Canva is one of the best tools out there for small businesses and digital entrepreneurs. Sometimes, Canva offers so much design choice that the difficulty is knowing what to choose! This is especially true when it comes to selecting a font. There are just so many, especially if you are a Canva Pro user. To make it easier for you to choose a great cursive font in Canva, I have listed the best cursive fonts in Canva in this article. I hope you will find these cursive fonts useful and inspiring when you design with Canva!

Selecting the best cursive fonts is not an easy job, but someone has to do it. In this case, that was me. Some of these fonts are quite similar to another, but I have overall tried to select fonts that don’t resemble each other too much.

Whether you are looking for a font for your wedding invitations, social media posts (Instagram, Pinterest etc.), logo, flyer or marketing brochure, there will be a font for you here. See what inspires you and give it a shot in your next design 😉

Before going to the list, I will answer a few questions about cursive fonts.

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What is a cursive font?

Oxford Languages defines ‘cursive’ as something that’s “written with the characters joined”. When it comes to the font world, there is a slight technical difference between script and cursive fonts. Script fonts are joined, whereas cursive fonts don’t have to be joined. For the sake of this article, I have included both script and cursive fonts – as long as the font resembles a natural handwriting with characters joined, or almost joined. This is different from my article about the 75 best handwriting fonts, where any kind of handwriting has been included – not just the cursive, or script, fonts.

20 Best Cursive Fonts in Canva

As you might know, Canva offers basically two different products to its users: the free version and Canva Pro. I have included here both free and Canva Pro-exclusive fonts.

P.S. Did you know that Canva Pro users have access to more than 500 fonts that free users aren’t allowed to use?

10 free cursive fonts in Canva


Best Cursive Fonts - Apricots

I will start my list with one of my font favorites: Apricots. It is a pretty, easy-to-read script font that feels modern. This font is great for Pinterest pins and for all kind of social media purposes, but could also be used in logos, marketing materials…anywhere, really.

Bakerie Bold

Best Cursive Fonts - Bakerie Bold

I selected Bakerie Bold for this list, but I could also have selected Bakerie or Bakerie Thin. All three of these fonts are extremely easy on the eye, neat and elegant with slightly rounded cursive letters. For a free font, the Bakerie series is amazing. A lovely font for quotes and social media graphics.

Marck Script

Best Cursive Fonts - Marck Script

The beautiful swashes on the uppercase letters make Marck Script one of the most elegant handwritten cursive fonts in Canva. Marck Script has a timeless quality to it that attracts the eye.


Best Cursive Fonts - Genty

A rounded cursive font with strong 70s vibes, this cursive font is perfect for getting that retro or vintage look.

Genty is included in my new list of top groovy fonts on Canva. Check this article to find similar fonts with retro flair.

Playlist Script

Best Cursive Fonts - Playlist Script

One of the most popular and most used handwritten fonts in Canva, Playlist Script is a fun, yet stylish, font that is suited for most designs. Making elegance look so effortless, Playlist Script is the font equivalent of that classmate who keeps getting straight A’s without ever having opened a book.


Best Cursive Fonts - Yellowtail

The lower case letter ‘e’ and ‘f’ is what gives Yellowtail the upper hand when trying out cursive fonts. If you are looking for a good-looking script font, Yellowtail doesn’t disappoint.


Best Cursive Fonts - Niconne

Niconne is a pretty cursive font with un-joined letters and elaborate swashes. This fancy font is elegant enough to be used even as a wedding font.


Best Cursive Fonts - Tangerine

This free thin cursive font has a very classic look with tall ‘d’ and ‘b’ letters.


Best Cursive Fonts - Yesteryear

A vintage connecting script font that is easy to read and beautiful. Perfect for more traditional products.

Mervale Script

Best Cursive Fonts - Mervale Script

Mervale Script is a good-looking free font that is quite dense. Its sophisticated swashes please the eye and while not looking exactly “modern”, it definitely doesn’t feel old, either. Great for Pinterest, Instagram and other social media.

10 cursive fonts in Canva Pro

Badhorse Script

Best Cursive Fonts - Badhorse Script

The first of the Canva Pro-only fonts in this article, Badhorse Script is a thin cursive font with just the right amount of swashes to make it interesting.

Sensa Brush

Best Cursive Fonts - Sensa Brush

Sensa Brush is a wonderful, thick font with lots of character. Part of the Sensa font family, It can be combined with the floral-themed Sensa Brush Flora, Sensa Serif and Sensa Wild Fill.


Best Cursive Fonts - Magenta

Magenta is not the most elegant font, but it displays a certain cheerfulness that works well in social media posts.

Amsterdam Three

Best Cursive Fonts - Amsterdam Three

Amsterdam Three gives me strong 90s vibes – and I love it! The uppercase letters are really big and the contrast between them and the lowercase letters is what makes this font work so well. A great font for quotes but also logos.

GoodTime Script

Best Cursive Fonts - GoodTime Script

If you are looking for a vintage cursive font with rounded curves and a gentle slant, GoodTime Script delivers the goods. Most importantly, it is a good-looking font that can be used in an array of designs.


Best Cursive Fonts - Majesty

Majesty is a thin, slightly slanted cursive font with lots of sharp swashes. A stylish choice.

Badger Script

Best Cursive Fonts - Badger Script

A rounded cursive font that is elegant enough for wedding designs. You need Canva Pro for this font.


Best Cursive Fonts - Madelyn

Another pretty font that could be used in all kinds of designs, including Pinterest pins and Instagram posts.

Disruptors Script

Best Cursive Fonts - Disruptors Script

A thin and slanted font with sharp edges, Disruptors Script finds beauty in aggression. Only available for Canva Pro users.

Scandilover Script

Best Cursive Fonts - Scandilover Script

As the name implies, this handwritten cursive font is heavily inspired by Scandinavian design. It’s a wide, elegant font that can be used for personal messages and quotes. Fashion, design and lifestyle bloggers will find many uses for this stylish font.

Premium Cursive Fonts for Canva

Creative Market is one of the biggest marketplaces for digital goods, such as graphics, WordPress themes, templates and – you guessed it – fonts. If, for some reason, you feel like the above list of fonts available in Canva are enough for you, here are a few of our favorites. By the way, if you a Canva Pro user you can upload the fonts you buy from Creative Market (or elsewhere) to Canva.

  1. California Dreamer Font Duo
  2. Smoothy – Cursive Script & Sans
  3. Cream Candy – Modern Script

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I hope you this article helped you find a suitable font for your design or project.

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Last Update: July 22, 2023