Do you sometimes get home from the grocery store only to notice that you have forgotten to buy the main ingredient for tonight’s dinner? I must admit that I have done it way too many times. It is so frustrating, especially when I know that I could have avoided this by preparing better.

Today, I will share with you the item that has helped me avoid this problem: my printable grocery list with checkboxes. When I get a product at the store, I now simply tick it off the list.

Free Grocery List Printable with Checkboxes

This grocery list goes perfectly together with my free weekly meal planner printable – after planning your meals, simply fill in the grocery list with everything you need from the grocery store. Moreover, these two printables look good together: both have similar design and color scheme. I personally love this duo and it looks very good in my planner.

What is included in the free grocery list printable?

  • High quality PDF (300 dpi). It’s an instant download, so you can start planning right away
  • Two sizes: A4 and US Letter
  • Two designs: one with a shopping list title and one with a grocery list title. Both designs come in two variations: pre-filled categories and blank categories for you to fill in
Grocery Lists Pre-Filled And Blank

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Shopping List

Not sure if you need a grocery list or not? Here are 5 reasons why it makes sense.

#1 Save Money

Have you noticed that you often pick a lot of unnecessary items from the grocery store when you don’t have a clear plan? I have experienced this first hand when I didn’t use a grocery list. All of a sudden the cart is full of things I didn’t plan on buying at all – and I’m only in the second aisle! Having a grocery list will help you stay away from the things you might want, but don’t need. This will save you money.

#2 Save Time

If you’d send me to buy groceries without a clear plan, you can be sure that I won’t come back anytime soon! Not knowing what you’re looking for makes you waste time walking up and down the aisles for no good reason. Being prepared and knowing what to get will make you a more efficient shopper.

#3 Reduce Food Waste

How does having a grocery list help fight food waste? It is actually quite simple: a well-planned grocery list means that you won’t buy something you already have. If you buy fresh apples when you still have many good ones left, you just might start eating the latest ones instead of first finishing the older ones, leaving them to go bad. A good grocery list will help you finish your left-overs before buying new groceries.

#4 Stick to the Plan

Have you decided to buy healthier and try to lose some weight? If you have, you want to stick to your plan. Without a grocery list, you will be tempted to pick up items you shouldn’t. The grocery list gives you structure that’s needed to change your habits for the better – according to your own plan.

#5 Feel Better

When you plan your meal, write the grocery list and buy what’s on the list you will feel like you truly are in control of your life. Feeling like this is empowering and will help you feel better about yourself and reduce stress. I know first-hand how great it feels to actually follow through on your plans!

Have a great day and happy planning! ๐Ÿ˜€

PS Remember that I have a matching meal planner that goes together with this shopping list.