TikTok is known for being a platform for viral video, not photography. Nevertheless, lots of photographers have found the potential of TikTok too great to resist. Perhaps surprisingly, videos showing how to take spellbinding photographs have been some of the most consistently well-performing content on the platform. Typical content created by photographers on TikTok includes tutorials, photo tricks and behind the scenes footage. In this list, you can find the most amazing photographers to follow in TikTok in 2020. Enjoy!


Paris-based Olivier Wong is one of the most followed photographers on TikTok. He posts on TikTik several times a week and never fails to amaze his audience. 


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Why should you follow @wonguy?

Mr. Wong is a genius when it comes to turning something mundane into amazing art—and he isn’t afraid to share his tricks with his more than 1 million followers. This editing guru has also edited his followers’ pictures and the results have been nothing short of amazing. In addition to all this, he also shares incredible photography tutorials that will make you want to start a new life as a photographer first thing tomorrow.


As a younger boy, this red-bearded viking used to be told that he won’t make it as a photographer. The same people are today following him on TikTok with, looking like fools (we can only assume). 

Why should you follow @that.icelandic.guy?

Filmmaker, photographer and Youtuber, That Icelandic Guy has something for everybody: beautiful photographs, photography tips and tricks, funny stories and free photo and video tutorials. He is honest about his past; he has shared photos from three years ago that are frankly underwhelming—especially when compared to his latest photos that will make your jaw drop. He also seems like an all-round nice guy, so hey, what’s there not to like?


This 19-year-old is taking TikTok by storm. Her videos have a total of over 7 million likes and it’s easy to see why. She’s funny, different, takes unbelievable portrait photos, and is a great teacher. 

Why should you follow @illumitatiana?

There are many reasons why you should follow her. One thing that sets her apart from some of the other names in this list is that she gives posing tips to beginners and has given a few fantastic tips to males, especially. She’s also really funny, has great taste in music and has done hugely successful Facetime photoshoots with her followers. Following her is something you won’t regret.


Lyndon Core is an expert in mobile photography. Outside of TikTok, you can also find him on Instagram and Youtube. On TikTok he shares iPhone photo tutorials and visual tricks on a weekly basis. 

Why should you follow @lyndoco?

If you are, for instance, interested in knowing how to look like you are levitating on your bed, Lyndon’s your man. He shows products he uses, gives Photoshop tutorials and shows you iPhone camera features you never knew even existed.


According to his bio, Kien Quan is on TikTok only for the memes. Whatever the reason, we sure are happy to have him. Mr. Quan is an inspiration, showing us how a simple smartphone can be turned into a professional tool.


Did you expect that in the end? @thekingpalma #canon

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Why should you follow @kienquancreates?

Do you love seeing what happens behind the scenes? Silly me, who doesn’t? Kien Quan lets us see how pros take photos of dancers, people in bathtubs (not kidding) and sports cars. He is also insanely funny, so be prepared to be thoroughly entertained.

That was our list of amazing photographers to follow on TikTok. Have we forgotten about anyone or did you like our choices? Leave us a comment.