Planning a wedding is no small feat, and I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. From picking the perfect venue to dealing with seating arrangements, the list seems endless. I understand that amidst all this, finding the right font for your wedding invitations could easily become another daunting task. That’s where I’d like to help you!

If you’re a regular visitor to DigitalHygge, you’ll know I always go the extra mile researching every topic I address. This post is no exception. I’ve dedicated a week to sifting through thousands of fonts on Canva to identify the best ones that will make your wedding stationery stand out.

So, let’s get to work and find the perfect wedding font to tell your unique love story!

Best Canva Wedding Fonts

I’ve curated a list of 17 Canva fonts perfect for wedding invitations. The best part is that most of them are free!

These fonts will add a special touch to your wedding stationery. They’ll set the tone for your big day and give your guests a sneak peek into the celebration that awaits. The selected fonts span from the bold and dramatic to the whimsical and romantic. I ensured there were unique fonts for every wedding theme and style.


Best Wedding Fonts - Brittany
Best Wedding Fonts – Brittany
  • Free Canva Font

The Brittany font is an elegant, romantic script typeface that exudes sophistication and charm. With its beautifully crafted letterforms, delicate swashes, and flowing curves, Brittany adds a touch of timeless grace to wedding invitations and other formal stationery. Its classic yet modern calligraphy style makes it ideal for couples seeking to convey a sense of refinement and heartfelt sentiment in their wedding designs.

Font designer: Creatype Studio

Great Vibes

Best Wedding Fonts - Great Vibes
Best Wedding Fonts – Great Vibes
  • Free Canva Font

Great Vibes is a charming and versatile script font that beautifully blends uppercase forms with lowercase letters. With over 400 glyphs, this typeface offers smooth connecting ligatures and alternate characters, ensuring a seamless and polished appearance. Great Vibes is an excellent choice for creating elegant and personalized wedding invitations, exuding a sense of sophistication and warmth.

Font designer: Robert Leuschke. Published by Google Fonts.

Eyesome Script

Best Wedding Fonts - Eyesome Script
Best Wedding Fonts – Eyesome Script
  • Free Canva Font

Eyesome Script encapsulates the essence of romance with its charming, loopy, handwritten style. It adds a uniquely personal touch and a stylish flair to your wedding correspondence, truly capturing the spirit of your special day.

What sets Eyesome Script apart is its versatility. The graceful curves and fluid lines look stunning in large and small sizes. Whether you’re designing save-the-dates, invitations, welcome notes, or place cards, this font ensures your designs maintain elegance across all elements.

Font designer: Only Fonts

Le Jour Script

Best Wedding Fonts - Le Jour Script
Best Wedding Fonts – Le Jour Script
  • Free Canva Font

Le Jour Script is a modern calligraphy font with a romantic charm, perfect for wedding invitations. With its gracefully flowing curves and delicate swashes, this elegant script font adds a touch of sophistication and timeless beauty to your wedding stationery. Its exquisite, hand-lettered appearance lends a personal, artistic flair to any design while maintaining excellent readability. Le Jour Script is a beautiful choice for creating an unforgettable first impression of your special day.

Font designer:

Lucy Rose

Best Wedding Fonts - Lucy Rose
Best Wedding Fonts – Lucy Rose
  • Premium Canva Font

Lucy Rose, one of my favorites on Canva, is an exquisitely expressive typeface designed by Ellen Luff as a unique hybrid of serif and display styles. With its all-caps design, this premium font boasts strong, sleek letters that create a harmonious and elegant appearance. The Lucy Rose font is available on Canva, offering users a versatile and sophisticated design choice.

Font designer: Ellen Luff


Best Wedding Fonts - Porcelain
Best Wedding Fonts – Porcelain
  • Free Canva Font

Porcelain is a simple and narrow style of font that looks like it was written by hand with a dip pen, adding a friendly feel. It has a modern look but also feels natural, making it great for things like wedding invites or company logos. Porcelain is easy to use for different projects and makes any design feel warm, genuine, and welcoming.

Font designer: Creatype Studio

Pinyon Script

Best Wedding Fonts - Pinyon Script
Best Wedding Fonts – Pinyon Script
  • Free Canva Font

Pinyon Script is a freely accessible font on Canva that embodies grace and romance with its round handwriting feel. Its bold swishes are elegant and reminiscent of the American West, pairing high-class flair with a heartwarming charm. With its pronounced differences in stroke thickness and a noticeable tilt, Pinyon Script shines brightest in larger displays, allowing your designs to captivate with enduring elegance and charisma.

Font designer: Nicole Fally. Published by Google Fonts.

Cinzel Decorative

Best Wedding Fonts - Cinzel Decorative
Best Wedding Fonts – Cinzel Decorative
  • Free Canva Font

Cinzel, a free all-caps font available on Canva, draws inspiration from first-century Roman inscriptions and is designed with classical proportions. This elegant typeface successfully marries ancient history and the essence of the Latin alphabet with a modern sensibility, resulting in a timeless and versatile font choice. Perfect for a wide range of design applications, Cinzel effortlessly adds a touch of historical sophistication and contemporary flair to any project.

Font designer: Natanael Gama. Published by Google Fonts.


Best Wedding Fonts - Mistrully
Best Wedding Fonts – Mistrully
  • Free Canva Font

Mistrully is a free Canva font with a chic brush script that resembles natural handwriting. It’s perfect for wedding designs, giving invitations an artistic and elegant touch. Its unique style can enhance any wedding theme, adding a special flair to your big day.

Font designer: Creatype Studio

Amatic SC

Best Wedding Fonts - Amatic SC
Best Wedding Fonts – Amatic SC
  • Free Canva Font

Amatic SC, created by Vernon Adams, is a free hand-drawn font available on Canva. Its distinct small caps design makes it ideal for titles and brief text sections, infusing designs with charm and character. It’s one of my all-time favorite fonts, and I frequently use it in the printables I create. I even included Amatic SC in my list of best chalk fonts; it brilliantly mimics chalk when set against a chalkboard background.

Font designer: Vernon Adams,  Ben Nathan,  Thomas Jockin,  Cyreal. Published by Google Fonts

Clicker Script

Best Wedding Fonts - Clicker Script
Best Wedding Fonts – Clicker Script
  • Premium Canva Font

Clicker Script is a premium Canva font that captures the playful elegance reminiscent of the 1960s RCA Records Stereo Action Series. This signature script exudes melody and charm, elevating any design with its joyful flair. Its distinctive circular dots over the ‘i’ and ‘j’ letters add an extra touch of cuteness. Ideal for wedding invitations, Clicker Script infuses a nostalgic and spirited vibe into your special day’s theme.

By the way, if you like the little circle over the ‘i’ and ‘j’ in Clicker Script, you might also like these heart fonts that incorporate a small heart into their design. These fonts add a touch of romance and whimsy, making them perfect for heartfelt projects and special occasions.

Font designer: Brian J. Bonislawsky and Jim Lyles for Astigmatic (AOETI). Published by Google Fonts

Higuen Elegant Serif

Best Wedding Fonts - Higuen Elegant Serif
Best Wedding Fonts – Higuen Elegant Serif
  • Free Canva Font

Higuen Elegant Serif, a free font on Canva, is a vintage-style serif font that blends elegance with a modern touch, making it a perfect choice for wedding stationery.

Higuen’s strong character can add a distinctive element to your wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, and other designs. Plus, with its multilingual capabilities, you can easily create designs in various languages, making it a versatile and globally-minded addition to your wedding’s aesthetic.

Font designer: ngene


Best Wedding Fonts - Engagement
Best Wedding Fonts – Engagement
  • Free Canva Font

Engagement is a semi-formal brush script that perfectly marries vintage allure with contemporary flair, ideal for wedding invitations. Its gentle strokes and elegant curves bring a harmonious flow to designs, exuding both sophistication and warmth.

This versatile font is perfect for a wide range of wedding styles. Its unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary elegance makes it particularly suited for weddings that aim to blend the past with the present.

Font designer: Astigmatic. Published by Google Fonts.


Best Wedding Fonts - Parisienne
Best Wedding Fonts – Parisienne
  • Free Canva Font

Parisienne, a font that draws inspiration from a script seen in a 1960s bra advertisement, adds a classic yet free-spirited touch to your wedding designs. With its slight bounce and intentional irregularity, it offers a unique twist on the traditional script font, blending formality with a hint of whimsy. This balance makes Parisienne a fantastic choice for wedding invitations.

Font designer: Astigmatic. Published by Google Fonts.


Best Wedding Fonts - Lovelace
Best Wedding Fonts – Lovelace
  • Free Canva Font

Lovelace is a beautiful font designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Andrea Tartarelli, and Maria Chiara Fantini. It’s a tribute to the less formal and friendlier style of 19th-century “Old Style” typography, which was inspired by Renaissance hand-lettered shapes. This font brings together calligraphic curves and heavy angled serifs, creating an elegant and unique style. Lovelace is a perfect choice for wedding invitations for couples who want to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. Whether you’re planning a vintage-themed wedding or a grand, traditional ceremony, Lovelace will add a touch of classic beauty to your wedding designs.

Font designer: Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Andrea Tartarelli, and Maria Chiara Fantini. Published by Zetafonts.

Stars & Love

Best Wedding Fonts - Stars & Love
Best Wedding Fonts – Stars & Love
  • Free Canva Font

Stars & Love is a charming font that’s perfect for adding a touch of romance to your wedding invitations. With its playful design, it captures the joy and excitement of your special day in every letter. Whether you’re dreaming of a magical outdoor wedding under the stars or a grand ballroom event with a sprinkle of fairy dust, Stars & Love can beautifully convey the enchanting spirit of your love story.

Abril Fatface

Best Wedding Fonts - Abril Fatface
Best Wedding Fonts – Abril Fatface
  • Free Canva Font

Abril Fatface is a bold and elegant font that’s great for making a statement on your wedding invitations. It has a classic, stylish look that’s sure to catch the eye.

If you are looking for a way to make your invitations pop and convey the bold and memorable event that your wedding promises to be, Abril Fatface is the way to go. This font stands out, just like your love story, and sets the tone for a celebration that’s as extraordinary as the love you share.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a favorite Canva font that wasn’t on our list? Or perhaps you’ve found the perfect one among our selections? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Here’s to finding the perfect font for your big day! Happy wedding planning!

Wedding Fonts in Canva
Best Wedding Fonts in Canva

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