TikTok is not only for talented dancers and lip-syncers, it’s also a place for those interested in science and scientific experiments. Here is a list of the best science videos on TikTok that are sure to amaze you. Science is magic, isn’t it?

Note: Do not try any of these experiments at home.

The World’s Largest Elephant Toothpaste Experiment (part 1-3)

Nick Uhas and David Dobrik join forces to do something never seen before: a gigantic elephant toothpast experiment. Part 2 will blow your mind.


We’re going bigger!! Worlds Largest Elphant Toothpaste Experiment w/@daviddobrik (3X as big from last time) #elephanttoothpaste #scienceexperiments

♬ PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) – Long Version – PIKOTARO

Watch the elephant toothpaste explode all over David Dobrik’s backyard as people run away in panic. No one was hurt, but they sure got surprised!

This second angle from up-close if even more amazing. The toothpaste even overflowed over the terrace railing falling down on the grass. No wonder this video got viral and gathered millions of views and likes. This is truly an incredible experiment and one that will probably never be tried again.

How To Launch A Coke Bottle Into Outer Space

This experiment by the always entertaining Dominic Andre and @seandoesmagic has been viewed over 50 million times. Basically what happens is that Dominic added butane gas to the Diet Coke. The carbon dioxide in the Coke then reacted with the butane when turned upside down, launching it into the stratosphere, or at least a few blocks away. Remember: do not try this or any of the other experiments at home.

Blowing A CD Into A Long Bubble

Describing what exactly happens in this video is difficult. I suppose you could say that Luke Cody turns his father’s CDs into some sort of a long bubble that looks a bit like those giraffe balloons clowns do for kids. It is safe to say that you shouldn’t attempt this at home.


DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME IM A TRAINED BLOWER 📀#scienceexperiments #trick

♬ Dissolve – sampepper

Static Electricity In Action

Have you ever wondered what happens if you put small foil cups on top of an electrostatic generator? This cool video by @atomstalk shows exactly what happens when the electricity is turned on. Quite nice, isn’t it?

How To Make A Fire Tornado

As is often the case with Nick Uhas’s videos, we do not recommend anyone to attempt this. Mr. Uhas is using big fans to turn a normal fire into a fire tornado. Some of the fire tornados are green, others multi-coloured and psychedelic. It looks simple but obviously a lot of scientific know-how and common sense was needed to do this.

Steel Wool + Batteries = Long Exposure Photo Hack

Using some steel wool and batteries you can get amazing long exposure shots such as the ones in this TikTok video by @Luke_the_Kook_. Looks quite fantastic, doesn’t it?

Polymerization Of Sodium Alginate

I’ll be honest with you: I have no idea what Phillip Cook (@chemteacherphil on TikTok) is doing in this video, even if he explains it in detail. All I know is that this chemistry experiment looks rad!

Candle Challenge (Or How To Keep A Candle Burning Underwater)

This trick requires steady hands but is otherwise quite simple, compared to most of the other TikTok science videos in this list. So if you want to see how to keep a candle burning underwater, just follow this “video tutorial”!

Light Experiments With Ethanol and Luminol

In this TikTok video, the amazingly cool chemistry teacher Phillip Cook (@chemteacherphil) shows us two different science experiments involving light. In the first one he shows how ethanol combusts in a big plastic bottle and in the second one he shows how investigators find hidden traces of blood on crime scenes.

Luminol is used by forensic investigators to find blood. How does Luminol help with finding traces of blood? Well, it emits light when it reacts with the iron in our blood, illuminating any blood left on the crime scene. Quite astonishing, really.