Would you like your videos to be viewed by millions of people on TikTok? Of course you would. You wouldn’t be here otherwise 🙂 The key to getting views on TikTok is to find a way to increase engagement on videos. I will teach five easy tricks that help you reach that goal in no time.

Engagement is one of the key metrics in the app. If a ton of people like, comment and share your video, it is 100% guaranteed that your video will be shown on the For You page. In a nutshell, if your content makes it to the For You page, you will almost certainly get loads of new followers and views.

It is believed that you need around an engagement rate of around 30% for a video to go viral and get on the For You page. So if you want TikTok’s algorithm to notice you, you need to aim for an engagement rate of 30% or higher. What does it mean? That means that for every 100 people who see your video, you need to get 30 interactions in the form of likes, comments or even better – shares.

But how do you get all those interactions?

Well, to start with, you should create interesting videos 📸 Read my article 4 tips that will help you to get your TikTok videos shown on the for You page for the best ideas.

A part from simply creating good videos, you can do the following things to help you drive the engagement level through the roof.

1. Ask people for engagement

You should start asking people to engage with your videos. What, really? Yes, really. You are on TikTok and you want to be seen. This is not the time to be shy. You don’t have to do it in every single video, but you must do it once in a while. Yes, it might be a bit annoying, but the competition is harsh and you need to fight for yourself.

How could you ask for engagement?

Simply mention in the beginning of your video something like that:

  • Double tap/Like this video… For example, “If you are sick of isolation, double tap this video”. Try to use statements that many people would relate to. Or again, something like this: “If you love my new t-shirt, double tap this video”. Another tip is to make use of anything funny or weird that happens in your video. For instance, if you are dancing and do something imperfectly or get hair in your face, don’t delete the video. Use it to your advantage saying: “Double tap if you see my hair in my face”. Stuff like this can easily double your engagement and thus increase the views on your video.
  • Comment Yes (or something else), if… For example: If the Coronavirus sucks, say YES in the comments.
  • Leave a comment if you think/like
  • Comment this video with an emoji

Don’t be shy, just give these a shot. You will see that your engagement will skyrocket and so will the views on your videos.

2. Give Back To People Who Engaged With Your Content

While you don’t have thousands of followers on your TikTok account, it is a great idea to engage with every single person who leaves a like or a comment on your video. When you receive a like, just go to this person, follow them, like and/or comment some of their videos. Chances are that they still remember they saw your video and will return you a favour. This is how you grow your fanbase in the beginning. Once you start receiving interactions faster than you manage to keep up, it might be the time to stop with this strategy.

3. Create Challenge Videos

People love challenges on TikTok. Challenges work especially well because they are massively engaging. Make sure that the challenge is not impossible to achieve – more people will rather try out an easy challenge than one that is seemingly impossible. Also, remember to ask people to engage with your content at the end of the challenge video.

4. Make Duets with Famous People

Dueting with famous people and big accounts works great on TikTok.

5. Make Videos With Trending Music and Sounds

Research the top 10 trending songs/sounds on TikTok right now. Then go and create 10 videos where you use these songs. People look for videos using these tracks, meaning that you are more likely to be found in the Discover part of TikTok. Often a certain song or sound is used for a particular purpose; try to jump on the bandwagon and do what the others are doing.

These were my tips on how to quickly get more views on TikTok. Let me know in the comments if you tried any of these tips and how they worked for you. Good luck taking TikTok by storm!