Photography videos on TikTok continue to be widely popular. This is hardly surprising, considering how much our world revolves around visual branding. In the 21st century, we live in a world where photography tricks can basically turn anyone into a star. These amazing TikTok photography hacks will help you on your journey towards more likes, more comments and perhaps even fame and fortune.

How To Take Professional-Looking Overhead Photos On Your Own

If you don’t have anyone to assist you with taking a shot of you from above, here is a great trick that will make it possible for you to take fantastic overhead shots on your own.

To create this DIY mobile phone holder for overhead photos you will need:

  • a smartphone;
  • a piece of cardboard;
  • strong cellophane tape that can handle the weight of your phone.

The idea is to create a phone holder out of cardboard and mount it to the ceiling with cellophane tape. You don’t want the phone falling on your head, right? So make sure your tape is strong enough 🙂 Next, set up the camera timer and place the phone on the holder. Quickly move yourself into the desired position for the shot.


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How To Take Cool Action Selfies

You don’t need a professional camera or someone’s assistance to take a cool shot of yourself in action. Just place your phone on the ground, in the grass or flowers, set the timer on and jump over the camera. You will have to do a few attempts to get the timing right but you will get a great shot in the end. A simple and easy photo hack.

Funny Mirror Reflection Photo

If you feel like creating something original and funny, this mirror reflection trick should do the trick. Notice that unlike some of the previous photo hacks, you will need someone to help you with this one. The video below shows what the shot can look like and how it is done.

To recreate this effect, you need to use the pano(rama) mode on an iPhone. The person being photographed should be placed next to a big mirror, looking at the camera. It is important that both the subject and the subject’s reflection in the mirror are seen. Start taking the panorama photo, and pause when you are halfway to the body of the subject. At this moment the subject changes his or her pose, after which you continue the panorama shot. This way the reflection in the mirror doesn’t match what the subject of the photo, causing a cool magic effect.

Easy Trick On How To Take Better Selfies On iPhone

If you have an iPhone then you definitely need to try this easy trick that will bring your selfies to another level. The whole trick boils down to adjusting the camera aperture to 1.4 and changing the light type from Natural to Studio Light. This camera hack will blur the background behind you and make your skin look smooth and gives it a beautiful glow.

Floating In The Air

Levitation photos look magical. They quickly grab viewers’ attention and are sure to get you plenty of likes. Only a few people attempt to take floating shots because they think it is extremely difficult. The whole trick is actually quite simple and it only requires compositing two images (one with model and one without) in an editing software like Photoshop.

In order to create a floating in the air photography effect, you will need:

  • a camera (manual focus will be needed).
  • a tripod to make sure that both images are taken at exactly same spot. This is crucial because if you move the camera, it will be impossible to combine two images later for the levitation effect.
  • something to prop the model up such as a stool, a chair, or a ladder).

One more trick is to make photos on a cloudy day or in a place with even lighting. You don’t want your model or the stool dropping shadows that might be difficult to edit out later.


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This is another awesome example of how to use the levitation effect for powerful imagery.

If you want to know exactly how to create the levitation effect in Photoshop, here is a quick tutorial.

Pictures Reflecting in Water Droplet

TikTok tutorials for how to take cool iPhone photos of pictures reflected in water drops have been very popular, getting millions of likes and views. The reason why these videos are so popular has probably something to do with how easy these amazing photos are to create. All you need is transparent, wide cellophane tape, as well as a few rolls of cellophane tape, and a nice background. The video below by Brandino Wang shows you how to use these simple tools for a great-looking water droplet close-up effect.

This was my list of the best TikTok photography hacks. I hope you enjoyed it and feel inspired to try these out! Write me a comment or share a link if you tried any of these!