One of many social media holidays, International Joke Day is observed on July 1. It’s the perfect day for sharing your best jokes with the world; after all, that’s what you are supposed to do on this exact day. The background of this holiday is perhaps a bit unexpected (more about that later!) but International Joke Day is here to stay!

When is International Joke Day?

International Joke Day is celebrated each year on July 1. It is one of over 200 social media holidays observed in July.

International Joke Day 2025Tuesday, July 1
International Joke Day 2026Wednesday, July 1
International Joke Day 2027Thursday, July 1
International Joke Day 2028Friday, July 1
International Joke Day is celebrated every year on July 1.

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Who created International Joke Day?

According to the website Checkiday, International Joke Day was created in 1994 by Wayne Reinagel to promote a joke book he co-authored with Adam Warlock. At least that’s what it says on the book cover. In reality, Adam Warlock might well be a pseudonym for Wayne Reinagel himself, since this Adam Warlock doesn’t seem to have any other books to his name and, more importantly, also happens be the name of a Marvel comic book character created by the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the 1960s.

International Joke Day Social Media Post Ideas

If you don’t know how exactly to observe International Joke Day on social media, here are a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you!

Idea 1: This one’s painfully obvious: how about you just share a good joke with your audience? It could be your favorite joke or, perhaps even better, one that is relevant at the moment. When brainstorming, try think about what’s been in the news lately or what’s trending on Twitter. Sometimes you can take an old joke and simply repurpose it by changing a little detail, like a name or place mentioned in the joke.

Idea 2: Celebrate this fun day by asking your audience for their favorite joke! This way you are more likely to get comments from your audience. As we all know, social media is all about engagement, so making International Joke Day about your followers instead of you is probably a smart move.

Idea 3: On International Joke Day, you could run a little joke competition where everyone participating gets a discount code or a coupon to your store.

International Joke Day Hashtags

When posting about a social media holiday on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, using the official hashtag can be a good idea. We have found that the following hashtags are the most used ones:

  • #internationaljokeday

You can also add the hashtag #jokeday to your posts. This hashtag doesn’t specifically refer to this day but makes sense in the context.

International Joke Day - 1st of July
International Joke Day – July 1st

International Joke Day Quotes

If you want to go philosophical, you can choose to include some of these famous quotes about jokes in your post or video.

“People confuse the subject of the joke with the target of the joke, and they’re very rarely the same.” -Ricky Gervais

“It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor.” -Max Eastman

“Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.” -Will Rogers

International Joke Day Facts & Trivia

Need help with coming up with something to write about International Joke Day?Here are a few select facts about jokes that can be mentioned in a post or video about this special holiday.

  • A Sumerian joke (present-day Iraq) from 1900BC is the oldest recorded joke in the world. Beware, it is a rather dirty one.
  • The oldest known “joke book” (collection of jokes) was compiled by Philogelos in Ancient Greece. It is believed to have been written down sometime in the fourth century AD.

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