For as long as I remember, I’ve been interested in stars and space. When I was a teen I loved reading horoscopes in mom’s magazines. I also studied almost by heart the only astrology book we had in the house – Sun signs. I have never thought that my on-and-off interest in astrology would turn into something serious. However, lately my interest has turned into a passion for astrology. Right now I am taking a two-years course in professional astrology.

When you are just starting to study astrology, it isn’t easy. There is a massive chunk of information you need to retain before you even start learning something “real”. You need to learn all the glyphs, the modalities, as well as what energies the planets, the signs and houses carry in them. It is overwhelming and we all know that an overwhelmed mind is ill-equipped for learning. Our mind needs structure.

When I just started tipping my toes in the ocean of astrological knowledge, I often got demotivated. First of all, I of course learned the glyphs of the planets and signs. Then I learned a little bit about the signs. Then planets. Then houses. Then I forgot almost everything about what I learned because I was jumping from one topic to another. It was hard for my brain to build a wholistic understanding of what I was learning.

While studying the basics of astrology I created an astrology cheat sheet that would make it easier for myself to structure the knowledge I was getting from the lectures I attended.

My six-page Astrology Cheat Sheet is perfect for people who want to get the main information about signs, planets, houses and aspects presented in a structured and visual way.

If you are a beginner, these astrology cheat sheets will make learning astrology and reading natal charts much easier. You will also be able to learn more quickly and more efficiently. It helped me, at least. I use these pages myself as a reference when studying my own chart and those of my family.

NOTE: I don’t want you to waste your time in case you are looking for something free to download: my Astrology Cheat Sheet is a paid product. It is packed with all the info you need to master the basics of astrology and read natal charts. The price is symbolic, really. It’s only 5.5 euros (6.5 dollars) and as one person who already bought it says: “So informative & helpful!! Worth the purchase! 🙂” .

Astrology Cheat Sheet Updated
The updated version of the Astrology Cheat Sheet now includes 7 pages and comes in two sizes (A4 and Letter)


What’s In The Astrology Cheat Sheet?

The Astrology Cheat Sheet consists of 6 pages packed up with all the basic information you need to read a birth chart. It comes in two sizes: A4 and US Letter.

Page 1: Astrology Symbols

Astrology Symbols is a fresh addition to the Astrology Cheat Sheet. If you’re new to astrology, you can test your knowledge with the astrology symbols quiz available for free on my newly launched astrology website.

  • Zodiac symbols
  • Planet symbols
  • Aspect symbols
  • Chart point symbols
  • Elements & Modalities symbols
  • Main asteroids symbols

Page 2: Astrology Chart Cheat Sheet

The first page of my seven-page astrology cheat sheet is perhaps the most important one for beginners and amateur astrologers. It visualizes the most important elements of astrology and makes understanding the zodiac signs and planets easy to understand.

On this page:

  • Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air (I have a new website about astrology where I have just covered all the astrology elements in depth. More articles coming soon)
  • Modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable
  • Planets and their ruling zodiac signs
  • Astrological houses and their related zodiac signs
  • Main points: Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven (Medium Coeli or MC), IC (Imum Coeli), Lunar Nodes (the North Node and the South Node)
Astrology in a nutshell - cheat sheet
Astrology 101 cheat sheet (fire, water, earth & air signs; cardinal, fixed & mutable signs; planets & ruling signs and houses)

Page 3: Planets Cheat Sheet

On page number three you will find the most important information about the 10 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). All the information is structured in two tables so it is easy to find the exact information you are looking for when learning astrology or reading a chart.

  • The planets and signs they rule
  • The planets and their meanings
  • Planetary transit speed per year, per sign and per day
  • Planetary strengths and weaknesses: detriment, exaltation + degree, fall + degree, harmonious and inharmonious aspects
Astrology 101 cheat sheet - The Planets
Astrology 101 cheat sheet – The Planets

Page 4: Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Page number four includes all the crucial information that will make it easier for you to understand better each of the 12 zodiac signs. Here you will find main traits for each sign, their rulers as well as additional info including each sign’s modality, elements, duality and even the parts of the body related.

  • The zodiac signs and their rulers
  • Associated keywords with each zodiac sign
  • Elements, modalities and duality
  • Parts of body ruled by each sign
  • Dates and main traits of each sign
Astrology 101 Cheat Sheet - The Signs
Astrology 101 – The Signs

Pag5: Astrology Houses Cheat Sheet

On page number five you will find the basic information about each of the 12 astrological houses. I also included information about quadrants which in my opinion makes it easier to understand how the house system works.

  • 12 astrological houses and their related signs
  • Ruling planets for each house
  • Main characteristics
  • Quadrants
Astrology 101 Cheat Sheet- The Houses
Astrology 101 – The Houses

Pages 6-7: Astrology Aspects Cheat Sheet

On the last two pages you will find what you need to understand major and minor aspects. The aspects is one of the more difficult topics to master so hopefully these two pages will help you grasp the difference between aspects and make it easier for you to find them in the chart you are working on.

On page six:

  • The aspects and their meanings
  • Aspect angles, strength, impact and acceptable orb. degree
Astrology 101  Cheat Sheet - The Aspects
Astrology 101 – The Aspects

On page seven: Major aspects and where to look for them.

Astrology 101 Cheat Sheet - The Aspects and where to find them
Astrology 101 – The Aspects and where to find them

If you like this Astrology Cheat Sheet, you can purchase it in my Etsy shop.

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. Scroll down to the comments section below to get in touch with me.

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Last Update: January 11, 2024