloggers. And yes, it will look great in posts about your cupcakes and other desserts.


Best Handwriting Fonts - Beast

If, for some reason, you are looking for an aggressive-looking handwriting font, Beast is for you. Use with caution.


Best Handwriting Fonts - Bosk

Book is a nice vintage font that looks like it was written with a brush pen. Visually pleasing and versatile, Bosk might just become your next favorite font.

Gentlemens Script

Best Handwriting Fonts - Gentlemens Script

A cursive script font that just looks good. It is elegant and carries dignity. A classy font.


Best Handwriting Fonts - Luka

A thin, tall and dense font. Luka can be combined with Luka Thin, which is even thinner. Both fonts are exclusive to Canva Pro.

Lumios Marker

Best Handwriting Fonts - Lumios Marker

There are not that many marker fonts around. Luckily, Lumios Marker is so good that this isn’t a problem. The creators of this font describe this font as casual and freehand with clean edges. Perfect for unique logo, marketing materials and greeting cards.


Best Handwriting Fonts - Nadira

If you want to make a quote post for social media, give Nadira a try. This font has that timeless look that I find spell-binding.

Sweet & Salty

Best Handwriting Fonts - Sweet & Salty

Sweet & Salty is an uppercase font that I just love. It’s a fun font that can be used to market anything from mugs to croissants.

Apple Juice

Best Handwriting Fonts - Apple Juice

A fun and cute font that has a carefree feel. Use for quotes, titles, website headings etc.


Best Handwriting Fonts - Blowing

A fun vintage font that could be used for a lot of different types of products: beverages, grooming products, clothing, mugs etc.

Holiday Romance

Best Handwriting Fonts - Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance is a font that bloggers, especially travel bloggers, should pay attention to. A beautiful cursive font that works in social media posts and Pinterest.

Grimpt Brush

Best Handwriting Fonts - Grimpt Brush

A dense cursive brush font that looks fantastic.

Grimpt Script

Best Handwriting Fonts - Grimpt Script

A very pretty script font that looks natural. The extra tall t and f makes this font standout from other cursive script fonts.


Best Handwriting Fonts - Inside

Inside is an uppercase handwriting font with character.


Best Handwriting Fonts - Evey

A dense, tall font that I find very attractive.

Bird House

Best Handwriting Fonts - Bird House

A dense handwritten font that can be used in signatures, logos, marketing & branding etc.

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