Oddly satisfying have been trending on TikTok and other social media lately. And who wouldn’t like watching videos that just feel good to watch? The so-called oddly satisfying videos are mesmerizing videos that you want to watch again and again.

Since we don’t want to keep all this good stuff to ourselves, here is a list of the best satisfying videos on TikTok. #oddlysatisfying

Perfectly Timed Balls Through Circular Metal Sheet


How many balls do you see 😜? Pls don’t let this one flop.. took me 16 hours 🤦🏻‍♂️ #foryou #fyp #viral > Sound by @hkmkofficial

♬ Originalton – francomelanieh
Now that’s what I call a loop!

Reading through the comments to this video on TikTok, this video either feels very satisfying or, perhaps surprisingly, stressful. Personally, I found it very satisfying, especially since the loop is (almost) perfect. The way those balls enter through those holes in the metal object is quite magical, isn’t it?

The creator of the video is the immensely talented German VFX artist Franco Melanieh, who writes that it took him an astonishing 16 hours to get the video right. Thank you for your hard work, Franco!

Candles Turned Into Long Worms

Supreme 3D Logo

This is the video that made James Lewis a TikTok star. Today, his videos have amassed over 47 million likes. Can’t say we are surprised, though. Mr. Lewis (whose TikTok handle is @jamesllewis) is insanely talented and makes us all dream of becoming artists. If only we had the time, right?

In this video that got viral he colors the Supreme logo in a way that makes it look as if it stood out from the paper, giving it a 3D effect. He has also done some amazing work replicating the Stranger Things, Pringles, Champion and Disney logos, just to name a few.

Pigment Slime Mixing And Pressing

Before finding Talisa Tossell’s Youtube Channel I had no idea how satisfying slime could be; especially when mixed with multicolored pigments. The self-proclaimed slime lady, or slime queen, is incredibly good at creating satisfying videos. Her TikTok is much like her Youtube channel, only the clips are shorter. Still, she is definitely worth a follow if you like beautiful colors and skillful artisanship.

Watching the above clip, I feel a weird urge to dip my hands in slime. That’s normal, right? Leave a comment if you also feel this way. I can’t be the only one, can I?

Squirting Lip Gloss Into Tube

Who knew that watching lip gloss being squirted into a small tube could be so satisfying? No wonder that many of their products quickly sell out as soon as they are restocked.

Zach King’s Hot Potato

Zach King, one of the most popular TikTokers today, has in this video created a perfect, immensely satisfying loop. Try to find the cut, I dare you!


Hot potato coming through! 🔥🥔 #loopchallenge #loop

♬ original sound – zachking

From Disorder To Order

If you like order as much as I do, this video will definitely satisfy you. Simon (@s1meone) has many other similar videos as well, so be sure to give him a follow if you liked this video.

Stamping A Custom Leather Saddle

Renee Matthews makes custom saddles. And she’s good, as seen in the videos below. In the first one, she stamps a custom saddle with a basketweave stamping tool. In the second one, she finished the border with another stamping tool. As often is the case, watching someone work can be incredibly relaxing and hypnotizing…and so satisfying.


Border Stamping. For those who asked how to finish off the edge of basketweave. Here is one way. #leatherwork #howto #saddlemaker #fyp #satisfying

♬ original sound – drippy.soundzz

Paint Removal ASMR

Scraping off paint from a brush can be a visual and aural pleasure.

The Making Of A Cookie Tulip

Can you watch this video without feeling truly satisfied? I can’t. The incredible Little Cookie Co (@littlecookie_co) has a ton of tutorial videos on TikTok and Youtube. Her account is a real gem that would deserve more views and followers.

Rainbow Lollipop and Rainbow Ice Cream

Some people just have eye-hand coordination. Others, like yours truly, just likes to watch these simple masterpieces be created.

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

Putting that last puzzle piece where it belongs is such a thrill.

Soap Rose and Soap Box Crushing ASMR

I’m not particularly into ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos, but the sound of that last soap box being crushed is just pure bliss. The video itself is also gratifying to watch.

Spreading Paint Evenly

Sometimes a simple video is all you need for an oddly satisfying experience.

Which video is your favorite? Leave us a comment.

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