In this article, we’ll be sharing 62 essential shortcuts for both Mac and Windows users that can significantly improve your design process and speed.

By using these shortcuts, you can minimize mouse clicks, reduce the time spent searching for tools, and enhance your overall productivity when working on Canva.

This article is designed to provide you with a straightforward, easy-to-use reference that you can keep handy while you create stunning designs. So, let’s dive right in and explore these time-saving tricks that can help you design in Canva faster!

Canva Shortcut Cheatsheet

Below, you’ll find a collection of Canva keyboard shortcuts neatly organized into separate tables for easy reference. These handy cheatsheets cover everything from basic tasks to element manipulation and text editing. Having these shortcuts ready to use will help you quickly access the features you need, making your overall design experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Essential Shortcuts in Canva

ActionShortcut (Mac)Shortcut (Windows)
UndoCommand-ZCtrl + Z
RedoCommand-YCtrl + Y
SaveCommand-SCtrl + S
Select allCommand-ACtrl + A
Add textTT
Add rectangleRR
Add lineLL
Add circleCC
Add linkCommand-KCtrl + K
Add empty pageCommand-ReturnCtrl + Enter
Delete empty pageCommand-DeleteCtrl + Backspace
Navigate to toolbarCommand-F1Ctrl + F1
Skip to canvasCommand-F2Ctrl + F2
Canva Assistant shortcut/ or Command-E/ or Ctrl + E
Delete selected elementsDeleteBackspace or Delete
Group elementsCommand-GCtrl + G
Ungroup elementsCommand-Shift-GCtrl + Shift + G
Lock elementOption-Shift-LAlt + Shift + L
Arrange elements forwardCommand-]Ctrl + ]
Arrange elements backwardCommand-[Ctrl + [
Arrange elements to frontOption-Command-]Alt + Ctrl + ]
Arrange elements to backOption-Command-[Alt + Ctrl + [
Tidy up elementsOption-Shift-TAlt + Shift + T
Play/pause videoSpaceSpace
Mute/unmute videoMM
Loop videoOption-Command-LAlt + Ctrl + L
Zoom inCommand-+Ctrl + +
Zoom outCommand–Ctrl + –
Zoom to actual sizeCommand-0Ctrl + 0
Zoom to fitOption-Command-0Alt + Ctrl + 0
Zoom to fillShift-Command-0Shift + Ctrl + 0

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Editing

ActionShortcut (Mac)Shortcut (Windows)
Open font menuShift-Command-FShift + Ctrl + F
Find and replaceCommand-FCtrl + F
Bold textCommand-BCtrl + B
Italicize textCommand-ICtrl + I
UnderlineCommand-UCtrl + U
UppercaseShift-Command-KShift + Ctrl + K
Left alignShift-Command-LShift + Ctrl + L
Center alignShift-Command-CShift + Ctrl + C
Right alignShift-Command-RShift + Ctrl + R
Justify textShift-Command-JShift + Ctrl + J
Decrease font size by oneShift-Command-,Shift + Ctrl + ,
Increase font size by oneShift-Command-.Shift + Ctrl + .
Decrease line spacingOption-Command-DownAlt + Ctrl + Down
Increase line spacingOption-Command-UpAlt + Ctrl + Up
Decrease letter spacingOption-Command-,Alt + Ctrl + ,
Increase letter spacingOption-Command-.Alt + Ctrl + .
Anchor text to topCommand-Shift-HCtrl + Shift + H
Anchor text to middleCommand-Shift-MCtrl + Shift + M
Anchor text to bottomCommand-Shift-BCtrl + Shift + B
Numbered listCommand-Shift-7Ctrl + Shift + 7
Bulleted listCommand-Shift-8Ctrl + Shift + 8
Copy text styleOption-Command-CAlt + Ctrl + C
Paste text styleOption-Command-VAlt + Ctrl + V

Project View Shortcuts

ActionShortcut (Mac)Shortcut (Windows)
Toggle rulers and guidesShift-RShift + R
Toggle sidebarCommand-/Ctrl + /
Scrolling viewOption-Command-1Alt + Ctrl + 1
Thumbnail viewOption-Command-2Alt + Ctrl + 2
Grid viewOption-Command-3Alt + Ctrl + 3
Presentation modeOption-Command-PAlt + Ctrl + P

Comment Shortcuts

Shortcut (Mac)Shortcut (Windows)
Add commentOption-Command-NAlt + Ctrl + N
Next commentNN
Previous commentShift-NShift + N
Focus on comment in selectionCommand-5Ctrl + 5

Canva Desktop App Shortcuts

ActionShortcut (Mac)Shortcut (Windows)
Quit the whole Canva appCommand-QAlt + F4
Reload the whole appCommand-RCtrl + R
Enter full-screen mode^-Command-F(Not Applicable)
Close the current tabCommand-WCtrl + W
Select next tabOption-Command-RightCtrl + PageDown or Ctrl + Tab
Select previous tabOption-Command-LeftCtrl + PageUp or Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Re-open last closed tabCommand-Shift-TCtrl + Shift + T
Create new designCommand-TCtrl + T
Switch tabs to focus on a design tab from 1-8Command-1…8Ctrl + 1…8
Switch to the last tabCommand-9Ctrl + 9
Open the Settings pageCommand-,(Not Applicable)
Open the Home pageCommand-Shift-HCtrl + Shift + H
Zoom in app interfaceCommand-Shift-+Ctrl + Shift + +
Zoom out app interfaceCommand-Shift–Ctrl + Shift + –
Reset app interface scaling to defaultShift-Command-0(Not Applicable)
Close windowShift-Command-WAlt + F4

Frequently Asked Questions about Canva Shortcuts

Do Canva shortcuts work on both Mac and Windows?

Yes, Canva shortcuts are available for both Mac and Windows users. The key combinations may vary slightly between the two operating systems, but most shortcuts are similar and easily adaptable.

Can I customize keyboard shortcuts in Canva?

Canva does not support customizing keyboard shortcuts. However, this may change in the future, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on Canva’s updates and announcements.

Are there any shortcuts for Canva’s mobile app?

Canva’s mobile app does not have keyboard shortcuts since it is primarily designed for touch interactions. However, you can still access many of the same features using touch gestures and on-screen buttons.

How can I find a specific shortcut in Canva?

You can refer to the Canva shortcut cheatsheets in this article to find the shortcuts you need. Alternatively, some shortcuts are listed in Canva’s in-app help documentation, which can be accessed by clicking the “?” icon in the lower right corner of the editor.

Can I use shortcuts in Canva’s free version?

Yes, Canva shortcuts are available for both free and paid users. They can help improve your design process and productivity regardless of your subscription level.

Do Canva shortcuts work in all languages?

Canva shortcuts are generally designed to be language-agnostic, so they should work regardless of the language you’re using in Canva. However, some shortcuts, especially those related to text editing, may vary slightly depending on your keyboard layout or language settings.

I’m having trouble remembering shortcuts. What can I do?

If you’re having trouble remembering shortcuts, start by focusing on a few essential ones and practice using them regularly. Gradually introduce more shortcuts into your routine as you become more comfortable.

Additionally, we are currently working on a free printable cheatsheet that will be available soon. Be sure to check back in with this article to access the cheatsheet when it’s ready. This will make it even easier to have all the Canva shortcuts right at your fingertips.

We hope this post about Canva shortcuts has been helpful and you’ve found what you were looking for. If you have any questions or need some extra help, just drop a comment below and we’ll be happy to help out.

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Last Update: April 27, 2023