I love cooking. Preparing food for myself and my family is like meditation to me. Cooking simply makes me feel good. Seeing others enjoy my cooking has always been something that gives me great joy. However, it isn’t always a pleasure. Sometimes I lose track of time and notice that I have to start cooking but don’t have the ingredients. This is when cooking can feel like a small burden.

To avoid feeling this way, I prefer to plan our meals ahead of time. It helps me reduce stress related to quickly figuring out what to cook. I have also discovered first hand that meal planning helps me save time, money and minimises food waste. This is why I have created a free printable weekly meal planner for my readers.

Planning your meals can be a bit troublesome in the beginning and might take some time getting used to. You need to come up with strategies and routines that work for you and your family. But when you finally figure it out, you will see the great benefits of pre-planned weekly menu.

In this article, I share with you my elegant meal planner printable in blush rose and grey colors. This classy meal planner makes it easy to plan your daily meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Weekly Meal Planner Free Printable PDF

What you will get with this download?

  • a high-resolution 300 dpi pdf
  • A4 pdf size
  • the pdf contains two pages: meal planner with Monday & Sunday start
  • no email subscription asked

Download the Meal Planner

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Have a great day and happy planning!

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Last Update: February 10, 2024

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