If you are looking for a totally free (no strings attached!) monthly habit tracker that looks amazing, you have come to the right place. With this monthly habit tracker you will successfully keep track of all your monthly goals.

This tracker is available in multiple sizes: A4, A5, US Letter & Half Letter. Each PDF comes with left and right side pages so it is easy for you to punch the template and use it in your planner.

This habit tracker is perfect for people who want to track several habits simultaneously. You can track up to 20 goals in one monthly tracker. For inspiration, here are some creative habit tracker ideas:

  • daily exercise
  • daily stretching
  • yoga
  • menstrutation
  • 10 000 steps
  • take medicine
  • get enough sleep
  • be grateful
  • read a book
  • learn something new
  • tell your loved ones that you love them
  • call a friend/family
  • spread joy
  • home-cooked food
  • water the plants
  • wake up before 6/7/8pm
  • no snacks
  • no fast food
  • no swearing
  • no alcohol
  • no smoking

What Is In The Monthly Habit Tracker?

My Habit Tracker With Gold Accent is an elegant habit tracker created with Adobe InDesign. The gold accent and sophisticated fonts make this tracker stand out from the crowd.

Main features:

  • Multiple sizes available: A4, A5, US Letter & Half-size
  • Margins for punching holes
  • Template suitable for printing on both sides
  • High resolution PDF 300dpi – perfect for printing at home or in a print shop

This template is totally FREE, no e-mail subscription is needed. Just click the button, download and print out immediately.

Many websites claim to offer free templates or free printables, but render the free versions useless by hiding part of the design or adding text on top of the design. Unlike these websites, the free printables on Digital Hygge are beautifully designed and meant to be enjoyed. These are high-quality products made with love.

I hope you will enjoy using my monthly habit tracker. I’d be happy if you leave a comment or share the post with your friends.

Happy planning!

PS If you enjoy using my tracker and would like to get other trackers I designed, check out my habit tracker bundle on Etsy. This bundle includes printable weekly, monthly and yearly trackers.

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Last Update: March 4, 2023

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